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  1. If we did “open up” early next year it could be a very full summer coastal racing program with the Northern Triangle, a delayed 3 Kings race and the fully crewed RNI all looking to be run between February and April something to look forward to anyway
  2. Yeah that’s the big one I keep hoping we are able to do. On Shimmer it’s a tough slog getting through all the prep for safety inspections, slowly getting through the work I can do myself but things like getting an LPG certification are taking forever. I realize a lot of the other competitors will be in a similar situation. And almost 3 months after folding the kite pole in the SSANZ 100 I’m still trying to buy a new length of T 6 alli tube to build a new one!
  3. So the Coastal had to cancel, looks very likely that the SSANZ delta race will have to cancel, what’s the story with the 3 kings race? Are that looking to postpone or will this also end up in the list of “would have been awesome” races that we said good by to? I see the PCC has decided to hold the round rangi as a pirate event, I wonder if they will get any official reprimand for that?
  4. Ok so if these crazy rules say only one bubble on your boat if it has a cabin but 2 bubbles and up to 10 people if no cabin. . . If I keep hatches closed and wash boards in can I be classed as a large day boat with a huge buoyancy tank? Not dissimilar to my old Idle Along. Or what about an Elliot 5.9?
  5. Hey with the new level 3 rules does that mean the Delta race can go ahead? It’s all inside our geographic zone and 2 up is probably the only keel boat racing that is social distanced. So stoked with SSANZ for coming through with this one’
  6. Shimmer is keen, also done the survey. Think your ideas are great Josh they could really generate a lot of interest and when you look at how fast the northern triangle race sold out what do we think 80 boats?presumably a cat 2 race?
  7. Yeah sounds rad but can we have the extra 2 handed race in October too? We need all the 2 handed race miles we can get
  8. My kite pole is in two pieces and hadn’t gotten the new Tube ordered
  9. I wonder if SSANZ can re schedule the Lewmar 50? Presumably even if level 4 only lasts a week we will have a couple of weeks at level 3.
  10. So I hear, you guys owned that race last time. I would absolutely love to but November is always mental at work (boat owners are surprisingly unsympathetic to boat builders going racing) and I can’t see me having all the Cat 2 stuff sorted by then. As it is I have decided to just get Cat 3 for the triangle next year and then start working my way through the extra stuff for Cat 2. Currently oversizing the kite gear and building a new kite pole after last weekends pleasure cruise. Are you doing it on Legacy?
  11. Good to hear we weren't the only ones putting our bow under, not a nice feeling pushing that much Ocean is it? Well done on some great kite work getting to Gannet we were impressed on the younger cousin bummer about your kite, did you see the black and yellow "flag" flying from the top of Portraits mast? not the only ones to destroy a kite. So good to see two Townson on the top 6 looking forward to the 50
  12. Another heavy air epic for the SSANZ 100. On Shimmer we got a pretty good start and carried our new small kite (thanks Tony Harold your sails rock) down the Motuihi channel feeling pretty good till the beak of the pole twice popped open and we lost the brace. Set the #3 and watched the competition make gains while co skipper turned the cabin into a work shop and rebuilt the pole ends till they worked again. Great, kite back up just before Oneroa, not so good, massive puffs coming out and carnage everywhere, Shimmer doesn't plane so when the puffs got big she started putting her bow a
  13. You made my day with that advice Jon. Im doing it with my best mate who Ive sailed with for decades and even owned a race boat together and remained friends. On most of your list I have started the ball rolling but really keen on specific ideas that work like Paul's advice of the reefing J2, reasoning why some would go with a full replacement rudder rather than just a steering oar... all great keep it coming
  14. Preparation for Cat 2. this accidentally started on the lewmar triple forum. I’m slowly working my way through the list for category 2 safety in prep for the northern triangle race next year and then hopefully the 2 N I in 2023. any advice form those who have done this prep before especially on older timber yachts very much appreciated. details I am currently working on are emergency rudder and storm shutters for windows. Any other great ideas much appreciated
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