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Piedy sunk Sunday?

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Now 'sinking' is 2nd hand news so may be wrong BUT:-


Piedy by the name of 'fourty two' was near us on Northern can Issy bay Friday & Saturday nights.

Two young fellas tried to leave Sunday but (wisely) came back in. Dad turned up in launch and put a more senior crew member on and they headed off with Dad shadowing them.

It appears that they ended up in water in Rangi channel, picked up OK by Dad but Piedy is now 'fourty two' below!

Real shame as looked a tidy one.

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Wow she must be sponsored by the Vodka company now... 42 Below.


She was a minta piedy after a huge do-up recently. What a shame. Hopefully they can salvage it. Or that will be three written off this year. One in Wellywood, one in Tauranga and then 42. That must be a record.

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urban legend has it that all three of these piedys were '27' years old when they met there maker. Making a case that the twentysevens club is not limited to only Rockstars...

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