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  1. No. The Tracker 5600 has no ability to read AIS data. New (er) MFD required.
  2. under her own power headed in. Followed by the tugs...
  3. Kaitiaki has lost power and is anchored a mile or so off the south coast. 2 Tugs just arrived. Lee shore and 30-40 knots,,,
  4. The NSS3 has the AP controller software. Should work with the AC20 IIRC, but the AC20 is quite old compared to the NSS! So, Firstly the AC20 must be visible on the device list for the N2K. To do thatm the gear icon 2 x, then network, device list. Can you see the AC20 on the list? If you can't it may not be connected - check the network cabling, and ensure it's on the bus. Simnet IS N2K... Where are you located? Matt
  5. Maybe. If you have an AP25, what is your MFD/Plotter. Later versions have no specific AP controller, the plotter/mfd is one, the software is included. Alternatively, there are multiple models of AP controllers available, depending on what AP computer unit you have. If the drive unit is OK, it could be used with any system upgrade. Give me a call if you wish to discuss - I'm a Simrad and B&G tech dealer. Based in Gulf Harbour. Ph 0221539176. If it were me I would not repair this controller.
  6. Ours is called a freezer! Works great. We use the glad plastic ice cube bags - awesome, self sealing, fill from tap, chuck in freezer. Pop out the cubes when you wwant. Still amazes me they don't leak water to start....
  7. That is a bit misleading,. There are bigger individual waves out there - for example; "In February 2000, the British oceanographic research vessel RRS Discovery, operating in the Atlantic Ocean over the Rockall Trough west of Scotland, encountered the largest waves ever recorded by scientific instruments in the open ocean, with a significant wave height of 29.1 metres (95 ft) and individual waves up to 18.5 metres (61 ft)."
  8. Island Time


    Go anchor off Matenga point round by Blackpool. Short walk to Oneroa, and well sheltered in NE-E-SE. Leave your dingy on the small beach under the trees on Matenga Point, as high as you can get it...
  9. Came back to Gulf Harbour today. Got bored after 4 days at anchor, wanted a sail. It was brisk out there, 30-40 odd knots, couple of meters of sea. I’ll do some maintenance, and go out again in a few days…
  10. Oneroa. We are anchored on the Lee side. Bit gusty, but no issues.
  11. To get really good AP responses, really you want a 10hz heading, preferred corrected for roll, pitch and yaw. Nmea0183 can't do that, it's not fast enough. However, that is a good converter. For best results, use the minimum number of nmea 0183 sentences possible to control the pilot.
  12. Same. Already out. Currently off Matenga point by Blackpool. Few other crew.orgers out too. Bad Kitty at rocky bay currently. Some are home/hiding. Happy new year to all!
  13. Ok, so, press port or stb. Do the outboards actually turn?
  14. Dodgy reception, put in lots of spaces!
  15. No rudder response is pretty common. From standby, push the port or stb button. Does the rudder actually turn? Not does the drive run ( although check that 2) but does the rudder shaft move? If not, drive issue , if yes, Rudder angle sensor. No rudder response means AP is commanding rudder to move, but nothing happening. I'm a Simrad tech.
  16. Ill be down by A pier. You'll see the Neptune's Gear Van, give me a call when you get there and I'll come up. Only issue will be that I intend to go out in the boat until 13th on Monday, and probably wont be able to do it until I get back. If you want it meantime, probably best to hang onto it for a bit, and I can do it when I really return to work? Matt 0221539176
  17. I can probably sort it for you when I'm back. I'm at westhaven tomorrow for a warranty job if your nearby? Planning to go boating Monday until 13th... Matt
  18. Source please? My understanding it that Activated carbon filters are used to remove chlorine? Certainly we have shock dosed our watertanks and not had issues with the drinking water via the 0.5 micron carbon filter. Water tasted fine ...
  19. A lot of the inner coast of barrier is closed AND the MERCS! AND ALSO THE MERCS!
  20. nah, amazing what you can lift if you think you'll die if you don't! best place is in stern locker, preferably accessible if inverted. But most yachts don't have that facility.
  21. My understanding is that STF etc are NOT responsible for this, and due to the lack of secure future at this site, no-one has been prepared to invest in any infrastructure on the site. IMO this is the councils issue, and from this no properly run company would put money in, unless a future was assured. Looks like STF's decisions are about to be proven correct!
  22. It'll work, but the B&G specific stuff wont be available, like calibration, battery display etc. Best to have a Triton display as well so as to get it perfect... However, I have done another one on a Garmin mfd, and as the wind data is just N2k, it allowed offsets for direction at the MFD. I'd not guarantee they are all like that!
  23. If I was to do this as a delivery, I'd be working on 3-4 months. Its a long way, and there will be considerable wear/tear on the boat, motor, sails and all. This is the equivalent of about 10 years of local sailing. When you consider that, the ship is not that expensive (and lot more reliable and quicker). If not sailing yourself, a delivery skipper would likely charge about $50k for that voyage, + expenses and + Crew. If you are relocating, sell the boat here and buy another. Not really worth moving her. IMO
  24. Provided your garmin has N2K it will work fine, but as above, with no battery display. $1000 + GST for the masthead unit and sender, 13 in stock ex navico Sydney right now, delivery about a week.
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