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  1. The very First post/Picture at the start of this thread is a L30 Designed by Andrej Justin , it is quite narrow for trailering ....the other pics below are the Dehler 30
  2. I still think of living up to it would be more the point ......Where the Rum Gone ?/
  3. Only just saw this but yeap... stories some bloody and great stories last yarned in Melbourne before the start ...and the memory of him jumping into the fox hole....on deck and playing the cleats organ then ducking the said deck washing wave...doesnt help when your below...... but he definitely lived his life.... thoughts with all who remain on deck
  4. Beautiful there tuffy I know others who do that for all their trade tools But I love my good ones that just keep going
  5. http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/race/nzmyc https://www.facebook.com/CoastalClassicYachtRace/
  6. the Whales come up from the Antarctic via the trench
  7. good to see Tack Hammer out again and moving well
  8. THURSDAY 9 JUNE “If something’s worth doing once, its worth doing twice, thrice, ad infinitum. Thats the lesson of the day as squalls and marrauding rain clouds turned the once stable wind from the NE into a squirrelly mess. Changing between the big jib in upwind mode, to reaching mode and back, followed by hoisting the big gennaker, almost gybing and then deciding not to as the wind shifted again. It’s been non-stop this morning. The most frustrating moment was after deciding to gybe when the wind was almost from the south and then moving all the sails from one side to the oth
  9. They have a new record
  10. What about getting Carbon back from the Pacific North West... small boats are easier especially with containerization ... back to Elliott ..easier as able to sail across the ditch ..its the total costs which even with planning you will not know till months later But certainly alot of big price drops for second hand boats ...
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