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  1. My starlink rate hasn't changed. $199/month for local roam. Currently got several customers using it in the islands on the same (NZ local roam) plan. They use priority data when doing passages. The issue with heaving to in the gulf is it's shallow, and never gets a fully developed sea state... Still, practicing is a lot better than not!. Island Time will heave to ok without help until about 40-50 knots - then if a wave knocks the bow down she'll try to sail away, and the helm balance is difficult to get right. Once on the 'Chute, that doesn't happen. I'd certainly use a series dr
  2. But you'd be mistaken. For multiple reasons. By stopping the boat, you remove its kinetic energy, and a wave must then overcome its inertia before a roll or knockdown happens. This is why heavier boats can be better in extreme conditions. You also minimize the area of the boat that a wave hits, and present the strongest parts to the waves. Finally, it's quite remarkable the effect to weather that heaving to has, and, if using a parachute, the waves break over that as well, and don't really break again before they get to the boat, so that assists the slick effect that heaving to has. Thes
  3. Yeah, I'd be happy never to see that again. It was on a parachute, to help us stay hove to. 37 hours. Ended up with seas bigger than the rig - and even though the boat was at about 30 deg to the waves (deliberately, so you don't jump off the backs) the waves were as big as the rig, and in the lee of them, she'd stand upright, just to be over 45 deg and more on the crests due to windage (no sail, bare poles) with a couple of knockdowns included for good measure - caused by wind, not waves. That got pretty tedious pretty fast! I don't believe any sail boat would have survived trying to
  4. Absolutely. If you can stop, and point the bow somewhat into the waves, the strongest part of the vessel is presented, as your slower/stopped, the time between waves is more and the motion is better. Sailors have been doing this for 100's of years (or more), but the art seems to have been substantially forgotten in the last 50 years. Most Ive ever seen is 93 knots over the deck, and I'm still here!
  5. Yep! Sounds like over charging. I've seen a couple of installs without any control in yachts that have come from offshore.. It's crazy. I re-iterate, there is, in IMO, no such thing as a drop in lithium! And batts without BMS at all should not be used anywhere.
  6. Also the point that the small boat fleet was warned by the larger boats of the conditions ahead, yet few, decided to withdraw. Seems none used tried and tested methods of storm management - heaving to, storm anchors, running with drogues etc etc...
  7. 4 stroke, right? They have very small jets, it's VERY likely a carb blockage. Take the jets out and clean them - they are very small in these motors, and will block with older fuel that has gelled a little.... Empty the fuel into your car, clean the fuel system, and fresh fuel, it will go fine....
  8. And 10 superyacht berths. I was just wondering if it has resource consent?
  9. These. Trip curve in link. https://www.bluesea.com/products/5190/MRBF_Terminal_Fuse_-_300A
  10. Thats on the start battery. On the house, as I have LifePo4, I have a class T fuse;
  11. https://www.bluesea.com/products/5191/MRBF_Terminal_Fuse_Block_-_30_to_300A with 300a
  12. My boat's battery banks are all fused, incl the starter circuit.
  13. Ok, just catching up with this thread again. As part of the "management" of this marina, I can think of only two vessels in 10 years that have been asked to leave. I've been on the GHMVRA committee for 9 years. The rules are pretty simple. This is a residential marina, and the berths are people's back yards. Be respectful of this, and don't cause unnecessary noise and disturbance to neighbors. Don't discharge any pollutants into the water. No more than 2 consecutive nights staying on board - if renting - there are NO toilet or shower facilities. No commercial vessels (to prevent fishing
  14. They all vary - not all houses have berths. Effectively there are 2 sets of fees - village assn (ALL properties are members) and the subsidiary BC's of which there are multiple. Our one is a group of 12 townhouses. Our total fees (incl the 15m berth) are about 10K - but that includes all exterior maintenance, rubbish collection, insurance etc etc. IMO its a great deal...
  15. good idea I reckon. GH turns away the offshore vessels quite a bit now - "Full" apparently. So I guess the prices have not (yet) caused an exodus...
  16. For some reason I don't follow, the value of the berths is not really added to the house values in the village, and we have even had lawyers tell prospective buyers not to buy here as the berths have annual fees! With that, though, I'd also say, you DONT own the berth, you just get a license to occupy while you own the property... But you have basically the same rights as if you did own it - you can rent it out etc, to all intents and purposes its yours...
  17. that is very cheap. however prices rising due to maint is an issue we all face - the GHMV marina have a sinking fund for this - we just did a half life survey and replaced another 50 piles - steel this time. The fees I quoted above reflect the actual costs of running this marina. Without a hardstand or toilet/shower facilities...
  18. Gulf Harbor Village marina - owned by village residents, run not for profit, currently my 15m berth is about $2700/pa - $225 per month. BUT you do have to buy a property here!
  19. A B&G WS320 wireless wind MHU with a NMEA2000 interface is $1009 + GST....
  20. Ok, that's a much better heading sensor than the usual ones on an AC12! So Yes, a NAC2 or three would be an improvement. However, I have had customers complain about them as well, and also H5000 pilots. All the pilots need to be setup correctly, usually by more than just autotune. With the AC12 and the NAC series, the low and high speed settings can be used to have normal and running settings, rather than low and high speed. S turns are often the result of too much rudder gain, but can be wrong counter rudder settings as well. There is a pretty good description of this and how to set
  21. This is from B&G. So if you want motion correction, has to be a Hercules or H5000...
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