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  1. The coast guard have no Legal Status. They can only advise. A harbourmaster can close a port. However, if you go against the advice of either, then have an issue, its unlikely to go well for you in the courts! Well done, the NZ coast, esp the W coast or south of Napier/New Plymouth, is not to be taken lightly. Drugs for the first few days to combat seasickness is pretty common - BEFORE you leave, so they have time to work and are not vomited out immediately! Sealegs can make some sleepy, there are lot's of options.
  2. Centreboard designs often have a locking device - pin, hydraulic lock etc - to lock the board down. Hopefully well above the waaterline. The idea that it gives some additional safety in the event of a collision (grounding, floating or semi floating debris etc) would depend entirely on the individual design. If it was designed with that in mind, possibly. Some I've seen would compromise watertight integrity more easily than a fixed keel. If you think this is the case with one you may look at, I'd suggest you discuss it with the designer. I do like that boat though, and if I sud
  3. Don't know about Auckland, but these guys have a lot of stuff made of rubber - http://www.rubberbitsnz.co.nz/
  4. there are a few modern boats around with foam core floorboards, just to save weight. Provided the foam is rated to a decent pressure, they are fine. I'd still be making anyone wearing stiletto's take them off though - but they'd likely damage wooden floor boards as well. Whatever they are made of, they should be on catches or screwed down...
  5. The seems are not normally reversible, the chafe protections and hoop sleeves will be on the wrong side, and so will the clears. Not practical IMO. My current Dodger is about 15 years old, and on its 3rd clears. Canvas is Sunbrella, still a bit of life in it yet....
  6. The hex numbers designate country of origin. If you have a NZ one, the NZ authorities get the message 1st, and THEY will organise any response....
  7. https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/have-your-say/topics-you-can-have-your-say-on/proposed-new-navigation-safety-bylaw-2021/Pages/default.aspx
  8. The more I watch this boat, the more I like it! It's a marvel of engineering!!
  9. Agreed Sabre, he's headed into the southern ocean. Although he did go pretty well into that cyclone, which is likely what broke it....
  10. Yep, I have it on reasonable authority that the aim is for this boat to fly low. The engineering is really impressive
  11. it all depends on what you have, boat and engine, and what you are going to. I wrote an article about that for Island Time a while back, and I chose the easiest engine to fit to my engine space for that reason. See : I can certainly see how you could spend an additional $15K + if there was lots of boat building to do, or changing from Sail Drive to shaft, or vice versa, or had to move mounts and structure etc.
  12. agreed. Pretty major structural issues. I'm surprised that he is confident he can repair it.... I do wish him the best. What a situation after all he has been through.
  13. IMO it makes a huge difference. Simply the best change you can do to an AP. I changed my own one, which was an AP28 with a AC42 computer and custom ram. Way better course holding, and much less hunting. But since then I've changed the whole system, to a triton pilot with NAC3. Same compass and same ram. The Precision 9 was the best update of all of it... Regardless of whether you buy it from me or not ...
  14. Yes. Expect this summer to be hot but unstable...
  15. The hull is like it is to reduce wind resistance, with the canoe body to help earlier lift out, the flat sections esp aft to provide the required form stability for the AC 36 rules. The flat deck is to provide end plate benefits to the sails. I dont think the sides are concave, they don't appear that way in reality.
  16. Thanks to Paul Groom, who has agreed to run the event this year, with the assistance of Bill Falconer, the Rum Race is ON! This year's theme is "Irish" Prizes for the best dressed boats and crew. Details of the entry and event as usual on the rumrace page https://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/rum_race.html/ Entries are now open! Who is coming??
  17. Quite true 2flit. I'd like to emphasize to everyone READ YOUR SPECIFIC BATTERY PDS (Product data sheet). Don't take anyone's word for the correct settings, check them yourself. Its not hard, and if they are wrong, the battery life will be reduced, possibly substantially. It's your money, and your risk.
  18. The foil bearing pics are on the old boat, but give some idea of the structure arrangement for the foil pivot. A LOT of carbon for the huge loads... So, the canoe body is more pronounced, to help earlier lift off. The large flat hull is not for plaining, but to meet the form stability requirements. The crew will now be below deck in the side pods, and the deck is clear. The lower deck gives about 400mm more sail area for free. Yes the foils in the pics are different on each side, these are foils 3 and 4 of the allowed 6. She is to be out sailing this morning.....
  19. So I went to the launch last night. Sure is an impressive vessel up close. Took lots of pics, here are some.
  20. Short answer - Yes. All I can say is check the battery PDS (Product data sheet) to ensure that that is the correct voltage for your specific batts for float. While you are at it, check the bulk/absorbtion voltage requirements for the batts, and make certain that the solar is doing that as well.
  21. Ok, battery charging basics. When the batts are full, a good regulator will drop to "float" - the storage state for batts. Typically for a LA 12v battery, this will be circa 13.5-13.8v. The current (AMPS) going in to the batts is "decided" by the battery resistance - basic V=IR. When the battery is full, it should accept somewhere around 1% or less of bank capacity - so <1a for a 100a/h battery. If you want to test the solar panel, then discharge the battery to <70%(so the battery will accept a decent charge rate) and then see what the solar produces in direct sunlight, panel set
  22. yep, that thing is a beast!
  23. In lieu of any other responses, I'd say this is unusual. Most boats use clevis pins with a shoulder, and simply a split pin on the other end.
  24. Check out seafarer. Good quality NZ made, and fair pricing...
  25. You mean shift positively, make sure gears are fully engaged in one movement, not just touching? Lack of complete engagement can certainly cause damage, as can poorly adjusted shift cables.
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