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  1. Any interest in a set of good condition squabs (free to a good home) or they go in the bin. I have had a new set made. Collection from Westhaven.
  2. Section 1 – Steering and Sailing Subsection 1 – Conduct of vessels in any condition of visibility 22.4 Application of subsection 1 Rules in this subsection apply in any condition of visibility. 22.5 Look-out Every vessel must at all times maintain a proper look-out by sight and hearing as well as by all available means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions, so as to make a full appraisal of the situation and the risk of collision. To my mind a vessel at anchor is neither steering nor sailing. What am I missing?
  3. Nothing in this Part applies to a vessel participating in a race or training or coaching in relation to other vessels participating in such an activity, if the participants have agreed to comply with the International Sailing Federation Rules, prescribed by the International Sailing Federation So, we are anchoring overnight as part of a training exercise and we have agreed to abide by RRS
  4. Can anyone provide a link to the actual MNZ interpretation? I can only find unrelated articles on their website (vessels were all moving and either collided with another vessel or with terra firma).
  5. He’s not dead, he’s resting after a long squawk from diving in freezing water
  6. What options are left for in-water hull cleaning at Westhaven (excluding me in winter ). My regular cleaner is no longer able to do this.
  7. You could get a Raymarine i40 bi-data display for $467 and a through hull speed/depth for $566 which is close (Lusty & Blundell). If you bought each separately from Australia you should be able to find them at a significantly reduced cost.
  8. Norwegian Blue


    Mine is a very simple installation (12v only, no engine to start) and I have a Sterling 120AH with Victron mains and smart solar charger. Extremely happy with all the kit, and the battery state and consumption via bluetooth helps massively to manage consumption while there is only solar to top up while out sailing. The Sterling is pretty rugged and nice and light.
  9. Are these tickets just for general access? We didn't have to pay to watch in Cadiz (other than the $20 burgers, but to be fair they were extremely good)
  10. Any divers who regularly clean up at Gulf Harbour?
  11. I am sure I have one of those but it will be in my locker at Westhaven and I won't be able to check for a while.
  12. Yes, just the standard charging kit for outboards. I am thinking of putting the outboard into a well and making it electric start, so it would need a starter battery which won't play well with the LFP. And if I was charging a start battery, it would be nice to top up the LFP at the same time.
  13. Would that be the same if you removed the alternator and substituted a regulator on an outboard setup? I am super chuffed with my 120AH LFP drop in, but only charge via solar or shore power at present which has some limitations.
  14. I bought one off Ali Express for my SOTDMA AIS, which was about $40 delivered. I got a rail mount from Burnsco and have it on the pushpit. Worked far better than the built in GPS on the new chart plotter mounted in the cockpit bulkhead which lost signal fairly often. The AIS came with one of those small pucs which I had below but would show us doing up to 1kn when moored in the marina!
  15. Certainly was a very regretful decision. All the PredictWind weather routes showed that as being the best route but we should never have split with the fleet there. It also didn't help that I have never sailed around there and in my mind the Mercs were a short nip up from the bottom end of Barrier. That was a most awful and unnecessary extra 30 mile beat 😐 I'd hate to think how far we sailed in that race. Lots learned and I am happy that we finished.
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