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  1. Where are all the Stewart’s? Wont feel like a SSANZ race with the yellow submarine
  2. Like the look of the A2 just beginning the build of a fixed carbon prod for Shimmer
  3. heard a Rumour that a very famous S34 might be doing the lap
  4. I am ready to purchase my Iridium Go for next years race, would the additional YB3 tracker be a useful addition or do we already rent those for the race?
  5. Oh well! The only NZ boat I know of with that name is a glass T 34 and I got so excited when I saw the entry how cool would it be to match race the lap? Don’t suppose Sunlight could be persuaded Old Dog?
  6. Is Pac-Man a glass Townson 34.?
  7. Yeah I know OpenCountry is my benchmark for extreme caravan racing Im trying to sit Adrian into racing us so we have some company
  8. Hey Open Country still haven’t had a chance for re match since the NTR Shimmer is planning on entering the 2NI next year. . that’s a lot of chances for payback
  9. As always very useful advise and thanks heaps for helping me with that decision
  10. Hi Jon here’s a question for you with plans to do the 2NI next year I had planned on competing in the long haul division in the triple series this winter to get us some slightly longer potentially more challenging courses. However looking at entries in previous years this division seems to be mostly much faster boats than Shimmer leaving me thinking that we would have closer racing in the PIC division and that close racing always has us pushing harder. I can see benefits to both options. . . Any advice which you think would be of more use.
  11. This morning was a great trip home from Awaaroa and kids happy to go early cos of the rain!
  12. Shows just what a good job SSANZ does, if this was a SSANZ race we would know all the stories and the race would have a much higher profile. Bet you it would be different if A Young and his buddies had their harbour racers in the race. Any one know the stories behind the retirement of V5 Vixen or Charmonet?
  13. I heard he gets 10% of whatever he brings in on sponsorship
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