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  1. I have been following the Solo Global race, and this week had a youtube with the young american girl Cole....gave an 20 min interview via 'starlink' very impressive.. 'she commented people were having dramas were using the old version and hers was recent version she was able to do repairs on a hydro generator malfunction with team in the states with a series of images sent to her. i know its Eon mr master race,..... but I know farmers who swear by it for all sorts of things...watch this space.
  2. Huey


    I saw sailing shots from Lyn,s photos when they were leaving to leave Warkworth after launching and a couple on the hard getting NZd rig.... The Anniversary Regatta was just a small group to race; but on time between bigger boat divisions and the difference in start times she has done well...it will take time to tune up Im sure but looks the goods
  3. This race thread is very strange...I came for a look still have know idea what its all about But way back there was the Sydney to Taranaki Two handed in the mid eighties ...that got hit by Cyclone Bola and was a feeder for the Singlehanded Taranaki to Mooloolahba... Then later there was the Sydney to Auckland.... NZd is a great travel destination for any sailors but maybe Im barking up the wrong tree that know one can articulate any emotive story about Doing the Ditch and the Cruising Grounds that await. I was a subscription holder of NZ Boating from the eightys till now
  4. https://atninc.com/atn-mastclimber-sailing-equipment.shtml
  5. Love Fuel Doctor..working inland Australia , fuel station fuel can have water and crap plus the bug so always carried in whatever vehicle; petrol or Diesel...just started an old diesel toyota ute that had been sitting on a farm for a couple of years but had put fuel doctor in before sitting Started third go after repriming...dropped the fuel to check for bug back at the workshop...put through a Mr Filter and then reused and not much in the filter...had major flooding event so all vehicles got put into action to move equipment and animals.
  6. Hello there motor b, Is there any venting in forward end of the boat...are you / they on a mooring or fixed mooring / pontoon. I ask as to attain were the predominate breeze to boat is coming from , if on a mooring the wind is essentially coming from the bow as the boat weather cocks into position....harder to plan in pontoon pens . If on swing mooring maybe start looking at a Dorade vent up front and another down aft to have a cyclic system to move air that also limits water into the boat ; ie wave whilst underway and rain at rest. They are a Passive Smart device but need special con
  7. Huey


  8. Huey


    not a self design but another plywood build https://boatingnz.co.nz/shaping-a-dream/
  9. Huey


    and add to that Warwick's little special 6.7 Haumanu
  10. Huey


    Splash. https://www.pressreader.com/new-zealand/boating-nz/20151201/283351881057877
  11. Huey


    What a series of interesting boats that were self built by the designer / sailor.... is Tack Hammer still racing...? Saw the 2016 reference... Very special like Truxton so many interesting self build's came out from many Kiwi Sailors in recent times Roper 9000 ...and the BeauCant er and Splash, [Beau770 co designed with Kevin D] in more recent times.... will the recession see a return to a new era of Kiwi Ingenuity.., in a time of a need to go sailing...!!
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