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  1. I dragged 9 times after a solo race in Chamberlain Bay and it was not fun, I think there must be a pretty solid bottom there and if the anchor tip doesn't dig in you're toast. At the time I was given an extra length of chain and a 10kg lump of lead, and I still managed to keep dragging. I ended up rafting up to the committee boat for the night. Went straight to CRA and bought an Excel and haven't had an issue since. Even managed fine when we saw 42 knots come through during the Mahurangi week-end we were anchored in the gap at Moturekareka. On another occasion and like the test video link abov
  2. Ok, so now you have broken the whole YNZ website (403 Forbidden)
  3. Hi Ash, what's a rough cost to get this done? I have to come out soon. Anyone know if Orams (or Pier 21) will allow this to be done there?
  4. I have war paint on the new boat which was supposedly applied in Feb last year and is absolutely stuffed now. Coming out at Easter and I will go back to Ultra 2 which is what I had on the boat just sold. I have someone who cleans regularly so the Ultra 2 seems fine in that scenario. I'll have to apply undercoat and I see the specs say 4 to 5 coats . Has anyone gotten away with fewer?
  5. I have 2 quarter berth squabs (~2m long and 80cm at widest) and a saloon backrest (~133cm x 60cm - 155cm along top) that I bought off here several years ago and have never used. Pick up from Westhaven. Swap for a bottle of Mt Gay.
  6. Anyone doing hull cleans in Westhaven still? I need my done before the weekend (R930).
  7. Sailing inside the fairway marks at the finish, I suspect.
  8. The raft is normally occupied by a fizz boat, one of those floating air dock systems. Now a perfect leopard seal hammock.
  9. No one told me she had moved in next door. This was about 10 minutes after I got out of the water cleaning the bottom and yup, chewed another dinghy a few up from me sometime later.
  10. Just your tiller pilot, it speaks Seatalk. Join that to the remote box and they will chat happily together. They are still demented and will try and kill you when you are on the foredeck though, or run you aground off Motuihe (not that I talk from experience)
  11. I have one of his remote systems & it works great. It does use SeaTalk (yellow data wire). There is no mod required to the tillerpilot. https://www.madmanmarine.com/product-page/ap-wrc3if-autopilot-remote-control
  12. Oh, should have said. Countersunk flat head, and they are not visible once installed (just the dome nuts are visible). Thanks for the links.
  13. I have an old brass porthole which I have re-fitted in a new front door and some of the machine screws are playing hard to find. None of the chandlers stock brass machine screws anymore, Fosters can probably order in boxes of 100 but I only need a few 1/4" by 2" and 2 of 5/16" by 2" (just had to have different size dome heads). Any idea who may stock these, alternatively will a stainless screw with a brass dome nut fizz? In the spray zone but otherwise under cover.
  14. Get hold of Grant Genkins (Kiwi Rigging and ex- Grunt Machine) he made mine on The Bondi Tram. generally a bit cheaper than the mass produced ones and the finish is superb and he can do all the fiddly bits on the mast too (esp since yours is carbon). It makes a massive difference when putting a reef in (especially short handed) and also gives the main much more shape in the light stuff.
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