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  1. Need to get prepping and get your entries in.
  2. Let's get ready to rumble!! https://richmondyc.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/Gulf-Triangle-NOR-2021.pdf
  3. Zilch - built by Malcolm Dawkins, an engineer, many many moons ago.
  4. Ross boats are popular and well regarded. I just purchased a damaged one in Christchurch. I'm told it was known as the Frequent Flyer in another life. I try not to be sentimental about things with my plan being to retrieve some gear and sails and then give it a nudge with a digger. However after spending a couple of days cleaning out gear and salvaging what I wanted I began to see the possibilities. It has had a heavy collision on the port side which has ripped out a section of the deck and stove in the rear of the cabin. This shock has been absorbed through the port gunwhale and section of th
  5. Haven't completed the SIs yet.
  6. If the French can race in the English Channel solo, at night, I'm sure most of us will be able to get to Whangarei. At this stage stop overs will likely be 12 hours, from the time the mid fleet finish. Not planning on making it too soft. Starts will be in daylight only. So if the start is 5.00PM then it will be go. We will have a finish boat at the Barrier and there will be a couple of turns in both of the return legs.
  7. I hope you all are!!
  8. The Gulf Alone - a 2020 Richmond Yacht Club Innovation Single handed racing is a growth area of our sport with the Vendee Globe Single Handed Race, starting later this year, being the penultimate challenge. For the last four years the Richmond Yacht Club’s Singlehanded Series, sponsored first by Sail IQ and then by Vining Marine, has been the premiere single handed sailing event on the Auckland sailing calendar. Fleet size has remained fairly constant over those years with approximately twenty two skippers participating each season. As our series has matured there has been a gr
  9. Richmond Yacht Club and presents the RYC Coolstore Construction Singlehanded Series. You don’t need friends or crew for this one – participate in 11 races that comprise the Singlehanded series. You get to battle the elements and sail a range of courses into the inner Gulf, including long distance and multi-day weekend events. Whether you are an old hand or a new bee; the series is open to solo sailors of any skill level with extras and no extras divisions. If you are a new bee and just want to have a taste of what Singlehanded sailing is all about – partake i
  10. Relapse looking the best at the moment. Good to out a bit. Gets really patchy between Bare Island and the Cape.
  11. In close going quiet. Relapse looking OK at th moment. Spent almost a ful day staring at Bare Island in 2014. Gave it good width the next time.
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