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  1. Yep, I've got all that CD, but as I stated at the beginning of my previous post, I am looking to see if this can be a simple system for an average user. Many of my customers wont even keep wet cells full of water, so changing solar control parameters for on and off the boat, or resyncing battery computers is not likely to happen! The BMS knows about current in/out and displays (via bluetooth) a SOC. How it actually goes about that is not programmable, or visible in this version. I have adjusted my BEP battery computer to emulate closely that SOC figure - using a change in puerkets fi
  2. OK, further update. Now the batteries have done a months work over the holidays, a bit more info to work with. 1stly, I'd like to point out that I'm trying to figure out if this is a workable system for the average boatie to use. If it requires a programmable workbench power supply to top balance, or other specialist equipment, knowledge etc, then it's not what most users will want. Yes I have this gear, but most wont... If you want to build a LiFePO4 batt with 3.2v cells and your own BMS, get into it, this is not what I'm looking for for customers. Simple and reliable without extens
  3. Hourly rates are always "per man hour". That is standard practice.
  4. Well, working around Auckland a LOT of time is spent travelling. Travelling costs money and reduces the available hours to work. I work a lot in Gulf Harbor. I don't charge travel time for that - as I live and work there. However, I charge for travel away from here, as if I was not doing that, I'd be getting my rate from local work. Surely you'd not be saying that I should reduce my income just to work on your boat? Oh, and hourly rate is per person - same deal, if I have to pay a worker to help with a 2 person job, should I reduce my income for that? Do you get a pay reduction if you n
  5. Whats wrong with the oven? I have a few spares, incl new thermocouples. I am NOT a certified gas installer, so you'd have to get a gas fitter to install.
  6. Yes, RYA courses by several organisations, coastguard, Auckland sailing school, etc. theory and practical.
  7. Good move. Better than ANY of the current new models IMO....
  8. LAT is lowest astronomical tide.. https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-samsung-rev2&source=android-browser&q=lowest+astronomical+tide
  9. Any of the late model Simrad or B&G, plus most of the Lowrance MFD's will use public sourced - and/or make your own charts at 300mm (1ft) contours, with either Cmap or Navionics charts allowing overlays.
  10. Folded in 1/4 in chart table storage in a plastic bag, or rolled in screw together plastic tube for one's I won't need for some time.
  11. Lost gps position. Check cables, location of antenna - away from radar and other antennas
  12. Probably too many versions in between. Call navico on 08004628426 and they should be able to help. I'm away, and in poor reception area, back 21 Jan...
  13. Min 45psi, this is ok, https://www.burnsco.co.nz/pr-pump-wd-12v-60psi-15lpm-jabsco-kit
  14. I don’t think so. A well designed eutectic system can use no battery at all - hold overnight, run when solar or engine going and voltage is high. Thin plate systems can run pretty much all the time, battery full or low. the advantage lifepo4 gives, is that if you do need to run the system on battery, it won’t take long to put the charge back into the batts.
  15. I understand that they were also warned, by the designer IIRC, NOT to sail to Auckland for the repair, as the keel might come off.
  16. I have the standard 115a Mitsubishi Alt on my D2-40F, other variants have other alts. Eric (VRC-200 designer) says this is an excellent alt, and so far I have no reason to disagree. It has built in temp compensation, and seems to stabilize output at around 90-100 amps continuous (60 mins at that so far longest charge I've needed), which is surprisingly good. The batteries I have are indeed in parallels, but they are rated for 120amps EACH max charge and max discharge. No restriction in current programmed into the VRC-200, just letting the alt temp compensation take care of that, so the alt c
  17. OK, here is my current level of knowledge. I'm not a LifePo4 specialist, and currently experimenting! Why would you want LiFePo4 batteries. Light weight - for my tests, I've put in 2 120 a/h batteries giving 192a/h useable at 80% depth of discharge. They can each be carried easily in one hand. They replaced 2 200 a/h VRSLA batteries weighing 62KG each, and gave 200 A/h useable capacity at 50% dod. Life span - the VRSLA's give 400-1000 cycles - the LiFePo4 about 3000 cycles, both at the manufacturers recommended dod. Charging abilities. A good LiFePo4 battery can acce
  18. There have been some improvements in Drop in lithium over the last year or two. As BP says above, I've got a couple in Island Time right now, as an experiment. I will post on here next week sometime what I've learnt/found so far, but it's too Ling and complex to write on my ph, while I'm out in the boat. The basics are that they may be a low(er) cost lithium upgrade for some vessels. They are totally unsuited to others.
  19. Its Google Analytics. Its USERS - does not mean they post, but people who actively browse the site. Individual page views is much higher than these numbers. I agree that a very low percentage post, it's always been that way. What I wanted to illustrate, is that the site is now slowly growing again in users.
  20. Agree with MCP - but for clarification the supply lead to the switchboard should be a decent battery cable size - and be fused at the battery. If it is, no issue, and not really related to the AP switch, provided that cable has the capacity to carry the extra load. The load of a TP32 is not huge, average about 0.5a, max about 7a...no issues for the 15a switch/breaker.
  21. Nope. Here are the numbers last 90 days; Top line is monthly, middle is weekly, bottom is daily...
  22. Use fresh water. Some of the plastics that are used for bearings will absorb petroleum based lubricants and swell. They are supposed to be self, or water lubricated. Fresh water disolves salt pretty well. If someone has tried to lubricate it before, and it has plastic bushes/bearings, that could well be the issue
  23. Depends which ones - inside, outside etc. I get my outdoor foam from Topfab... Closed cell, free draining. https://www.topfab.co.nz/
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