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  1. mount yacht club doing a white island race starting 8am on saturday 16th. hopefully we should get to white and see some of you guys wind depending .
  2. i hear ya island time.i think the bright orange front sail will be out for the beat back from black rocks to durvilles(the boats beautifully balanced with main and storm jib in 35-40).i got the sail built 4 years ago and its got really nice shape to it. we too have not got a small genaker but on list for next year will be a top down furler for genakers to make dropping easier. this year our aim was to see what is needed on boat for 2 handed racing and then spend the next 12months scrimping and saving to hopefully be stronger next year.
  3. we just had our renewal come through last night and we havent had any price increase. Vero is our insurer through abbott brokers
  4. agree 1000%. the people both on the frontline and the countless hours behind the scenes that the volunteers do is what makes these events happen so we can go out and have an enjoyable days yachting. without these people these things dont happen.. the cheer and reception we got from the people on the finish boat on saturday is the most memorable thing we got from the race. my wife said to me lets do this series until we win it. its the people that make the event and you guys who run it have made it so enjoyable that people just want to keep coming back.
  5. thank you. 2 years of hard work but we're glad we did it. plumbed bow and new internal structure have also made her quicker. we just gotta learn how to harness it.
  6. also found out tracker on phone doesnt work from cabin.will have to have in pocket next time.
  7. race report from formula one. as our first foray into 2 handed racing in this boat we had an awesome day. we started conservatively with the fractional zero which was the wrong call lol but our whole aim of the day was to get the boat and ourselves around relatively unscathed and learn what systems we need to improve. as the breeze built goin across to navy bouy we started to make a few gains on the rest of the pack. ( we were last).. at navy our first lesson learnt- start manouver earlier as our zero furler had issues.10 min later we head for an awesome 2 sail across the gulf. my poor wife ha
  8. 40 boats on first start.that'll be intense
  9. thank you. me and the wife are really looking forward to series. will be interesting for the first few genaker hoists and drops as we've had no practice at it lol.this is our first outing on this boat 2 handed racing. plenty of cruising though.first race will hopefully give us an indication of what systems we need to change as we would love to do round north island in the future.
  10. thank you . was about a mile off and looking into sun lol. us out of towners will get to know habour after this series.
  11. we bought boat up from tga over the weekend. one thing i cant find is Navy bouy. where is it and what does it look like. as we went past tiri on saturday was looking through tiri channel but couldnt see anything . thank u
  12. whats the depth in islington. were out of towners and not familiar. we have 3.23m draft.
  13. i think maybe xmas time may be a bit hard on people with families and hard for boats to get crew. thoughts? another weekend could be queens birthday also. next year is also tauranga clubs 100year anniversary
  14. never thought bout boxing day or even the 27th. then we could do some short races each day say 20milers down here on the 29th and 30th 31st so those who wanted to get family down here for new years and have a holiday.
  15. Hi Guys and Girls. Tauranga yacht club had keeler committee meeting on Tuesday. subject that came up was akl-tga race. there were a number of tga boats keen to carry on race but we would like feedback from other parts of country. as we all know numbers have dropped lots from heyday but we want to keep it going and build it back up. We are basically starting from scratch with the race. can we please have some feedback from you guys. what time of year. dates have been suggested as: back to Easter. Waitangi weekend, or a date late November(wouldn't be a long weekend) thank you
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