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  1. The term 'Apprenticeship" seems to have fallen out of fashion. But whatever they want to call it they should be following the practice. It's only common sense (another lost concept). And in reality many other industries are still operating this hierarchical (oops - another dirty word) model to train newcomers and avoid screw-ups. Even if they don't call it an apprenticeship. And I'm grateful such a model exists. It makes me feel better when I talk to people about something important e.g. a doctor or a lawyer or a car mechanic.
  2. Yes. Up to a point. Many of the gripes I’ve had with shabby service would not actually cost anything to fix. These are real examples that would not cost a small business anything extra to improve but make the difference between me being happy or unhappy with the service: 1. Contractors not turning up on time with no courtesy call to explain why they’ve wasted 2hrs of my time to travel to/from my boat. But they have no problem charging me for their travel time FFS. 2. Contractors going to my boat in my absence (usually after they started a job when I was there but have to come back to
  3. The marine services industry is another NZ paradox to me. Over 20yrs of small boat (35-50ft) ownership in NZ I've experienced catastrophically bad service experience so many times that the number of providers I trust to work on my boat can be counted easily on one hand. Even if you've had a few fingers amputated. And I'm not alone judging from trusted friends' own experiences plus the marina banter about lawsuits from disgruntled owners who have run out of patience. But at the other end of town the NZ superyacht industry allegedly enjoys a worldwide reputation for great service. I use the
  4. Fogg

    30m x 10mm chain

    Listing on TM later. It’s DIN766 btw. $240 for 30m ie $8 per metre vs ~$20 typical new price.
  5. Listing on TM later today… Achilles large volume dinghy. Fibreglass floor, big diameter hypalon tubes (450mm) making a very stable platform for size. 2.8m overall length x 1.65m outside beam (750mm inside beam). 450mm dia tubes. Includes oars, 3x strong stainless lifting eyes suitable for davits and heavy duty sun cover (blue chaps) which increase comfort and dry quickly after rain shower. Had a fast puncture which I had fixed professionally couple of days ago but still has a slow puncture which I’ve just noticed around port rowlock - would be an easy fix for someone.
  6. Going on TM this eve but giving Crewers first option… 2015 model. Runs fine. Recent full service by Gulfland outboard servicing on Whangaparaoa. Spent first few years in tropics hence sun fade but underneath cover Gulfland tell me it’s in very good condition and looks lightly used. Came with boat I bought so surplus to requirements. $1,250.
  7. Av. ~7kts? BP’s form is less ‘box’ and more ‘pencil’
  8. I have no sympathy with the argument about how much Dalton might be earning. Good for him if he can engineer to secure such riches (legally). And I have no interest in the argument “more than he can ever spend” because people earning those big incomes are rarely interested in just themselves but instead setting up their family for several generations. But I do acknowledge you’ve made a good point about the image of the overall AC and NZ’s role in showing the world there can be another way beyond the traditional northern hemisphere budget arms race.
  9. Mmmm, ok that specific argument is one I haven’t heard put like that before (or at least I haven’t taken it onboard). And it’s probably the most compelling case I’ve heard so far…. let me have a noodle on that….
  10. How else would you describe it then? And what’s the obsession / resentment with successful sailors earning ‘generational wealth’ (as I’d describe it)? It happens in pretty much every other professional global sport. I’m curious why sailors are being singled out as ‘bad guys’?
  11. Because earning a healthy living is immoral or a crime, right? TNZ is a professional (commercial) sport team with absolutely no legal obligation to the NZ public. Option B would be a scaled down campaign which the ambitious leaders & sailors of TNZ obviously have little interest in.
  12. RNZYS. They nominate someone to defend it on their behalf - up until now TNZ. So yes in theory another syndicate could make a pitch to RNZYS to defend it for them instead in Auckland using the Govt’s $99m (if still available to a new unproven syndicate). I’d imagine that would be a very short meeting.
  13. They could. But they don’t want to. They obviously have a concept in mind which needs more. And they aspire to achieve that. Which is nothing new it reflects their approach for years now.
  14. Because they started by trying to raise it in NZ - which is too small to fund a global event that has outgrown our economy. The $99m that NZ Govt could afford is a rounding error in global terms (remember the $3Bn Valencia investment)? We just need to let it go (offshore)…
  15. 1. What he said. Waste of money. Misses the point. Might as well not do it at all. 2. Not true. Global economy going gangbusters (6% this year, 4-5% next)
  16. I agree. I think the Herald piece is wrong. Snd I would very much hope that is not how the treasury is run. Projects like the cycle bridge should compete against other capital infrastructure projects not sailing. And any potential spend on TNZ’s hosting fee should compete with other sports and/or economic development initiatives - not a bridge.
  17. Talking of which… https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/fran-osullivan-jacinda-ardern-should-back-team-new-zealand-dump-the-bike-bridge/TKQUA4DYDZFPWDV2E2LEEKBAJU/
  18. You might be right. In some places it says the offer expires, in other places that the exclusive negotiating period between TNZ and NZ Govt expires. Either way, I expect TNZ will get a higher offer from elsewhere - which they may or may not go with. And if they did ever come back to NZ Govt and ask about the original $99m I'm sure the NZ Govt would happily give it to them to keep the cup in Auckland. Unless they had already spent the money on a cycle bridge.....
  19. You can be sure that when they declined the $99m they did so knowing they could do better elsewhere - it wouldn’t be a blind decision. But if they can’t get enough extra funding overseas then they might be forced to rethink and stay at home with a scaled-down plan after all. But that’s probably Plan C or D right now.
  20. Ok that’s a different operating principle. That’s saying that defending it at home trumps all other factors and everything else must be made to fit around that. And that would be a totally legitimate approach if TNZ decided to work to that principle. Or if the NZ Govt had said last time “If you win AC36 then you must defend AC37 it in NZ.” But it sounds like ‘bigger budget’ is a higher principle than ‘location’ hence the situation we have.
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