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  1. Could not disagree more KM. All the info you are asking for is on the legasea website. https://legasea.co.nz/ here is an outline of the issues, written by a friend of mine - who was a small quota owner. The damage large corporate commercial fishing industry have done to our fisheries. With approx 85% of quota controlled by 4 large fishing companies & IWI, who in turn lease a large amount of their quota back to these large corporates, they have an iron tight grip on over $3 billion NZ dollars of asset that is still owned by NZ’ers. NZ Seafood Industry Council (NZSF) is a
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  2. I hope I have misinterpreted this post KM. In lieu of a sensible argument, are you suggesting that the reduction of the biomass of fish is good? This is a valuable food stock, apart from its obvious diversity and part of the natural balance of the planets fauna and flora. I hope it was another flippant comment:-) Watch TV3 tonight, 4.50pm, The Price of Fish.....
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  3. rossd

    Chart plastic sleeves

    I like charts rolled up rather than flat. They curl over the saloon table nicely when rolled inside out. I used to get charts from the Map Shop in Hamilton and he had plastic sleeves to fit, however he doesn't supply sleeves now and has gone to light plastic laminating instead. I said to him thats no good I am traditional enough to want to keep using pencil and rubber , he said use felt, no way am I using felt or white board marker. Lost a sale there. Went looking for sleeves and finished up buying a whole roll of a manufacturer, 2 kms long !! 80mm diameter so if anyone wants any let me know
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  4. No idea what your disagreeing with but that's not unusual these days. Leases website, where is this thing you mention? I think ya mates stumbled on a CC mitigation assistance without knowing it. He reckons catching excess biomass is bad but the IPCC reckon biomass is one of the things to use to reduce CO2. Biomass production is also worth freaking moonbeams. Is someone missing a potential link that while still not ideal could benefit the planet?
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