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  1. Like what some long suffering folks did for me 100 years ago at Pt Chev when I had a P class
  2. Kids in opti s and Bics learning to race
  3. Yep I dropped out of my old club when they prioritised functions over running races, that’s why SSANZ is the club for me. They run a select few races each year really well, don’t have a bricks and mortar club to worry about running costs and actually focus on providing yacht racing The small clubs focussing on learn to sail and green fleet racing seem to understand what’s required, I wonder if the flash buildings on the waterfront actually complicate things?
  4. Good on Sir Michael and his mates although why they waited 5 months is still a bit confusing. The thing I still don’t understand is why the whole membership didn’t either force Mr Young and his committee out or all cancel their membership force a collapse of the club and then re form with new leadership who were less in Daltons pocket and actually listened to their members. Pretty sure similar things happened a few times in the clubs early history as they did at PCC and maybe VCC? clubs are essentially democratic if the leadership move too far away from what their members want then take a
  5. So you would want to come up on the top half of incoming tide but then shouldn’t have any problems
  6. I just make it in on a spring low drawing 1.75 but mid tide and above its all good even for deep draft vessels. Had Zepherus out on the hard recently. The channel is pretty well marked with twin piles every couple of hundred meters and the navionics chart of the channel is good. Yeah Simon Herbert is pretty greedy it’s true but it’s now the last independent yard in the Waitemata apart from the club yards. The travel lift team are also really good.
  7. Come on up to Westpark it’s an hour up the harbour from westhaven and things are a lot more organised out here than a few years ago
  8. Hey Island Time could I book you in to come and look at my set up and spec what you think we could do to improve it? I'm in Hobsonville which I realise isn't really your neck of the woods but happy to pay you for the time Like I said Ive brought in a pelagic arm but apart from a slightly larger motor and metal gears Im not sure it will really do what I'm after My company is booked shortly to build the base and bracket for Beacon to fit a hydraulic ram on a 14m yacht at Bayswater which looks like a nice unit, they sourced it from Lustys but again its designed for below deck
  9. Yeah thats the big one the auto helm set up. Im currently running the Raymarine evolution 100 system which isn't bad, I like the gyro compass (we helm off that over the magnetic compass at night its really good) I think the part of the equation that lets it down is the speed of the tiller ram. sadly most of the faster more powerful options I have seen are only for connection to a quadrant which isn't an option on my boat. I have just imported an American liner actuator tiller arm made by Pelagic and Aaron from Beacon thinks he can get it operating from my ray marine ACU. I'
  10. Yep I think you are right however it’s got me thinking about making a custom handle end for my tiller a bit like the one on the sunfast that Josh used to sail.
  11. I zoomed that up to check out the tiller, have you seen how much rope or growth there is on that prop? sis this a spin lock accessory that connects to your tiller to give hand grip options when steering from the tiller rather than the extension? If so I think I want one
  12. Hi Squirrel thanks for getting in touch. yes I am very interested to hear about how that S2H went. I will give you a call later this week if that’s ok?
  13. Where are all the Stewart’s? Wont feel like a SSANZ race with the yellow submarine
  14. Like the look of the A2 just beginning the build of a fixed carbon prod for Shimmer
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