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  1. Thanks Jon that’s great news. Sorry to hear so many boats have had to drop out. Sure are challenging times. any idea when the confirmed entries and their handi caps will be updated on the SSANZ site?
  2. Arrived home from an awesome summer cruse last night to read that Cindy is looking to invoke Red light on us all! Does anyone know if the Northern Triangle Race can be held in red light?
  3. https://www.burnsco.co.nz/bucket-paint-plastic-2l-pa-bu there’s a $5 option super light and so easy to install!
  4. Looks like a Lot of new boats have made the starting line up for the SSANZ Northern Triangle Race. Shimmer has cat 3 inspection next week amazing how many little things I needed to do to comply. Starting to get excited about racing!
  5. Looks like mahogany to me although fresh machined timer has a very red colour to it over the years U V bleaching tends to take it into that oak or teak like coloring. Sadly any new work will be a much more red colour for a period. We often use yellow stains to help blend new timber with existing
  6. Gives me something to read on those long beats, currently no reading material on starboard tack.
  7. Shimmer has a mint new boom thanks to Dwain at Yachtspars, fresh new paint from my team at Nautique and a SSANZ sticker, sure would look good with another SSANZ sticker on the other side... any chance you have a spare one Jon?
  8. Shimmer

    SSANZ Race D

    Not at all unexpected but I was still gutted that The delta race can’t be sailed. Beginning to look like the northern triangle might go the same way. When Paul posted “the worst thing about a 3 day lockdown is the first 6 weeks” I had a good laugh. Not so funny anymore
  9. If we did “open up” early next year it could be a very full summer coastal racing program with the Northern Triangle, a delayed 3 Kings race and the fully crewed RNI all looking to be run between February and April something to look forward to anyway
  10. Yeah that’s the big one I keep hoping we are able to do. On Shimmer it’s a tough slog getting through all the prep for safety inspections, slowly getting through the work I can do myself but things like getting an LPG certification are taking forever. I realize a lot of the other competitors will be in a similar situation. And almost 3 months after folding the kite pole in the SSANZ 100 I’m still trying to buy a new length of T 6 alli tube to build a new one!
  11. So the Coastal had to cancel, looks very likely that the SSANZ delta race will have to cancel, what’s the story with the 3 kings race? Are that looking to postpone or will this also end up in the list of “would have been awesome” races that we said good by to? I see the PCC has decided to hold the round rangi as a pirate event, I wonder if they will get any official reprimand for that?
  12. Ok so if these crazy rules say only one bubble on your boat if it has a cabin but 2 bubbles and up to 10 people if no cabin. . . If I keep hatches closed and wash boards in can I be classed as a large day boat with a huge buoyancy tank? Not dissimilar to my old Idle Along. Or what about an Elliot 5.9?
  13. Hey with the new level 3 rules does that mean the Delta race can go ahead? It’s all inside our geographic zone and 2 up is probably the only keel boat racing that is social distanced. So stoked with SSANZ for coming through with this one’
  14. Shimmer is keen, also done the survey. Think your ideas are great Josh they could really generate a lot of interest and when you look at how fast the northern triangle race sold out what do we think 80 boats?presumably a cat 2 race?
  15. Yeah sounds rad but can we have the extra 2 handed race in October too? We need all the 2 handed race miles we can get
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