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  1. When was it ever in a small boat?
  2. Why not insert a piece of foam and glass both sides.
  3. This season Richmond Yacht Club, in association with the Buckland's Beach Yacht Club, the Ponsonby Cruising Club and Devonport Yacht Club will once again be the host club for this summers single handed series. The opening event will be with the Ponsonby Cruising Club on the 8th and 9th October. More details will follow. Come and join in the fun. We also have a new two handed regatta weekend planned for March which will incorporate our Route 66, then to Great Barrier and back to Auckland. Three days of racing and two great stop-overs, with great prizes.
  4. I have a couple of sets going begging. What sized boat.
  5. I owned Ben Gun (30 yrs ago), since renamed as Switchblade, and the Crikey Dick. Lots of fun and did a couple of big races on the both. Crickey Dick was the best of them. Beautifully built in timber and with a lead keel. Tiny Dancer was off the same mold. BG was glass.
  6. Also arrange the reefs in your main so you don't have to drop slugs to get the deep reef in. Hoisting the tri-sail on a tensioned strop is also a great way to avoid hassle.
  7. I have a reefing blade and reefing jib. They're the bees knees. Also detachable inner forestay is good for the storm jib.
  8. Mine is very simple. Its all built from E glass. Two gudgeons bolted to the transom. In longer races I bolt the cassette onto the stern. The plan, if it was to be used is to simply drop the board down the cassette. Trying to get a pintle pin through two holes in a seaway, lying on your stomach on the cockpit floor isn't something I was planning for. When your steering fails the solution needs to be simple, quick, require minimal physical exertion and work! Haven't got pic but you're welcome to view.
  9. I use a cassette on the transom with a drop in blade. The jockey pole is the tiller. You can borrow it if you would like.
  10. Looking for twenty boats next year.
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