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  1. These foiling beasts sure are a spectacle but i'd far prefer to see racing like Fremantle again ...
  2. Any news Doc? we can't leave eight pages of mystery...
  3. Quite neat how business/service used to be... I'm not sure if its still the same but in the early 80's i went into E Hayes in invercargill with a shopping list as far fetched as you could imagine, and part way through it we got to the 35 thou annealed copper sheet to which the shopkeeper frowned and said follow me and below ground level was an aladdins cave of hardware and amongst it was every different thickness of annealed copper you could ever need.
  4. I see a third crew member has been found and alive - hopefully more to come but ... I see these big ships sink fairly often ( every week ?) https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2019/26281/ships-losses-2018-how-many-ships-were-lost/#:~:text=The report revealed that the,) - global
  5. Grim news from the survivor - engine failure followed by capsizing ... https://in.reuters.com/article/us-japan-newzealand-ship-idINKBN25T3EH?fbclid=IwAR1F9C3c7HUq_E8bo5SpG0NRA7uC-_iIAGWzNwM0lPoECcHuuo6RghsL2xY
  6. The clank happens 15 times in a whisker over 13 seconds - i did some calculations based on idle speed of 800rpm . that gave a clank near to exactly every 12 turns of the crank. we need to know what that engines idle speed is set at to be sure . Doc? . heres a good question though ... what would make an engine try to twist on its mounts the same direction as its rotation and also make a clank sound? we need to have a barbeque in Brittany to find out...
  7. There are ways the engine could cause this problem - and i certainly don't know many of them but one possibility is the case hardening on one of the camshaft's injector lobes failing and contaminating the roller and pin that actuate the actual injector - causing it to "run over a lump" (firing its cylinder early ) which would happen at a rate according to their relative diameters . Certainly left field but occasionally even an airliner falls out of the sky with some obscure left field fault.
  8. The sail drive is 2.3 : 1 or thereabouts so that becomes less likely. a warm engine will react to (ignite) a stray amount of fuel much more readily than a cold engine. Pity you aren't in NZ we could have a Crew barbeque with a sweepstake while we sort it...
  9. the engine jumps clockwise with each clank - the inertia of the crank is clockwise, if something like the injector was faulty and fired a cylinder way too early then it would exactly do exactly as we are seeing and hearing. I have seen the same thing on a petrol engine when the electronic ignition unit was being overwhelmed by a failing voltage regulator. I could easily be wrong and i've never had a volvo injector apart but it is a possibilty...
  10. Hmmm it's very regular... and by the way the engine shudders on its mounts its not pretty. i suspect there may be issues with the injector pump. let us know what the tech finds - good luck!
  11. jim s

    She's Back...

    The main thing is to have plenty of memory on your Go Pro...
  12. So i've done a couple of sketches and they show in a 1:1 setup with 50 kg (technically should be called 500 newtons) of force holding the sail in position there is 50 kg of "pull" in the halyard going from the sail going up to the sheave and of course the same 50kg pulling down inside the mast - so the sheave is compressing the mast by 100 kg. With a 2:1 set up there is only 25kg of load on the halyard so 25 kg where it terminates above the sheave plus the 25kg going from the sail up to the sheave as well as the 25kg coming down inside the mast giving a total of 75kg now... I'm pretty su
  13. some years back doing industrial maintenance work i noticed the surface finish of the target seemed to affect the reading, and possibly the aiming angle but square on to a uniform machined surface gave consistent and believable results.
  14. Ideally if the shaft and prop bore could be measured then a good plan might be formed, or is the looseness only on the key? . Regardless the grubscrews if they must be kept on should seat in shallow dimples and be loctited (262 or 263)
  15. as a self employed contractor you need to be payed around 30 to 35% more than a wage earner to end up the same at the end of the year (holidays,the odd sick day stats acc levies cost of accountancy etc). There will be a bit of a variation if the wage earner is regularly on penal rates.I have a spreadsheet that shows the costs and comparisons of being self employed (albeit 10 years old) that i can pm to you if you like wheels.There is a lot of bigger picture stuff involved too like whether you are looking at a short or long term prospect and even how much it would cost to get to work, and if yo
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