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  1. Hi, I'm looking in the same price range. I've been targeting specific experience and now have over 5,000nm across 7 different Cat types, sizes etc. Although I'm confident I'm up for full time live aboard, I realise this is likely too bigger jump for my wife who now has a fair level of background experience. Grand children also make that commitment less practical. In short I'm looking for a 50/50 partner and would propose each partner have 3 months exclusive use during our Winter in the South Pacific and then the same over our Summer (annual haul out excluded). Note 50% share in the $200,
  2. Hi, I've chartered Catamarans twice in Vav'au and have been to Tonga 4 times in total. The time of the season you book can make a big difference to the cost and also crowding at the various anchorages. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, I also live in CHCH so if you want to meet to discuss your plans PM me and we can arrange to catch up.
  3. As there are relatively few cats available in NZ the exchange rate may make a big difference in what I can afford or not, rather than deferring I'd rather scale things down. Ideally I don't want to go below 45' but again there are significant savings in going even just a little smaller to say 42'. I'm trying to keep an open mind about everything as this will be a long learning process. I'm talking with a couple of owners re crewing positions, both are cats and quite different sizes, I'm sure I will learn a great deal off these guys.
  4. I've been working towards this goal for a couple of years with the aim of building experience and blue water miles. Target date still probably 5-6 years out as determined by release of investment funds. My preference is for a 45-50' cat so am working on gaining specific catamaran blue water miles. have done the charter thing already which was a great intro for my wife. It may take all of the next 5 or so years to get her truly onside with the idea of several years cruising in the Pacific. I would entertain shared ownership but would look to go at least to 50' if that was the case. All co
  5. I'm very interested to experience a blue water crossing on a 40' plus catamaran, I've had local experience in yachts up to 45' with one trans Tasman crossing and have chartered cats to 47' several times in Tonga, I have a relatively open schedule around the beginning of the next cruising season in the Islands.
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