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  1. Sabre

    Forced circumnavigation

    Oh well got to be better than a forced circumcision...
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  2. I did Panama to NZ in 6 weeks in a cav 32. Most cruisers can carry 6 weeks food.
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  3. eruptn

    Infrared thermometers

    The key to accurate readings is to make sure you have the correct 'emistivity' value setup in the settings. Metals, rock, water, skin all have different values. That would explain the observed differences.
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  4. jim s

    Infrared thermometers

    some years back doing industrial maintenance work i noticed the surface finish of the target seemed to affect the reading, and possibly the aiming angle but square on to a uniform machined surface gave consistent and believable results.
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  5. Terry B

    Marina Management

    Had a nice call from Westhaven staff today asking if there was anything they could check on/do on my yacht. After asking whether they'd mind sanding the brightwork and applying a few coats of varnish (they refused - how rude😀 ) I thanked them for calling. Nice to know they're still on the ball. With all due respect, some of you on this thread, and others, seem to have a very jaundiced view of Westhaven staff. I've had a yacht at Westhaven for 15 years and the staff have been nothing but courteous and helpful. If approached properly. And bear in mind the staff down t
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  6. Matè wrong thread. The one you are looking for is in small talk.
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  7. Tamure

    Covid 19 and liveaboards

    police state, seriously its jobs for the boys..... if youve been on a boat a week or more you have more risk from landlubbers. Love it how all these little hitlers have suddenly appeared in the new smartphone 5g stasi environment
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