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  1. In case you can't be on the water in reality, Sailonline is again offering all three SSANZ Triple Series races on its virtual #navsim platform. INTRO BLOG/INFO Sailonline remains free to play and we look forward to seeing some NZL flags bringing excellent competition to this 2021 SSANZ series!
  2. During the global pandemic it has been hard to find positives but one thing is sure, Sailonline's appeal as a realistic sailing navigation simulator has drawn more attention from and participation with the real world of sailing . Our new partners come from the world of ocean racing and our traditional partners continue to value the add-on to real events (often bringing the real fleet on-screen) that Sailonline offers. Free to play Sailonline remains the most accessible form of virtual sailing online. Check out our Q2 2021 Calendar and see what we are up to!
  3. Sailonline is delighted to announce that it will be partnering with Ocean Racing Club of Victoria, for the running of the Melbourne to Devonport “Rudder Cup” Race 2020 which starts in Melbourne, Australia, on Sunday, December 27 at 11:15AEDT (00:15UTC). The Rudder Cup is Australia's oldest ocean race and the 5th oldest organised ocean yacht race in the world, pre-dating the Fastnet by nearly 20 years and the Sydney to Hobart race by nearly 40 years. It was in 1907 when Thomas Fleming Day, editor of the American magazine "Rudder," first wrote to his friend, the Commodore of the Geelon
  4. 20 November 2020 PRESS RELEASE THE CAPE2RIO RACE 2023, SAILONLINE.ORG AND DESIGNER MARK MILLS COLLABORATE TO BRING YOU AN EXCITING ONLINE PLATFORM TO HONE YOUR NAVIGATION SKILLS BETWEEN CAPE TOWN & RIO DE JANEIRO Sign up commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first ever Cape2Rio race that took place in 1971 by racing online with us. The Cape to Rio race has a proud tradition of fast sailing around the dominant South Atlantic High Pressure System that guards the direct route between the city of Cape Town on the southern tip of Africa and the carnival city o
  5. Welcome to the PIC Coastal Classic Yacht Race 2020 - one of New Zealand’s iconic yacht races up the E coast of North Island, from Auckland to the harbour at Russell. Originally raced by speedboats in the 1920s, aiming at speed records, the yacht race, now a classic in it’s own right, was first conceived in the 1980s by a member of the Auckland Multihull Sailing Association who wanted to recapture the historic course. The event is, of course, now raced in classes – Multihull, Monohull and Cruising – and continues to have a wide range of prizes on offer, not just for division winners, but for
  6. It doesn’t seem like three years since Sailonline last joined with with SSANZ to provide a virtual version of the challenging Round North Island Race, but three years it is. All participants, real and virtual, relish the opportunity to take part in this four-leg event. In reality, those brave enough to take part, have the opportunity to pit their courage, their skills and their competitive natures in a race where they will face the swirl of the Tasman Sea winds and currents mixing with the Pacific coupled with the formidable task of navigating the Cook Strait, where these waters funnel bet
  7. Don't forget ... if you can't be on the water in reality, you can always race a virtual 60ft trimaran with Sailonline - still free to play with realistic/real-time winds from NOAA!! Full info on Sailonline's homepage or, if you prefer, right here on crew.org in the Sailonline Forum here: http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/17276-pic-coastal-classic-yacht-race-2019/
  8. Welcome to the PIC Coastal Classic Yacht Race 2019. Thirty-seven years ago a member of the Auckland Multihull Sailing Association had the idea of racing from the Devonport/Orakei area of Auckland's harbour up the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, to the harbour of Russell, in the tradition of the speedboats of the 1920s. Since then the race from Auckland to Russell has become known the world over as the Coastal Classic and these days is raced in classes with a wide range of prizes on offer - for division winners, for seamanship and even for the littlest boat finishing. Sailonline is
  9. Sailonline is delighted to be returning to Auckland, on New Zealand’s North Island. Feeling like a home-from-home, the waters of the Hauraki Gulf have, over the years, become more familiar to our virtual racers than our own home waters around the globe! For the eighth year in succession, Sailonline is looking forward to racing as the virtual partner of the Short-handed Sailing Association of New Zealand for the SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series 2019. Raced annually in the waters off Auckland, this three-race series remains the biggest two-handed sailing series in New Zealand. In 2014 Sailo
  10. Leg 1 of the Sailonline virtual version of #RNZ2019 is now open for pre-race practice - starting on 16 February at 0100utc, here's the info: Intro Blogpost Leg 1 description: Welcome to Leg 1 of the SSANZ Round New Zealand Race 2019. Leg 1, of four in total, takes us 160nm from Auckland to Mangonui. You don’t have long to get your Sunfast 3600 ready for this adventure! Race #1214 INFO from brainaid.de Sunfast 3600 Particulars WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230 RANKING: SYC - RNZ
  11. Clipper - this will be the first time we are RNZ-ing in the Sunfast as it is a fairly new polar in our fleet - first used in the buddied-in-reality Melbourne to Osaka race last year where one of our racers was racing his Sunfast in reality! BUT In addition to several North Island races, Sailonline also buddies with various real races around the world - ORCV and RQYS in Australia, RHKYC in Hong Kong, SDYC in California, Stamford YC in Connecticut USA, Silverrudder Challenge in Denmark and, not forgetting Sail Training International for tall ships racing - and our polars do pretty well. Of
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