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  1. Just order it with your Vulcan. Better to use a DST800, or 810, then you get depth, speed and temp from same transducer/through hull, but yes, needs a hole in hull. That is no issue if done correctly. You wont get the best info a Vulcan can give without boat speed.
  2. You always had to satisfy the director of maritime that the boat and crew were suitable. This assessment was, and still is, delegated to the YNZ inspectors. The wording could be improved, especially re foreign vessels, but it seems the standards are recommended only for them. As it was previously. The form of advice of intended departure is new, but does not seem particularly onerous IMO.
  3. Island Time


    Undo it and reset, holding the stay as DP says above. Is it a cap shroud, intermediate, or lower? Regular rig checks, looking for these issues are important, no matter who put the rig in....
  4. I had, long ago (18 or 20 years) a Manson Plough. Thought it was ok, until one day anchored at Torrent Bay (Abel Tasman National Park, top of South Island for you Northerners!) on hard sand. Was dug in with about 4:1 scope, all chain. We had a front come thru, about a 180 deg wind shift, and 30 or 40 knots. The Manson Plough, pulled out, as expected, but by the time the rode was straight in the new direction, the boat was drifting quite fast. The Anchor never reset, it just skidded along the bottom for more than 30m, at which point I raised it, and reset it manually. I've been in the sam
  5. Either way, its crap ! The manson "CQR" has manson cast on the shank. The modern SHHP anchors (Rocna, Manson Supreme, SARCA etc etc) are another world. I use a 20KG Rocna on Island Time (40Ft). Works great!
  6. Ok, here is what I do, but all chain rode. I often anchor with only a 3:1 scope, remember scope is from the bottom to the anchor roller, not just water depth for calcs. Drop the anchor while motoring slowly backwards. tie off, or put the chain lock on when the required scope is deployed. Continue moving backwards until you feel the anchor dig in , and it stops the boat. Once that is done, if picnicking, all good. If overnight, the anchor should hold a yacht at full throttle in reverse. Ive spent over 1000 nights at anchor in all conditions. I've moved/dragged anchors 4 times. 3 times the
  7. Island Time

    AIS unit

    Send it or give it to me. I've done a couple of these. Otherwise, what I'd recommend would depend on your instrument system. Currently I've been doing a few B&G V60b VHF units - with AIS transponder inside. If you use a B&G system, these let you make DSC calls direct from the MFD. If not, the a Vesper unit might be best... Matt, Neptune's Gear Ltd, 0221539176
  8. Agree. My primary small crimper is a Klien, big one is a cabac, both great.
  9. KM, Perhaps, but if you buy quality cable and lugs, there will be no issue. Professionals....hmmm...
  10. Its the maritime approved cable - 5000.1 spec - actually has 3 layers - outer sheath, inner sheath, and the thin celophane like membrane, then multistrand tinned copper cable. It surprises me that the correctly sized lugs would fit over the celophane - proper lugs only just fit over the bare cable.....
  11. Yep, one of the prime causes of electrical fires. I have 3 or 4 cable crimpers, if anyone needs to borrow one, or wants a cable done. Quality crimpers often stamp the cable lug with the size the crimp tool was set to, so you can check the cable size is correct. Properly done they are watertight. Bad/low quality crimpers often leave "dog ears" on the sides...
  12. Have a look, see if the original rudder tube is still there. If so, it's not an enormous job to go back, and diy rudder. The rudder shift and tangs might be a bit pricy though. ...
  13. If you're in or near gulf Harbour, let me know. I can do it for you.
  14. Some models of vsr sense voltage in both batts, and will engage when either batt reaches the setpoint. Then disengage when both batts drop below the cut out point. Be aware that if you make one bank real flat, the vsr may not work at all, as most require at least 10.5v on the least charged batt, or they won't engage.... A sensor to detect alt output, and to engage both batts at that point is not advisable, unless it can be manually overridden. If you cook a bank, you need to be able to disengage it. Every batt bank should have an off switch, and it should be all batt connections, includ
  15. Great radio, and pretty modern!
  16. I don't agree with BP's post above. Although it is not as popular as it was once, IMO SSB still has its place, especially on a long term offshore cruiser. It's cheaper to operate than an iridium go, and, coupled with a pactor 4, faster for email/forecasts etc as well.
  17. Use a FET based splitter. Then no need to change the voltage as needed with a diode based one. The victron Argo FET based ones have a voltage drop of <0.02v.
  18. Normal. No obvious problem if that's the only issue...
  19. Looks like an anderson - https://andersenwinches.com/aw/default.asp
  20. OK, so its not marine. But it is sailing! For those interested, keep reading. Urban Land Sailing The New Zealand Open Championships (NZO), the premier regatta for the Blokart class of land yacht, will be hosted by the Auckland Blokart Club at Ardmore Airport, 15th to 18th April. The one-design Blokart provides high speed sailing comparable to advanced foiling yachts, on an affordable, low-tech budget. Designed and built in New Zealand, over 14,000 blokarts have been sold globally. They are popular to race because they are fast, nimble and will pack-down into two bags that
  21. OK, it does now work, you need firmware 20.0.1 (or later, but thats the current one) on your MFD, and the latest version of the link App. Unfortunately it's still a bit flakey. So, if you have issues, reset the default values in the "hotspot" menu. Then make certain you can see the wifi in your phone/tablet BEFORE you try the QR code scan to connect. If you can't see it it wont work, but if you can you should be away. Here is a connection screenshot I took on Island Time a few mins ago;
  22. Done this a few times. If its a strong NW, go to the sounds or Wellington directly, NP is very rolly! They laid lots of moorings for the Solo Tasman race boats when I did that, but iirc they removed them later. There is not a lot of space, but there is a very small marina, and some moorings - ask the yacht club or harbormaster first. Cape Egmont is often where the wind changes on the way south, if it's been S or SW it often goes NW (prevailing wind in Cook Strait) from about there, and gives a great ride home. IMO it's a safer route south than the E coast, esp to the S of Eas
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