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  1. Officials said the density of waters off the coast of Bali and in the nearby Lombok Strait likely triggered a "massive moment" of force, with enough downward momentum to suck the submarine downwards within moments, according to Nikkei Asia. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/internal-wave-frightening-thing-that-sunk-indonesian-submarine/C4JILCXH57M7YIDM23PVREZJYI/
  2. looks like it lost its rudder then continued on with just the wind
  3. erice

    Freezer Knob

    to fix busted microwave knobs i buy from jaycar with a solid brass insert and a grub screw if the white mark isn't in the right place, and it rarely is a bit of black and white paint makes them good
  4. launched from bluff 2 years ago, rode the furious 50s to cape horn, hit an iceberg and knocked out coms carried on to run up on an beach near melbourne https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/mysterious-ghost-boat-washes-up-in-australia-two-years-after-leaving-nz/HLAVPBILBUYBLPLQMUD3FZASCM/ https://www.saildrone.com/
  5. they mean epirbs got epirbs broadcasting your lat/long to satellites and you can have a helicopter overhead in as little as 20min at least according to some motorbike guys who broke a leg in a remote south island valley
  6. Choppy seas and a collision with a shark didn’t stop Brian Walters and Justin Grobler completing the first-ever kite-foil double-crossing of Cook Strait at the weekend. The duo set out from Makara Beach on Saturday morning in a light northerly and finished the 68 kilometre return trip in 2 hours and 58 mins, averaging almost 23.2 kmh. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/300264906/cook-strait-tamed-by-foiling-kite-surfers
  7. French sailing identity Bruno Troublé has dimissed the proposed America's Cup defence at the Isle of Wight as "a bit of a joke", instead tipping another Auckland regatta as early as next year.
  8. However Hutchinson is sceptical about the viability of such a regatta, saying it would be "fraught with logistical challenges". "You are talking about a boat that is 80,000 man hours to build," Hutchinson said. "Both teams have to go back to England and set up the infrastructure they have to build the boats, they have to sea-trial the boats and go through all that. We know that if its 18 months from today you have three more months of fluff because there is still negotiations going on between Team NZ and the Government here, nothing is set in stone and the only thing that is happening is
  9. Light winds on the Waitematā Harbour throughout the America's Cup match earlier this month caused multiple delays and race abandonment's as teams struggled to stay on their foils. "We have already made good progress. We are committed now to continuing in this exciting AC75 class, and as a sailor I'm pleased about that," Ainslie wrote. "I think these boats are extraordinary; the scale of them, the speeds they are capable of generating. If there is a weak spot it is probably the light air performance. But that's something we can work on. "Whether we end up taking weight out of the boat
  10. "the decision that the AC75 foiling monohulls will be used for the next two cycles of the Cup is unusual. Normal practice is to look ahead one cycle only. It suggests they are thinking of relatively quickfire regattas – one in the UK, followed by a more conventional regatta in Auckland in 2024 (if they win in the UK). Money is key. Team NZ don't have any left, normal at the end of a Cup cycle. They need funds quickly to prevent key team members being poached by other syndicates and, in a Covid-affected world, sponsorship is harder to find even for skilled fundraiser Grant Dalton. So
  11. an interesting idea i image etnz's team nz's designer, DanB(ernasconi) hasn't left his successful design team sit idle they presumably already have next-gen foils an systems they want to built and test on this boat for the improved hull they would make for the next cycle...........probably they are furiously working on a prada-style 'high mode' below-deck system for the mainsail meanwhile ineos would still be trying to get to where team nz are now...
  12. The groups will now work together to sort through the finer details of how the defence will look, with a location expected to be decided upon within the next six months, and the protocol for the 37th America's Cup schedule to be revealed within the next eight months. Some rules have already been established. The event will again be sailed on the AC75 class, with teams only allowed to build one new vessel. The class will be used for the next two America's Cup regattas, and it is a condition of entry for teams to agree to this. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-pl
  13. Speaking to NZME, commodore of the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) Aaron Young confirmed that strict new nationality rules would require 100 per cent of crews to be citizens or have spent two of the previous three years in the country they represent. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-royal-yacht-squadron-uk-confirmed-as-next-challenger-of-record-strict-nationality-rules-introduced/M3ZMLLMKZMKHKMYWKHE3B5DMD4/ Young also confirmed that the next regatta would be sailed in the AC75s foiling monohulls - used for the first time in Auckland. "The defender and
  14. that would be another good pointer to retaining this class after all we never got to see them race in >15knots in their final forms and if the boats were already in the uk, they could squeeze in italy too and why not the usa which i think was the original plan for last year
  15. apparently there will be 3 months discussion before final decisions made i think there was supposed to be a race in the uk in 2020? but it got covid cancelled certainly would be interesting to announce a hype DOG in the uk next year as a preclude to a 2024 race in auckland with the same class boats, you could even give the 'deed of gift race' some kind of point for the 2024? race and would help keep the current teams and some of the shore crew together and involved apparently emirates may bail from their etnz sponsorship due to the poor state of airlines everywhere
  16. To move the 37th America's Cup regatta to another location would be a difficult thing to stomach for New Zealand, and especially the Kiwi sailing community who are so proud to have our team win the Cup and host it here in the City of Sails. We must avoid another Alinghi fiasco, but at what cost? Perhaps the answer is to partner with Ineos Team UK backer Sir Jim Ratcliffe (as is rumoured to be the case) to have the British team become the Challenger of Record for the 37th America's Cup. With a sizeable (think of a number and then put a lot of zeros after it) investment from Ratcl
  17. central gov promises cash conditional on staying here The Government has committed funding towards the next America's Cup defence after Team New Zealand's emphatic win against Luna Rossa. Future funding will be, however, on the condition that the next defence will be held in New Zealand. NZME understands that Team New Zealand's chief executive Grant Dalton and Ineos Team UK owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe have two options on the table for the next Cup defence. One is in New Zealand in 2024, but the other which has been discussed is a one-off defence against Ineos Team UK exclu
  18. the pre-start manoeuvres have begun business want it to stay https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/americas-cup-venue-question-business-leaders-call-for-team-new-zealand-to-stay-put/6YZQWVDE5FAVHLWBEK7PDHV6X4/
  19. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/124570072/americas-cup-dean-barker-blasts-team-new-zealand-for-looking-to-take-cup-to-uk A partnership with Team UK would bring their billionaire backer, INEOS boss Sir Jim Ratcliffe into play, and a radical concept could be part of any deal, according to NewstalkZB. The waterfront talk is of a special challenge, as early as next year with Team New Zealand taking the Auld Mug to Britain to defend it in an around the Isle of Wight race to replicate the first America’s Cup battle in 1851 that sent sport’s oldest trophy off to the United States
  20. Hope the racing starts on time, the viaduct is crazy with people and more keep squeezing in, falling over the people already here
  21. A - course today due they say to more light wind predicted and the ability to clock the course in any direction interesting this talk of a 1-off AC in cowes next year paid for by ratcliffe of ineos 1 race and if etnz lose it the cup is gone?
  22. ngapipi is a road coming down hobson bay into orakei
  23. Sitting in vorpal blade just below north head, looking forward to the racing........next boat is the mumm champers tender...
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