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Ross 40 Mast

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18 month old Ross 40 mast. In line spreader with jumpers. Details:

*Matrix/Hall PR10 section.

*Overall length: 19.2 metres.

*Luff (P) measurement: 16 metres.

*All spreaders included.

*Goosneck and vang attachment included.

*All sheaves & exit boxes included.

* 2 x genoa sheeves.

* 2 x masthead sheaves.

*MH crane.

Professionally painted white by Boatspray about 18 months ago. Excellent condition, no issues.

Pick up from Halls Spars, Silverdale

Open to offers around $4000.00 or twist my arm!!



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Good afternoon

Is this Mast still for sale ? If so what is the section size? Thanks.

Hi Snowcat. Section is Matrix/Hall PR10. Please contact Garry Hassell at Hall Spars in Silverdale for more information. I am overseas for another 3 weeks. Cheers, Craig.

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Hey AA. Just saw this. Yeah, I drive past the Happy Clappy church on East Coast Rd every day taking the kids to school and it's always busy. That combined with the number of hypocrites out there spouting religion and at the same time filling their pockets, then I saw the quote and loved it. My grandfather was a Salvation Army missionary (Colonel), so I shouldn't be too anti religion, but he did it hard and died poor... Quite different to many of them out there today.


Bump on the mast by the way. Could be heading for the scrappy at this rate!

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Hey KM, this could be the ideal thing for you if you want a sh*t show in hell of beating the Ant across the Tasman next year!!!
If I think back I believe last time the 2 boats meet would suggest I could say 'my old family cruiser has done it before so it can do it again' ;)
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Yeah KM your short lived memory of our last race is correct. You are forgetting the beatings you received on earlier occasions. But hey my money is on the Ant for the trans Tasman. And Im talking about making it to the start line! :lol:

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