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  1. The definition of an equalization charge is a period of charge at a higher voltage. Insist on a product data sheet from the manufacturer. If the supplier can't do that, move on to another supplier. Lead Carbon does not normally need equalization.
  2. 6mm polycarbonate at least i'd expect. Acrylic lasts longer in UV, but polycarb is MUCH stronger.
  3. Island Time


    Alternatively install the weather routing plugin if you dont have it, then look in ProgremData\Opencpn\Plugins\Weatherrouting\Polars and select a boat similar to yours. Modify that to suit...
  4. Island Time


    You can’t (shouldn’t) be recording for polars in surfing conditions. Your trying to record the boats best possible sailing speeds, for every angle, and every wind speed. It takes a lot of sailing over a long time to get them pretty right….
  5. I’m away with only an iPad at present. When I’m back home I’ll try edge and see what I get…
  6. OK, what is the platform? (Phone/Tablet/PC/Mac) and what browser?
  7. OK, lets see what we can find is different; then Then Pick one; Then select create a new album With me so far??
  8. Go + to create a post, select gallery image, pick a folder, create album. IIRC…
  9. Ah, OK, Thanks, I'd never noticed the numbers there!
  10. That is interesting. I had though they must be as they are chartered. I'm interested though, that IIRC they don't have a MSA number on them? They must be under MOSS and have an MTOP then ? Or is this some special arrangement?
  11. Yeah, the chase boats are pretty easy - Sail training boats with an engine not so much...
  12. Yep, we've had changing goalposts from MNZ, and as yet no clear answers....
  13. The spread, to so many destinations, to me makes it look like the weather and tides moved it, not a boat....
  14. That's the issue. Its a pretty big risk for anyone offering their boat, being a skipper, or any club. There is a mechanism to do this (and official approved exemption) but it seems not easy to organize. It's actually in everyone's favor to encourage training and education, but IMO this is quite a stumbling block. Does look like the only real way to do it is for a club to buy a suitable boat/s, and have an exemption...
  15. Currently, MNZ's opinion is that ANY $ changing hands is then commercial, profit or not. We don't wish to test it in court. Plus, using a member's boat for a learn to sail course most likely invalidates their insurance. The idea, in our case, is not profit making, but for the club and the promotion of safe sailing ... It will be discussed further between MNZ and YNZ... and our club.
  16. Interesting. Our requests have been rejected. Which club is this?
  17. No, not saying that. Patrol craft for clubs do have that exemption. Exemptions have been issued in the past, and some are still current (like the yacht club patrol boats) Also they are not interested in small sailing craft. But as soon as it has a motor, it has to comply, as does it's crew. It would be pretty easy for the Director or MNZ to exempt yacht club training vessels, which would have to comply with YNZ rules...
  18. Actually the law is quite clear for a vessel with an engine. It also says that the MNZ director can issue an exemption. To date they have not.
  19. I was not there, but feedback from a couple of people who were says they were pleased with YNZ's part, but the Maritime NZ representation was very poor, and some contradictory. Our Club (Gulf Harbour) is trying to organize an Adults learn to sail course. The Current rules are such that as soon as you charge for a course, and have an engine on the boat/boats being used, MNZ require the vessel to be in survey, and the skipper to be certified and current. This is a huge expense for a club, and basically means that clubs cannot legally be running learn to sail courses on vessels with an engin
  20. I watched it. Pretty lightweight, and basically blaming boat traffic for the spread of most of the issues. Virtually No discussion at all about effectiveness of antifouling, hull cleaning facilities, tidal drift, storm flotsam, or any other means of transmission. The next one may contain some of that... If we do not get involved in this, then more costs are going to be levied on us, as we are, as they say in the video above, "low hanging fruit" and an easy target. There was no scientific evidence given of transport vectors for the pests, it was taken as given it's the boats.
  21. K. Reserved for you to then. Collection in person or by courier. Let me know what you want to do... Matt
  22. I've been given a couple of Chinese wind gens. New in their boxes. 12v 200w. Free. No warrantee. If no-one wants them they'll be recycled as scrap.
  23. as long as you go completely around the base bolts, a bead around the outside will do...
  24. I've just applied to be a reseller of Bed-it for NZ, now that it's available again. I'll update once it's done. Matt
  25. Or you can by the original from here - but not NZ - https://bed-it.com/
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