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  1. afaik the sats are monitored all over the world the hex id is the easiest thing to receive and the 'emergency' is picked up by high-level sats. then passed on to the country of origin as determined by the country specific id (so for a product with an oz number it goes to the oz emergency centre, they then look up their registration record and try to call the registered telephone number to check if it's a false trigger) hopefully by the time this initial warning has been passed on a modern epirb/plb has managed to determine an accurate lat/long, (this can take 30min? to det
  2. afaik there are 3 differences design differences that differentiate between plb + epirb 1. epirb must float antenna up..........so is 2x? as large as plb to contain sufficient air volume....my gme mt410 is still pocket-able which is great as it can be carried in a lifejacket pocket or any jacket pocket when taken on land beyond phone coverage 2. epirb must have 48hrs battery life on continuous transmit, plb 24hrs 3. epirb must have strobe https://www.gme.net.au/us/news/epirb-vs-plb/
  3. erice

    Etnz boat 2

    yes it's a dead sexy boat and the very low foiling height must help aerodynamics and probably ground-effect as alinghi used to do they seem to have been able to launch last with a mk2.5 boat containing enough subtle improvements for that all important 1sec lead 1st mark and as always it seems quite possible there are even bigger improvements in the soft-wing sail and its control
  4. because they charge more to replace the battery pack, seals and test in nz than it costs to buy a new epirb i think a friend paid $550? to get his old batteries replaced and i don't think the epirb even has a gps chip, he was annoyed when he went to pick it up and they sort of said they shouldn't have done the work without telling him it would cost more than buying a new and better(gps) unit some people do a diy battery replacement but you wouldn't bother if it wasn't a gps epirb http://battery.com.sg/our-products/3990-gme-mt401-mt403-epirb-battery.html https://www.marine
  5. looks like a hungry new one in taranaki https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/300165374/uncommon-leopard-seal-sightings-on-taranaki-coast
  6. porthleven in cornwall a nearby port...full of cornish crabbers
  7. erice

    Coastal 2020

    for those not on social media have re-posted some pics in an album here 2 of the start, taken from north head and a few of the finish, taken from tarpeka head
  8. erice

    j carrera.JPG

    Saturday 10.34am Carrera coming in
  9. erice


    Saturday 10.14am
  10. erice


    Saturday 10.11am....the morning fishing fleet were already out at their favorite spot
  11. erice


    Saturday 10.13am
  12. erice

    x mayhem.JPG

    Saturday 12.13pm Mayhem going home under BIG bimini
  13. erice

    m missscarlet.JPG

    Saturday 11.38am Miss Scarlet
  14. erice

    w epsom.JPG

    Saturday Noon, Epsom Salts motoring in.....none of the 8.5mtr class sailed across the finish line....2 of the 10mtr cats did, Crazy Train for Div 7 win on line and handicap, and Exodus for 2nd and smallest boat to finish on time.
  15. erice

    d frank.JPG

    Saturday 10.12am, Frank being towed home on the foils as clockwork sails in
  16. erice

    c is.JPG

    Saturday 10.11am....the wind seemed to strengthen closer to Tarpeka and tracker showed the big boats gybing home under gennakers at about 5kn
  17. erice

    a start.JPG

    Friday 10.07am....just after the big boat start....the UK america's cup boat being towed out in the background
  18. erice

    b start.JPG

    Friday 10.25am
  19. erice

    f anarchy.JPG

    Saturday 10.17am
  20. erice

    v timberwolf.JPG

    Saturday 11.56am, Timberwolf motoring in
  21. erice

    e anarchy2.JPG

    Saturday 10.16am......Anarchy motoring
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