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  1. Anyone know of a mast trailer for hire around Auckland or have knowledge of general freight companies who transport masts?
  2. Well here we go. NZs longest single handed yacht race to date. 9.00AM start for our ten entrants. Follow us on the RYC PW tracker.
  3. 10 starters. Excellent and entries are still open.
  4. & to date with three to come. Who else is game???
  5. Would be great to have you back in the fold. Cruising good. Get your entry in. We need to plan. Cheers.
  6. The Excel Refrigeration Gulf Triangle Single Handed Challenge - 2021’s ultimate solo sailing adventure 2020 will mark the introduction of a new sailing event from the Richmond Yacht Club. The Excel Refrigeration Gulf Triangle Single Handed Challenge. A longer distance single handed race, building on the clubs already very successful, and notable, Marsden Cove Marina Route 66 Race to Whangarei. A single handed division has long been part of the Marsden Cove Marina Route 66 Race and has been strongly contested for a number of years by Auckland’s growing group of solo sailors.
  7. Need to get prepping and get your entries in.
  8. Let's get ready to rumble!! https://richmondyc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/Gulf-Triangle-NOR-2021.pdf
  9. Zilch - built by Malcolm Dawkins, an engineer, many many moons ago.
  10. Ross boats are popular and well regarded. I just purchased a damaged one in Christchurch. I'm told it was known as the Frequent Flyer in another life. I try not to be sentimental about things with my plan being to retrieve some gear and sails and then give it a nudge with a digger. However after spending a couple of days cleaning out gear and salvaging what I wanted I began to see the possibilities. It has had a heavy collision on the port side which has ripped out a section of the deck and stove in the rear of the cabin. This shock has been absorbed through the port gunwhale and section of th
  11. Haven't completed the SIs yet.
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