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    Aratere That is a photoshop pic - The newspaper article at the time said it was an artist impression of the actual 50 deg. roll. The Aratere had to stear an unfavorable angle in the heavy southerly, to clear Cape Terawhiti on a course to the northern entrance to the sounds - There were no off board cameras near the roll area. With shifted cargo and still listing they had to keep heading north until almost Kapiti Island untill it was safe to turn and head back south.
  2. Has been for sale out of Lyman Morse Maine USA for a while now nice price - http://www.lymanmorse.com/boats/whizzbang-332 I had it on my North West passage hit list D ps - Nothing like a Spencer
  3. http://classicsailboats.org/norwegian-coast-guard/
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    crew needed:)

    Sounds great Shano What r ya paying thanks
  5. Out in front of the road bridge on the edge of the whitest of the white water in that shot, The finer river sediment gave the good holding. https://www.google.co.nz/maps/@-41.5693421,175.4007232,1967m/data=!3m1!1e3
  6. Ive found White Rock is a great place to be in a NW screamer, Really good holding but windy anchorage on the right hand side of the white rock. Spent a few nights there many a time after a hard NW reach down the coast. Never dragged even in 50 gusting 70 ish and 1 metre wind "Chop" coming off the beach. - Danforth 10 mtr chain and warp There was a 1 meter wind chop only cause we had to anchor a long way out so we wouldnt get dumped on the beach by the 3 mtr southerly swell that had picked up. The southerly did arrive next day which gave an nice sail to Wellington Good Fu
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    Tacking Skills

    Stuuupid friggin time waster 538m. NZL Saturday 02:22 UTC Thanks for coming -- Now wheres that sander
  8. another one of countless 1st time posters wanting a delivery or new boat queiry - who's been put in the sin bin recently
  9. You see Rehab. its not rocket science to do a coastal trip. You have been trying to make out you need to be super human with the ability to google search weather sites. Compulsory port calls for weather info, Laughable -
  10. suggest you round up all the other 1st time posters keen on looking for crew positions and wanting boats delivered. You should be able to put together quite a eager team d
  11. re - "Compulsory port call Wellington Napier for weather isobar map and 4 day weather forecasts before setting sail for northland." If you knew what you were talking about you would know basic weather info could be dialed up on a cell or the boats sat phone by alot of 5 year olds without wasting a day or so entering various ports. You should also know the skipper is in charge and will decide if it necessary to enter a port or not, not the owner or some shore based #### If you dont demand compulsory port calls, folk just may take you a little more seriously, but probably not, especia
  12. A 2:1 system Increases Load at the mast head - while the halyard is being pulled Once the halyard is cleated off, the load at the mast head reduces to the original load being lifted How about that D.
  13. Boo yes please explain your theory again If you put a set of scales under the mast and throw 1:1 - 2:1 - 20:1 or even 100:1 purchase on a halyard, the load (compression) on that set of scales cannot decrease. Youre saying that load (weight) read on those scales will get lighter the more purchase you put on the halyard ??? - Maybe the stays are there to hold the whole shootin match from liftimg off Tell me if Im wrong D. PS . San Fran was a blast, a pretty cool city
  14. Bad kitty . Ill meet you at the napa wine bar for sundays race. Ill pm you with contact details. Anyone else in sf.???
  15. Dont forget the Alinghi halyard lock issue from the '07 cup http://www.smh.com.au/news/sport/team-n ... e=fullpage
  16. Me crapping on about Spencer boats is probly wearing a bit thin by now. Anyway - Re "The most intense scariest on the edge in control sh*t Ive done in a sail boat" Having a guy go over the side and out of sight for 30 - 40 minutes was "The most intense scariest on the edge in control sh*t Ive done in a sail boat" The bastard (In a good way) busted the life lines and stanchion But thats another story D
  17. Dont under estimate those Spencer boats, They been zipping thru Cook Strait just like Infidel in those vids for 40 years now, 30 years and even 20 years ago, off the wind no other boats stood a chance. The most intense scariest on the edge in control sh*t Ive done in a sail boat - Spencer 45 full flight in Cook Strait - Blowing 45 - 50 kts Gusting plenty more.. Sweet .. (On the edge ?? You dont really know untill you cross that line) Downhill in big breeze with all the big gear up is pretty cool, Ok there's been a few broaches but never, not one chinese in 25 years Dry
  18. Dalt will be - All Focus on the job at hand , There is Never A Dead Cert with one race to go Focus Man Focus
  19. Nupp. It was deliberate. Announced it before doing it and got the MAG TO VIDEO IT.[
  20. Hi Tim A plan to stop in Napier sounds good, but not if you have a favourable forcast for the Wairarapa Coast and a Paliser rounding. Get down there and dont dick around Dont be afraid of Castle Point or White Rock , Ive sailed that coast maybe 30 or so times in both directions in various boats, In behind the light at Castle Point has been a savour when heading south into one of "Those" southerlies. It gets shallow with good holding, A multi with shallow draft should be fine in the bay entered from the Northern side of the light, The bay entered from the south of the light th
  21. WarLord

    mini 650

    Unicorn - I was just going to mention Stagg and the building of Whispers -- http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/the-hum-1974 - 3 parts to it
  22. Is the finish inside or outside the reef ?? - It can get light inside come night fall, Tacking a multi thru the gap in light air could be fun. Of course that counts for nothin if the finish is outside
  23. Those other 2 shots and these ones arent Nelson Race photos, Still in Cook Strait but heading in the other direction The last pic on the previous page is the setting of the spinnaker in these shots This years race was similar to the "99 race.. A bit softer in the harbour and more breezer down Tasman Bay this year, Cook Strait was pretty much the same. Living On The Edge, In Big Breeze
  24. Cook Strait at its Finest .. Get the kite up on this wave
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