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  1. Yes, but normally it only allows that if the jacket's manufacturer allows it. Some do, some don't. I don't buy jackets that require a dealer service.
  2. Absolutely right. Hence an easy clean strum box is needed...
  3. The advantage of the diaphragm pumps is that they are (usually) self priming - so only the pickup hose needs to be in the the bottom of the sump, the pump itself can be remote mounted wherever convenient.
  4. Yep Booboo is onto it. The Compressor does not use amps, except for the clutch engagement. So the clutch normally draws a few amps, but the solenoid for it should be fused. If it is drawing excessive amperage, measure the draw when engaged (motor does not need to be on) typically 3-4amps, but check the manual for the specific compressor to be certain. Overcurrent means a short circuit within the field coil, or in the compressor circuit.
  5. Thats what a strum box is. Here is one example Can be plastic, and a multitude of different designs. Standard centrifugal bilge pumps don't work though, need a hose input, and preferably a self priming diaphragm pump. Oh, and this one is not great. If screwed down, it would need tools to clean. Get one that is easy to clean!
  6. This is what happened in NSW. Now, according to their medical people, delta is unstoppable, and their medical system will be overwhelmed in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see what actually develops there…
  7. Nope, don’t agree. The rules are the rules, and it’s up to the police to enforce them, not decide what’s right and wrong. Remember the rules are made for the lowest common denominator, and we have seen more frequent breaches, and arrests so far, as the lockdown goes on. So, IMO the rules are either altered or not. If not, the police are required to check and enforce.
  8. Agreed MCP, either a proper diaphragm pump or a proper strum box. Hair is always an issue for standard centrifugal bilge pumps. If you really MUST use one of those, pick one that you can get at the impellor, and periodically pull the impellor off and remove any foreign matter from the shaft...
  9. I think many will/would change their minds after the first few arrests...
  10. I'm with DP. Dredging should be banned. If you have ever watched one go along the bottom, and see what it does, you'd agree. Can't dive? Bludge off a mate, or go to the fish shop.
  11. There is no such thing as an Integral keel , but I know what you mean. A properly attached keel IS integral. Bolts or resin are irrelevant, either can fail, and certainly a reef, or other external force of sufficient magnitude can remove a keel regardless of attachment method. The issue is proper engineering, and making the keel attachment fit for purpose. Modern performance keels of high aspect ratio are hard to attach. Older, wider, and longer keels are easier...
  12. I use one of these. https://www.atninc.com/atn-gale-sail-sailing-equipment.shtml Can go up over the rolled up headsail. Works surprisingly well...
  13. Twin rudders are more likely to hit an object, just because they are not behind the keel. A standard spade rudder has the keel for protection - on an odd occasion, something may hit a rudder, not a keel - like a surfacing whale, or even a rock if you are coming down a wave.....
  14. New 60 ft boats are beyond most people, especially his ones, which are nice, but certainly not budget vessels. I watched the video, marketing stuff for his boats IMO. To say bolted on keels are not structurally up to crossing oceans is simply wrong, and to use Cheeki Rafiki as an example (a boat with existing damage from grounding, not properly repaired, and a lot of blue water hard racing use) is, IMO misleading. Look at the stats for the round the world rallies etc, there are a lot - the majority of the fleet - of production boats crossing oceans every year, almost all without issues.
  15. Indeed there is a huge amount of research going into batteries at the moment, the whole industry is moving quickly...
  16. It might be worth running it with every on at high for 20 mins, then measuring the front plate temp, so you know what temp the sticker has to survive?
  17. Good Job! I've not seen a 2 burner with oven and grill before. Is it the model with or without the thermocouple flame out protection? I thought they all had that, until I saw a neighbor's one - three burner with oven - that didn't.. I still use mine, recently replaced a couple of the thermocouples to keep it working 100%. I would have thought any sign writer with a computer could make you a new label?
  18. Agreed, a latching relay would be ideal, but should not be needed with the Victron controller, which can be set up for Lithium...
  19. 200w panels you want the 15.
  20. But if you go to this series victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr they have a built in relay for this...
  21. Like this https://www.amazon.ca/LANTRO-JS-SSR-40DA-Output-24-380V/dp/B0924R6JD9/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=solid+state+relay+DC+40a&qid=1630919872&sr=8-4
  22. Why would you use a mechanical relay? Consumes power with the coil.. What about a solid state (mosfet based) relay - about $20-30 on amazon... Use a normally closed, opens when BMS turns it off. Whats the solar controller? You need to be sure that it can either be switched off, or can deal with a disconnect.
  23. For a few years now, my brother Rob and other members of the Mana Cruising Club have been working to remove predators from Pickersgill Island in the sounds. Here is a video of some of their latest work. Its a 110mb file... 77207262_Pickersgill(1).mp4
  24. $115 for members of a YNZ affiliate YC. An Extra $75 if not... That's the YNZ cost, there is a time and travel cost for the inspectors.
  25. This is not a YNZ requirement, but a Maritime NZ one, that they hand off to YNZ and is part of the cat 1 inspection. Here is the rule; Under section 21 of the Maritime Transport Act, masters of all pleasure craft must notify the Director of Maritime New Zealand of their intention to depart New Zealand before they leave. Additionally, New Zealand flagged vessels must also: satisfy the Director that the vessel and its safety equipment are adequate for the voyage; and satisfy the Director that the vessel is adequately crewed for the voyage; and observe any other rele
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