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  1. You made my day with that advice Jon. Im doing it with my best mate who Ive sailed with for decades and even owned a race boat together and remained friends. On most of your list I have started the ball rolling but really keen on specific ideas that work like Paul's advice of the reefing J2, reasoning why some would go with a full replacement rudder rather than just a steering oar... all great keep it coming
  2. Preparation for Cat 2. this accidentally started on the lewmar triple forum. I’m slowly working my way through the list for category 2 safety in prep for the northern triangle race next year and then hopefully the 2 N I in 2023. any advice form those who have done this prep before especially on older timber yachts very much appreciated. details I am currently working on are emergency rudder and storm shutters for windows. Any other great ideas much appreciated
  3. Very kind offer thanks, like the others any photos or sketches of set up would be most appreciated
  4. I’ve worked on a few boats that did the divided window mod and all got their certs. Pretty sure I will need to do it on my townson also. Does anyone have any advice on set up and design of emergency rudder?
  5. Sorry went in the bin a month ago. What did you want it for?
  6. We used to hold bets as to which way would end up turning coming out of the berth. So don’t miss that skeg I think the whole water flow over the aft sections are a whole lot cleaner now, it’s surprising how big the “foot print” of the skeg is on the hull and how far forward it starts plus I remember from my piedy cleaning up the leading edge of the keel makes a difference too. I had originally planned on a shorter tiller but have actually added a tiny bit to my new one and I sit at the front end of cockpit with fantastic view and easy reach of all the control lines works great for 2
  7. Shimmer is a Townson Talent Mk 2 my co skipper recons with all the mods we should start calling her a talent mk 3
  8. I had Shimmer out between the enduro and the first Lewmar race for a second big hit on her rebuild. She had never been glassed and was starting to show lots of small cracks in the outer planking, partly due to the new darker colour but I suspect also due to being sailed a lot harder and raced with higher rig tensions than previous. As part of the improvements I built a Grey Dixon Mk4 balanced rudder as fitted to Pahi and Palagen one of the most satisfying things I have done on shimmer was cutting off that skeg. I also removed the little knuckle on the front edge of the ke
  9. Hey Josh my kids want to know if Rogue 2 is a Star Wars reference? I said it could be because two rogues sail the boat
  10. Stunning day on the water for the first of the Lewmar triple series. Shimmer got a good start to leeward of the guys fighting at the pin got a nice set and held onto the Stewart’s down to the Rakino channel. first race with the new main (glamor Tony thanks so much) and also first real test of our new balanced rudder (thanks Grey it’s a weapon!) managed to hang in there mid fleet to motuora but watched the boats with code zeros stretch out on us on the reach back. Probably made the wrong call going right at the haystack as a bunch of 88s got around us going below. Poorly advised headsail chang
  11. Hey Jon I am waiting on my renewed PHRF to arrive can I enter the race before I get it?
  12. Will be great to have another townson for company
  13. You know it. race what you have
  14. Yeah we do the Pic division with the Stewart’s and Beale’s and 1020s pretty competitive division with the various designs all having their niche, for sure the family caravan loves it fresh on the nose and a bit of chop you will love sailing your Dreamtime without all the cruising gear on board
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