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  1. From above link "the rescueME MOB1 is automatically triggered the moment the life jacket is inflated". Are the lifejackets auto inflating? Doesn't seem likely given the boats look to be so wet? From this equipment list "Lifejacket – Auto & Harness, complete with Spray Hood & Manual Adaptor Kit" So if he was unable to inflate the jacket, the AIS would never have been activated....? (And even if it did, wouldn't be much use given likely survival time without LJ inflated).
  2. hb1849


    Another issue is that fizzboaters who do 'attempt' to follow the rules often go around at 7-10kts instead of 5, making the largest wake possible.... Change reg to "5kts/No Wake" would maybe make it more obvious??
  3. The main thing I like about Deks Olje (& presumable other similar products) is that it doesn't matter if you leave it too long without maintenance. You can just put more on any time you feel like it -- or not: no risk of having to sand it all back. And application is very easy -- I use an old rag.
  4. Windward foil looks very useful for decapitating rival crew..... Wonder how they'll deal with that....
  5. Err -- except I believe TNZ still has Guillaume Verdier -- one could say he has some experience with foiling monos.
  6. Have we really seen anyone properly covering yet?? The American commentators rant on about how great the number of lead changes they're seeing is -- I'm not so sure it's a good sign! Seems like perhaps it just takes too much time to prep for a tack and/or the boats lose too much ground in doing so that they feel they have to just keep sailing their own race...?
  7. hb1849

    Crew experience

    Yes you would have thought they'd have at least some basic racing training/experience -- so at least they know what's going on!
  8. hb1849

    DIY autopilot

    The route I took with my arduino one, and I believe this is used on newer commercial ones too, is based on fusing data from a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer to give absolute direction/attitude. The Accelerometer and magnetometer are basically used to correct for gryroscope drift -- Integrating GPS heading would also improve absolute heading accuracy.
  9. hb1849

    DIY autopilot

    I used a linear actuator with a built in Pot for position sensing. Had a bit of trouble initially as it had a cheap Chinese knockoff Pot in it which was quite noisy. Luckily, being a typical knockoff, the Pot was identical in its external design to the genuine Vishay one, so was an easy swap out!
  10. hb1849

    DIY autopilot

    Yeah, and on top of R&D, parts costs for electronic devices, especially when they have moving mechanical components, all add up quite quickly even for high volume products. Marine electronics, especially high end stuff, is probably pretty low volume. Even things like fasteners, cables, assembly, packaging all add up more than you might think. Tooling up for manufacture is obviously another big front end cost that needs to be amortised. And the products sold need to fund all the management etc. that goes along with this. I doubt many big companies are doing anything more than providing a de
  11. We tow our Aquarius 22 with the same vehicle. Out performs many utes/SUVs on slippery ramps due to the very impressive traction control. Only minor issue is that you do have to drive to the temperature gauge on the hills. The cooling system can't keep up if you try to drive up every hill at 100km/h -- I'd say most high-ish powered cars would be similar. Other than that it pulls the great lump of a thing along quite happily in 3rd (or 4th down hill/wind). FYI -- The Aquarius doesn't use the centerboard for ballast at all -- ballast is a fixed lead stub keel. Nice feature as you don't need t
  12. Indeed -- plenty of "high end" stainless steels are magnetic. 17-4PH is a common example -- much stronger than 304/316, magnetic. Duplex grades are also magnetic.
  13. Not all SS is non-magnetic. Ferritic SS is magnetic. However, common 304 and 316 are austenitic, and not magnetic.
  14. Lots of good accounts here: http://dragdevicedb.com/
  15. 7kts boatspeed! Maybe enough to pump some electrons around finally??
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