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  1. O_Smiladon

    cup talk

    I guess now this is out in the public domain. We will hear more as time goes on. Lets hope it will stay ! Steve
  2. Copy that... Cheers guys Steve
  3. Why not put grease on the gears ?? I would have thought load the sucker up with grease. Oil would just run out and all over the place. Thanks Guys Steve
  4. Cheers mate, What are the pawls ?? Sorry first time into a winch
  5. Hi guys, just Refurbished and repaired these winches. Now that I have everything backed to what it should be I have to put them all back together what sort of grease do you guys use to pack it all with is it something special or is it just normal grease grease
  6. O_Smiladon


    Legend Mate cheers
  7. O_Smiladon


    Hi Guys, Just thought I would give you all an update on my Rudder. Well Soulmates been out of the water for little bit now. this is what the rudder project is starting to evolve to. Boat project ticking away nicely as well. Only thing my template is 2.7 M long and my ply is 2.4 M.. You can get 3 M ply aye ? This is only a temp fix. I will also be going down the line of original inboard rudder. But I will be using this one till the time comes to go back to O.E Cheers guys
  8. Hey mate if you get sorted.. I could be interested in your Tiller handle.
  9. Hi Guys I don't mind so much if it goes somewhere else ( Maybe change my mind depending on time zone lol) but I would be bummed out if the 38th AC does not come back to home waters. (But yes we have to keep it first) Steve
  10. Hi Guys, Thanks for those who have come over to join the FB page. I hear you all about the devil that is FB but as some has mentioned its just a place where you can ask a question on the fly and hopefully get an answer pretty quickly. Spent sometime on Soulmate this weekend before the weather turned to crap. Had my boy sanding the hull back and i was opening up some osmosis blisters. Thank god not many. then took out the old head .. wow that was fun !!! Cheers guys Steve
  11. Hi guys, I have sent the admins of this site a message to see if i could post this. This was a few days ago and they have not come back to me so i will take that as all good. Right I have started a Facebook group called "Sailboat Reno s New Zealand" I did this so people like me that have a project boat can come and swap / chat / bounce ideas of each other. It will give the user a easy way to access info on there phone rather having to sit down on a PC/Laptop and look for info. This is not to take away from this awesome website as i believe both can work side by side. So c
  12. O_Smiladon


    HI Guys, @Fish Mate thanks so much for your advise. I really do appreciate it. And to all you guys you are amazing with your advise. I am going to take the transom hung rudder off and take it home strip the paint of it and see what i have to work with. I am going to look at it this way., I am still learning my boat I am still learning to become a not so bad sailor. Bearing that in mind I am not out there to brake speed records (well not yet anyway haha) so with the rudder I have and will improve, will be my training rudder. just to take it easy slowly cruise around the gulf. During
  13. O_Smiladon


    Hahaha Absolutely.. Fast cars and Whoring sound OK not sure on the Meth addiction lol might make that alcohol.
  14. O_Smiladon


    Hi Guys, Well suggested mod is out !! thanks guys. @BOIGuy I have not had a sail in her as yet. As I have been busty with life and having to fix some things on her before i could even move off the swing mooring that she was attached to Now that she is on the hard doing her up for summer and having a sail. But when i was motoring over to the haul out. I did note the the tiller had a big vibration. This might have been prop wash going past the rudder ??? but looking at the rudder the prop is not up and close like some rudders that are very close to the prop. So the vibration/Shudd
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