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yacht hull

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Beautiful boat looks stiff!!! I have only just started to understand the breadth of your designs and can see the pathway to short handed racing that you have made.loved seeing the RNZ coverage just wish i was based in nz otherwise would look into PE. But still interested in your designs, what is your list of boats designed and how many built or still to be built? Brilliant !!!! cheers

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designed a few boats first big one was rules and reglations a 35 foot unstayed ketch built back in 70s had short footed keel extensively cruised her good when kids were young.Just had a ring from new owner who picked her up from akoroa and has her at waiheke still with origional masts, he loves her.

built all my boys boats ,optis,starlings all highly modified but within the rules they banned the starling from racing so had to change it . quick boat. They said des wouldnt like the look of it.

Enjoy trying to design fast easily sailed boats, single and 2 handed. New one on similar idea just diferent.

Not into expensive irc .

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never too late to upgrade. call dave and have a chat I'm sure he could design another great boat and help you with it.


He is still has alot to do with truxton and helps me with Ideas and advice when I need it.


Top guy and Not caught up with all the BS that other people get carried away with.


Likes simple boats sailing fast. Not shitters that are hard to make Go.


His next boat may make a few heads spin.

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