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  1. i wonder if the nibbling on rudders is linked to how they chase down whales and sharks in the open ocean apparently they like shark livers and whale tongues, perhaps they chew up their propulsive fins to stop them in the water? not much to get their teeth on to on a yacht but the rudder training for the kids? “It’s a shark they are hunting,” he says. “They eat sharks.” He later adds: “They actually bite the tails off [of the great whites] from the back.” https://roaring.earth/killer-whales-attack-monster-great-white-shark/ https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16672
  2. some slippery action in a rainy race https://youtu.be/CZ8cm4evXHk?t=239
  3. no longer marine talk but to round it out https://www.1news.co.nz/2021/11/01/electric-powered-plane-makes-history-in-cook-strait-flight/
  4. built out of carbon and powered by electric motors run off hydrogen powered fuel cells, imagine something like this as a bus hopping round the bays of nz dropping people off to their batches etc take a lot of traffic off the roads and open up huge number of beautiful spots that are now too slow and hard to get to
  5. randy mamola did 1 of those right front of the camera in 1985
  6. you'd have to say it was completely impracticable but there was the brit who rode to singapore? on his fireblade
  7. the next ducati elefant? looks like it'll be good not quite as good looking as this but it'll have more suspension travel for wash-outs
  8. erice


  9. yesterday 3 of us took as much gravel as possible to get out for a play at journey's end, tapora and back along the kaipara hills road dodgy cross-winds at times but the rain stayed away a good hard 250km has done a lot to combat the locked-in syndrome and frustration at having to cancel a trip to murchison to see friends
  10. ooohhh like a guzzi re-styled as a 916duc
  11. barry's point road harley let me take their new pan america 1250 out for a day long test-ride recently all the tradition harley 'character' features like; low power, poor handling, bad brake etc. were absent making it an extremely competent sports-tourer that in the right hands would scare the crap out of many sportbike riders smaller than my GSs with an engine tuned more for power than torque they seem to be selling well and future models should get better as minor issues are addressed https://www.advpulse.com/adv-news/2021-harley-davidson-pan-america-specs-unveiled
  12. friends of mine eagerly await each year when a new year of classic bikes can get the $50 a year rego starts at 40 years i think, it makes owning multiple bikes much cheaper as a newish big bike costs >$500 for rego, most of that ACC levy..........motorcycling about the only? hobby that gets pinged like that by ACC....
  13. good spotting not many about terribly spindly forks amongst other questionable design decisions if you like the z1 kawasaki they started making the z900rs in 2018 note the big upside down forks and radial calipers https://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/kawasaki/live-2018-kawasaki-z900rs-long-term-review.html https://bikereview.com.au/review-2018-kawasaki-z900rs/ of course there's a market for 4 into 4 pipes, but they're not cheap mass produced stamped iron with thin chrome https://www.bike-urious.com/4-into-4-exhaust-2018-kawasaki-z900rs/
  14. some perspective honda 6 - 250cc guzzi v8 - 500cc morbidelli v8 - 850cc laverda v6 - 1000cc viper v10 - 8000cc note: no corners were harmed in the making of this video
  15. doesn't seem to have a centre-stand...
  16. have never really heard of firestone motorcycle tyres... seems they are niche re-maker of classic tyres for classic bikes ever feel the need for whitewall tyres on your bike, check them out https://www.cokertire.com/tires/styles/motorcycle-bike.html
  17. and the guzzi v8 the video says the only v8 motorcycle ever made maybe this was before the morbidelli v8 of the 90's they made at least 4 prototypes.... but maybe the less said about it the better $60,000 and you were supposed to ship it back to the factory for servicing.....didn't get enough orders to start production
  18. yes laverda are still big in combine harvesters and lamborgini still make tractors funnily enough it took a 4WD SUV until lamborgini found a car that people really started to buy in only a few years the urus has become their #1 all time seller might have something to do with the state of roads in china?
  19. the odd sound of an early 180 degree crank laverda jota triple have got an RGS corsa in the shed overseas, a black version of the red RGS in the back ground, but they have the later, smoother 120 crank the reason for the 180 crank was they got lazy when they first stuck another cyl on the twin and didn't bother changing the crank pressing with the result that 2 cyl fire then 1 and the whole thing shakes a bundle.....then they did the right thing and made the 120 crank....but it lost the distinctive sound....so now the 180 crank jota is the 1 collectors want https
  20. lots of angry bees there! my beemer sounds more like an angry woodpecker
  21. perhaps it was this.................no wrong dates Sunbeam V12 Special The 1917 12 litre, 48-valve, Sunbeam Maori V12 aircraft engine produces 270hp at 2100 rpm. Created in the spirit of Sunbeam's record-breaking post-WW1 cars in 1998 by Wallace McNair of Hamilton, New Zealand, using Sunbeam vintage components. Currently on display at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre in Marlborough. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sidm/3295986425 another here https://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/customs-classics/9666507/Old-land-speed-record-breaker-is-fired-up
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