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  1. Cheers for that, just got the heads up on that event yesterday. Tomorrows plans are up early for Day 1 of Elimination series then a 15 minute drive to Sandspit road. Was going show up around 10.30 and take a look see.Looking forward it!!. Cheers
  2. Thanks Sloopjohn, Guy on trade me has a couple of PT masts, one has external sail track and other is tear drop shape with internal sail slide, is the tear drop one likely to be a current mast section like the PT association sells?
  3. I just found that when trawling for info on the interweb first stop was Yacht clubs involved in Dinghy sailing and most sites were really badly maintained, even the Australian sites, hit a link and there's a dead url, hit another link and the gallery is empty, hit a link on tuning a PT and you find an article written in 1980 etc..... The NZ PT Org site is the best I found but even that was not a friendly site to navigate, I am sure these are all maintained by volunteers and I know how hard it can be to find time to update sites so am not trying to give the clubs a hard time. Most sites ha
  4. Very cool, I love RC boats and tinker with them occasionally as well. Its my old man on the wire, pic taken 1968 in Tamaki estuary, on PT # 17 he built with his mate. Part of the reason I am pursuing my own PT ambition. Clarks yacht club beach might be a go, I think they are meeting next Sunday so though I would take a drive over and talk to some members. Drive past the Village twice a day so for sure I could talk myself into stopping in there to catch up with you, some advice from a old hand at PT set up would be fantastic.
  5. Thank you very much SloopJohn, great info to start with. Very sorry to hear about you having to leave racing behind, that is a very hard thing to live with in my personal experience. Unbelievably you are minutes from where I live,thought I was all alone out in the provinces. Any chance we could catch up and we could discuss PT's in more depth?. I was planning on joining a local club to sail but not sure which one yet, don't know anything about them and I have been finding that sailing club websites through out NZ are very poorly maintained with lots of missing links and a lot o
  6. Yep that is I, Mini 40 and everything marine related has been in a holding pattern for 3 years now, moving home and some lengthy and challenging projects got in the way of the important stuff like mucking around on boats... But I am getting some own time back now, and will complete Mini 40 moulds plus PT starting right about now.
  7. Its completely dismantled and I want to rebuild into a boat that will perform well. My knowledge of what I should do on PT fit out is fairly limited. I am picking foils ,main and running rigging is where the money is gonna go but not sure where to start with these upgrades. Plus I need a mast, this ones snapped. Been a while since I was onboard Crew.org but I recall there were a couple of PT sailors around a few years ago. Plan to have a crack at racing this summer, so if any one out there can point me in the right direction for advise on set up that would be very cool.
  8. I'm not buying GD being responsible for the media leak earlier..the whole thing smells like DB leaked to the media a week ago knowing the board would be hamstrung to make comment...DB looking for a sympathy vote and to give GD Inc some hurt.. Time for DB move on...he will be fine..plenty of coin in his tin after 20 years and someone else will buy him. However I agree 100% the person that handed the layday cost the cup..and I seriously doubt anyone but GD made that call.
  9. Over two years ago I applied peller clean to my 4 x alloy props, cost around $160 to buy the stuff from the same trade me trader who now sells propgold. I hauled the boat a month ago and after a water blast the props came up mint..I had been watching them closely for the past two years and they were always very clean after a run up,even just idling in gear in marina berth. So impressed I tried to get more of the stuff for a reapplication only to be told he now only had propgold..don't know how propgold stacks up and its a shame he stopped selling pellerclean as that stuff rocks. Ho
  10. Final result.. On the veneer there is no difference between the penetrol and the special brew bbay suggested..they both dried at the same rate and hardened up nicely. Can't tell which is which to look at them..both have a satin sheen after two coats two days apart..so will run with the 3 way home made brew. On the solid maple and cabinet frames the penetrol left more of a flat oil look but the homebrew left a nice satin gloss. So thanks bbay and wheels for all your in depth knowledge..very helpful and great results.
  11. Ok sweet..thanks for the help bbay and wheels, Picked up a can of Penetrol and the kit bbay suggested. Applied a couple of test strips to a locker door, one of penetrol, and another of a 1/3rd each boiled linseed, turps and oil based satin varnish. After a coat of each today they both dried at a similar rate and after 20 minutes polished up with a slight sheen with new clean maple grain behind so all good. Both patches look pretty much the same and after 2 hours they were touch try. Will chuck another coat on tomorrow to raise the sheen a bit then make a call on the fin
  12. yeah..snap...i was reading last night about how the danish oil rags could ignite..and thought..yeah..nah..pretty unlikely really...and then the news on stuff this morning...exactly that happened...a timely reminder indeed
  13. The product on now is a urathane /castor oil mix and the manufacture of the product state you simply sand back lightly and recoat with a rag so clearly the urathane and castor oil mix will dry over the old coat no problem..however in this case i have sanded back and removed all traces of the original coat and am back to a very white maple wood finish already for a coat of something new.. I do not want a gloss finish ..satin is fine..that was the original look and was good. I tried some cabots stain and varnish product on a small section and the maple did not take up the stain very ev
  14. Wheels, thank you for the detail and it does match up with my googling experience last night after having being informed by Bbay that Danish oil is what i am looking for. The problem is the products Wheels mentioned are mostly available at bunnings but there is no way to find out exactly whats in the tin you are buying and i really want to know what i am paying for.. Also it appears that danish oil off the shelf is not all created equal, all are made to different recipes and the only way perhaps to know you are getting a better product is by buying the more expensive one. The idea
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