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  1. Rubber nozzle on steel compressor, or a needle. Low pressure high volume pump if you don't have a compressor.
  2. Who do you think was lobbying the Minister about this? The Minister removed the section about consultation as he believed it was not in the public interest. The remainder of the bill is before the house for third reading next week, then it will become law.
  3. OK, the next big issue is the adoption of Kawau bay and Tiritiri Matangi as "high protection areas" - no take of any sort. These areas are large, and mean that locals with small boats will be unable to fish. This is NOT supported by Legasea, and is being pushed mostly by dept of conservation (dept of confiscation!) again with limited (very) consultation. There is really no such thing now as a marine reserve. "high protection" area status is in perpetuity. This will happen in the next week or so I'm told. I'm not against reserve areas, however they are labeled. Legasea say there are bette
  4. Last night I went to a presentation at the Gulf Harbor Yacht Club by Scott Macindoe of Legasea. I thought I'd post a bit about it here. It was disappointing to see only about 40 people there. Do YOU care about the health of our oceans? It's important - possibly critical - for the health of our waters. In Parliament RIGHT NOW is the Fisheries Amendment Act. In this, the commercial fishing lobby had managed to get a section basically removing any requirement for public consultation for changes to the QMS (quota management system) or the quotas. This means that effectively the fishing
  5. Viki, let me know what the deal is for a boat - in the front line. We'll book and pay as soon as it's available. Thinking of joining ICA as well...
  6. Yep, full tent would have fixed it. Price to wrap was more than the whole paint job cost, incl hard stand! Could have made up something myself, but GH did not allow sufficient space around the boat for that without a substantial increase on hardstand fees.
  7. Well, ready for relaunch tomorrow. I learned a few things that might be useful to others. 3 weeks full time work for one... September is probably about a month too early for outdoor painting. The nights (especially one - the most important one!) can be too cold. If the temp drops to dew point (actual temp depends on humidity and pressure) the gloss is lost. I lost some gloss in places on the hull due to this. Really I should have done a 3rd topcoat, to fix it, but no guarantees that would come out any better! So it is what it is. She looks pretty good from 3m, but a close inspection
  8. Just to be clear to all; Interlux is international - their equivalent product is Perfection and Perfection Pro - a 2 pack polyurethane I'm using Altex - NZ made - 321 brushing polyurethane (also 2 pack) My understanding is that this is an issue with Polyurethanes, and would effect any paint of this type. Altex have said, if it happens again, a heavily thinned additional coat applied in the morning will set more quickly, and therefore retain the gloss. That will be tomorrow if needed. Hopefully not...
  9. Funny you should say that. Last night about 6 there was a big temp drop and hard rain. Marked the hull with spots, and completely de-glossed the transom, esp the sloped parts. :-(. Another coat today, back to glossy, I hope that it will be off sufficiently tonight - looks like the dew point will be about 6 deg tonight, which is what the low is forecast to be. Here's hoping it will be OK - at least no rain forecast this time... Totally agree this problem should be in the literature, but its not anywhere I can see.
  10. Yeah, the old Ozito vac. The sander is fine . Island Time is a Farr Phase 4 (very like a 1220..)
  11. Just roll. My experiments in the workshop gave better results without tip...
  12. Well, Island Time is long overdue for a repaint. A couple of weeks ago I made the call to paint her myself. I decided I could do the topsides 1st, and gave myself 3 weeks off work. Well, 15 days in, heaps of sanding, filling, priming, undercoating, and sanding. Oh yeah and sanding. I'm using the Altex system, epoxy undercoat and 321 brushing polyurethane. Following from the great job Joel did on his 1020, I've thinned the paints 7%. Seems to be working well. I also was using a cheap vac with my dewalt sander. It died of overuse. Upon advice from a friend who's a boat builder, I
  13. Actually, internal pressure is not unknown. Boats falling off waves with hatches shut can produce sufficient pressure to blow out windows on occasion.
  14. That'll work. For a structural repair, taper and overlap the glass. If you just want to fill the hole, find some suitable material (timber, foam) and use a hole saw to cut out a suitable size plug. Make it 5mm less deep than the thickness of the cabin top. Epoxy it in place, fill the cavity and fair (Vinylester filler is fine, dries in 20 mins, and sands well), paint to suit.
  15. Ok, lets think about that. Your car (after 1996) runs on canbus. Do you have a backup for that? Canbus (NMEA2000) on a boat can be broken, but most of the the devices can work standalone, or you can detach a faulty device if needed. Worst case, if the network does go down, factory instrument panel still works, MFD works standalone, maybe no autopilot. Your engine instrument data wont display on NMEA2000 displays. You can still get by
  16. The audible alarms and idiot lights are better than nothing, but by the time the oil pressure alarm (for example) goes while the engine is working hard, it's already too late...
  17. I use one (But plugged into the volvo Can bus, with converter to NMEA) so I can see my engine data on my sailing instruments. When motoring, I can see Revs, Temp, etc on cockpit displays.
  18. You going on BK, or land based Willy? Looks like Jo and I will be there, on a launch called Southern Cross...
  19. I'd use the EMU-1 actisense. But Maretron, Veethree, and yacht devices all make similar units...
  20. I reported it to the harbourmaster a couple of years ago - was sinking! Someone obviously sorted that...
  21. Congrats, looks well set up. Have a safe voyage home!
  22. Hey BK, ask vikimoore on here, she is the on water manager for the event.
  23. Well done! Not so easy in Winter!
  24. Do the antenna as well. Even the stainless ones with the base load (white plastic cylinder) degrade slowly in the weather.
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