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  1. Shimmer signed up for the easy division this year too. looking forward to some 2 handed racing NOT on the Tasman! Surprised low number of entries but I guess a bunch will sign up just before cut off date?
  2. Just checked with a mate who is a water scientist and he recommends 100mls of bleach per 100 litres of water leave a couple of days then flush and add a teaspoon of hydrogen Peroxide to remove any taste. Easy doing my tanks this afternoon as after 5 years since install this winter they had a bit of a taste for the first time think I will also fit a charcoal filter on the galley tap
  3. Ha ha yep I was pretty sure we would be div 4 Jon but very interested to see who else will be in our division. On the PHRF cut off I’m getting 1 more sail so as soon as I have the dimensions from sail maker I will apply for alteration to my PHRF hopefully it won’t go up much 👃
  4. Great to see the boat / crew profiles and read up on the fleet. Any idea when we will see the division splits? getting excited now!
  5. Race Report Akarana 350 Shimmer. we competed in the Akarana 350 this year mostly to get in one more good long 2 handed race as preparation for the RNI next year. Another motivation was that this race is part of the Blue Water Series of 4 coastal races and I have always enjoyed a series as you have to perform consistently and keep racing to get anywhere. So anyway race started in fresh westerly conditions Shimmer and Motor boat 2 owned the pin and had great starts but we soon had the big boats mow us down and watched as the big red kite on V5 got to Channel island in 2 1/2
  6. Bummer they changed the name back to Margarettaville. Rogue 2 was a cool name
  7. Thanks guys plenty to think about there. Any truth to the rumor Kia Kaha will be a late entry?
  8. Also would be awesome to get the vessel design next to each entry to start getting an idea of what types of boats we re racing
  9. Any chance of an update on entries for RNI? I noticed there are no more vacancies and heard a couple of rumours about new entries. Getting excited about the race as 2023 approaches fast
  10. Hoping more of the RNI fleet will join us on this 350 mile race end of the month good last chance for some 2 handed miles before RNI next year. Who’s coming racing?
  11. Personally having put my boat through cat 3 and now cat 2 with a highly respected boat builder and mentor as my inspector I have found it a really good exercise, they challenge you on details you may have missed and often help with practical solutions to achieving the certification and a safe vessel, I would really recommend anyone using their boat outside the gulf racing or cruising to put their vessel through cat 3 at least once. from reading Fagans books he has some quirky approaches to repairs and did mention in a previous book that he had re built the skeg himself. that said he
  12. Like what some long suffering folks did for me 100 years ago at Pt Chev when I had a P class
  13. Kids in opti s and Bics learning to race
  14. Yep I dropped out of my old club when they prioritised functions over running races, that’s why SSANZ is the club for me. They run a select few races each year really well, don’t have a bricks and mortar club to worry about running costs and actually focus on providing yacht racing The small clubs focussing on learn to sail and green fleet racing seem to understand what’s required, I wonder if the flash buildings on the waterfront actually complicate things?
  15. Good on Sir Michael and his mates although why they waited 5 months is still a bit confusing. The thing I still don’t understand is why the whole membership didn’t either force Mr Young and his committee out or all cancel their membership force a collapse of the club and then re form with new leadership who were less in Daltons pocket and actually listened to their members. Pretty sure similar things happened a few times in the clubs early history as they did at PCC and maybe VCC? clubs are essentially democratic if the leadership move too far away from what their members want then take a
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