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  1. ex TL systems


    Just brought the 12 m harryproa back to Auckland from taipa, nice sail over 4 days, didn’t end up shunting as I had a tiller pilot and the outboard on one end so couldn’t be bothered changing that around or going backwards. Will give it some love before next summer once things get back to normal. B8B5D75B-B434-448F-BA73-7701D7C747FE.MOV
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  2. DrWatson

    Pogo 36

    Yeah the compulsory ladder, while important, does have a tendency to pop open unless it's been packed away perfectly. The wooden boarding ladder is something I knocked up in a hurry as a temporary fix until I can make a super light one. We decided on the boat when C was 4 months pregnant. So we got the kids and the boat at the same time, pretty much. a little difficult, but hopefully it will be worth it when we're making family holidays when the kids a little older. But it came at the cost of not buying a house...
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