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  1. Any news Doc? This saga is surely solved one way or another?
  2. Quite a few have done this (its on my list too...) a bit of organising with the barge across manapouri and then over the pass . by all accounts Feb/ early March is the time most likely to give moderately settled weather. "Sailing Taranto" on youtube gives a bit of info on the area, and encouragement to go as well. The boaties guide to fiordland i understand will give a mine of info. I'd be keen to hear first hand from people that have done this trip as well
  3. The bracket is mounted quite low on the transom so you may get by with another short shaft if good one was found at the right price. our 20' has a yamaha 8 thats been to the moon and it's still easy starting and reliable, plus the two strokes are a fair bit lighter than the four strokes...
  4. I see a bit of work cutting the bend sections to match the required shape , a little bit of lathe work and welding plus material cost. Quality work done quickly - if he charged much less he could well go out of business .
  5. It's impressive that after 47 years or so the working parts are likely still good and it's only corrosion that's getting the better of it...I use a small Foundry for one-offs at reasonable prices in my engineering work . A possibility is to replace the casing half (or halves) and save on doing any other mods/retrofitting. Perhaps send me a pm if that interests you.
  6. Any chance of some photos of the problem pieces? Where are you located? It may be perfectly viable to restore.
  7. Our off the grid diesel generator at 1500rpm uses around 0.9 litres/hr unloaded and about an extra 0.3 l/hr for every KW we draw of it - i'd expect a similar thing to happen to your consumption .no free lunches sadly applies to the humble volvo or in our case an LD20 also.
  8. These foiling beasts sure are a spectacle but i'd far prefer to see racing like Fremantle again ...
  9. Any news Doc? we can't leave eight pages of mystery...
  10. Quite neat how business/service used to be... I'm not sure if its still the same but in the early 80's i went into E Hayes in invercargill with a shopping list as far fetched as you could imagine, and part way through it we got to the 35 thou annealed copper sheet to which the shopkeeper frowned and said follow me and below ground level was an aladdins cave of hardware and amongst it was every different thickness of annealed copper you could ever need.
  11. I see a third crew member has been found and alive - hopefully more to come but ... I see these big ships sink fairly often ( every week ?) https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2019/26281/ships-losses-2018-how-many-ships-were-lost/#:~:text=The report revealed that the,) - global
  12. Grim news from the survivor - engine failure followed by capsizing ... https://in.reuters.com/article/us-japan-newzealand-ship-idINKBN25T3EH?fbclid=IwAR1F9C3c7HUq_E8bo5SpG0NRA7uC-_iIAGWzNwM0lPoECcHuuo6RghsL2xY
  13. The clank happens 15 times in a whisker over 13 seconds - i did some calculations based on idle speed of 800rpm . that gave a clank near to exactly every 12 turns of the crank. we need to know what that engines idle speed is set at to be sure . Doc? . heres a good question though ... what would make an engine try to twist on its mounts the same direction as its rotation and also make a clank sound? we need to have a barbeque in Brittany to find out...
  14. There are ways the engine could cause this problem - and i certainly don't know many of them but one possibility is the case hardening on one of the camshaft's injector lobes failing and contaminating the roller and pin that actuate the actual injector - causing it to "run over a lump" (firing its cylinder early ) which would happen at a rate according to their relative diameters . Certainly left field but occasionally even an airliner falls out of the sky with some obscure left field fault.
  15. The sail drive is 2.3 : 1 or thereabouts so that becomes less likely. a warm engine will react to (ignite) a stray amount of fuel much more readily than a cold engine. Pity you aren't in NZ we could have a Crew barbeque with a sweepstake while we sort it...
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