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Varnish help please

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We used to use steel wool to prepare the surface of the wood for danish or Haarlem oil rather that sandpaper
I was just preping some timber work for coating and got into some Haarlem action. But this wasn't Haarlem oil, it was Haarlen shake action. There was a nick in the power lead of the sander :?
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Obviously being around Wheels has rubbed off on you.
Nope, I've been electrocuting myself on a regular basis long before I even knew Wheels existed.


Yeap Wheels, I did it again :(

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Ok sweet..thanks for the help bbay and wheels,


Picked up a can of Penetrol and the kit bbay suggested.


Applied a couple of test strips to a locker door, one of penetrol, and another of a 1/3rd each boiled linseed, turps and oil based satin varnish.


After a coat of each today they both dried at a similar rate and after 20 minutes polished up with a slight sheen with new clean maple grain behind so all good.


Both patches look pretty much the same and after 2 hours they were touch try.


Will chuck another coat on tomorrow to raise the sheen a bit then make a call on the final oil of choice but really liking the cost of the homebrew at $20 a litre..cheapest Danish oil on the shelf for sure....

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Final result..


On the veneer there is no difference between the penetrol and the special brew bbay suggested..they both dried at the same rate and hardened up nicely.


Can't tell which is which to look at them..both have a satin sheen after two coats two days apart..so will run with the 3 way home made brew.


On the solid maple and cabinet frames the penetrol left more of a flat oil look but the homebrew left a nice satin gloss.


So thanks bbay and wheels for all your in depth knowledge..very helpful and great results.

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It may interest ya all, that "at the owners request" I polished a large bayliner with penetrol.

The owners is a friend of a chemist with flood industries the manufacturers of penetrol.

It dosnt give a high gloss, more of a satin sheen on the gell coat, but it has been on for a long time now, and the finish is exactly the same as when I first did it. There is no sign of oxidation. (Instructions on the can).


PS, this is just a statement, not an excuse for my head to be bashed in. There is also at least three different "new" paint systems that are being used by others in this yard at the moment. I hope "Jannali" me, and my crew are to distant to report on their success in the future.

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