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  1. Hi Maarten, I'll put the word out and see if any slots are available. cheers
  2. Entries extended ti 21st March - So come on folks sign up now.
  3. Entries have been extended till Monday 21st- We are hoping for more entries- Great prizes and free berths.
  4. Boo Boo I have an X5 surplus to requirements - if you still need?
  5. Come on Folks - get your entry in today. Chance at redemption following the Northern Triangle.
  6. Get your entries in today! Still plenty of free berth spaces available.
  7. Shimmer is well suited to the RNI. "To finish first - first you have to finish." In 2011 36 boats started but only about half finished. It can be a tough race for sure.
  8. Yeah - the maths look good at the time and even at 12:00am off Fitzroy we were looking good- but by Tryphena it all went bad. We had to sail damn hard the rest of the way- luckily we made good ground to Colvile and also through the gap at Motuhui - so only an hour + late to the finish.
  9. Hi Guys - Come on and sign up for the 2 handed div Auckland Tauranga Race- Free berths at TGA for 7 days- chance to race back the following weekend or as far as GMI.
  10. Ben - we are a possible starter depending on work load required for race management- Yes we have unfinished business
  11. I'm trying to get as many of the Northern Triangle entrants as possible - The 2 handed trophy is as big as the Bledisloe. Also some great prizes to be had.
  12. Notice of Race is now available see www.at2.nz Free berths available for up to 7 days for race entrants. Max 50 berths available up to 14M. More News coming in the next few days so check out the website www.a2t.nz for details. Online entries will open within a the next few weeks.
  13. Ezy Peezy - All you need is a set of 'Magic Fingers' (Super Cheap) and a stick light then go fishing - done it many times. Wood wont dissolve !
  14. Hi Boo, Yeah I have suggested this also - and it has merit. Years ago it did start around 4.00pm.
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