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  1. What's the deal with Te Ruaparaha anyone have any info?
  2. Has anybody got any details on Te Rauparaha? saw it up at Russel with no rig looking a bit run down.
  3. On tilt


    Bare feet...no way. Any skate shoes are good I wear a pair of vans, they are designed to grip skate board decks
  4. Anyone have a life raft they'd like to hire out on the weekend of the 8th of August. Let us know, cheers Andy
  5. As post says, looking to hire/rent a liferaft (valise) for the ssanz 100 race. Cheers Andy
  6. I'm thinking, if you've had a long race ssanz100 CC or the likes and you've had a long day/night I think I'd rather be looking at the red warmer light than the blue which is cool, but sort of looks like a fridge, when your wet and it's cold might not be so good
  7. Mean looking machine! Look forward to the first 'sending it' vid!!
  8. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/auction-880758268.htm
  9. Yeah I've just been down, you can see where the cleat has ripped out of the foredeck...not good viewing if your own boat is out there rockin an rollin.
  10. Anyone know the course as yet, trying to figure out a good vantage point..
  11. If Dalton goes so does ETNZ! Did Deaker in all his wisdom have a replacement in mind for Dalton or was it just axe him and find someone else, those are some pretty big boots to fill. ETNZ is unique in the way we don't have open budgets like the other teams, if "Dalton must go" we may as well kiss it goodbye. As for Barker he's an amazing sailor, a pro sailor..in a pro sport. If you don't perform another pro sailor will take your spot.......that's why it's called professional sport
  12. It's not an 830, but Space Station is up for grabs
  13. Hi T, We race on Wednesday nights ( first race on jan 21st )out of westpark Marina. I know it's not cruising but its a very relaxed club and my boat is very laxed too. Let me know if your keen and I'll send you more info. Cheers Andy
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