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  1. I should say Dyneema, adults only.
  2. Hi Dave, I'd rather sell them uncut hence the low price. I guess 100 m sounds a lot,but I don't know how long it could take to sell it by m. 6mm could dress up your boat completely from halyards to lifelines but it would be the same color though. Cheers Arpad
  3. 8mm (the red one) has been sold.
  4. First of all, I don't want to mess up anyone's business, but I want to get rid off my stuff what I stocked up with the intention to use on my boat. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to part from my boat and very unlikely I will return boating in the near future therefore I have no need for these ropes. I have Fineline Dyneema Advantage 6, 8 and 10mm ropes (100m each) and Fineline classic 12mm, also 100m in unused condition. I'm able to send then anywhere in NZ for free individually or even in bulk. Pickup from Christchurch/Lyttelton. The price is really up to the buyer, I hope I'll get
  5. Sorry, I forgot to attache the link to the ad on TM. Her it is
  6. Reluctant sale, I have to part from Topaz as I have some significant changes in my life. She is on Trademe as well also if you search on Crew you could find some insights about the works has been done and so on. I'm happy to answer any question arises, so please don't hesitate to contact me. (sad) Arpad
  7. I know you already stated D 28 is dated, but I have to mention Cavalier 32. Not a racer, I was considering to get one before I purchased Topaz almost a year ago. I had similar budget. Somehow they are disappeared from Trademe.
  8. Yes , as soon I find some time to edit it.
  9. We just done our firs night on Topaz. Wasn't a pleasent night in Pigeon Bay on Saturday with the 30-35 knts N-NW wind after midnight, but I finally I tested the new anchor, the re-positioned anchor winch, the newly added remote for it in the real world. Everything passed (including myself). Nice sailing back to Lyttelton on Sunday (as nice the NW could be to sail up on the coast).
  10. As above with a note, if it is only for attended anchoring, 25 is fine, however if you want to leave the boat alone on anchor for extended period (I mean the boat is not in sight for a day or so) I would be more relaxed with the 35. In case of insurance involved. According to the anchor selector on Manso's website I the recommended size was 35 for me. I put my faith on a 25 for Topaz (even it isn't fit through on my locker hatch), she is around 4.5t with moderate windage I think boat length is not so relevant. If it is the first time when you try the Supreme, or Rocna you will be impressed.
  11. I went on this path about a year ago and I ended up with an acceptable hard dodger (just search for it here), and I don't regret. Ever since I sold the boat and the current one has a dodger with a bit of life left so I will do the same thing next year or the year after. I also made my own "stack-pack" with lots of support from here. However, I've been "pushed" to do it as not many people in Canterbury who does nice canvas work for boats on a reasonable price. Also I'm in a comfortable position to be able to invest a decent amount of time to projects as well. If you up to, let's get in to it. I
  12. No in Lyttelton. More precisely in Cass bay. Thanks to Ecan.
  13. Indeed, luckily the rope and splice came free I only had to pay for the bouy... plus the signature to get rid of the bloo%& 14mm chain.
  14. Even the free version of PW is enough, ECMWF works pretty good for me. Windy is a bit "bulky" on the phone screen, however awesome on a larger one. Should I go to specsaver?
  15. The answer is so embarrassing... a "professional" who did not wanted to sign off my one.... I wasn't even used this type of rope. I going to put my 8 strand one on as soon I sorted out some more important stuff. Between us, looks awful as it is.
  16. I shouldn't over-think things... The Manson Supreme fits easily to the existing roller, not even close to the hull. Enough space for launching retrieving, even though clear from the mooring line on the other side. I wish everything would be that simple. A top bracket will make it better but I don't worry about it just now...
  17. Not a bad place to start a day... yes I can see the extension, and looks like it keeps your bow clear. What is that bar or tube which is coming up from the roller shaft on the side? Front of your furler?
  18. Thanks for the responses, "self launching" is pretty much terminology only, as some manufacturer call it like this. I would be sad if this anchor wouldn't leave the deck without assistance. As I said, the main problem is the position of the anchor and I'm just after a "quick" solution. Offsetting the existing roller with "spacer" would be very difficult as you can see on the picture, the forestay secured to the same plate. I would prefer to not drill any more holes, however adding an extra "retrofit" bow roller definitely an option, after cutting off the left part of the frame and drill and ta
  19. The advantage of a ketch, gaining experience twice as fast....
  20. Here is my next dilemma. My bow roller is so short therefore no anchor could fit without hit the boat even when it stowed. I was thinking to extend it and keep the anchor further forward, but that is a reasonably labour intense solution and probably very difficult or impossible to do it on the water. Second option is a bolt on extension, which brings the final variant in the game, the pivoting system. I can see all the advantage of it, only one thing concerns me, when the anchor deployed and a snubber line on the chain has a very little or even no tension on. Is this pivot could make any noise
  21. Hmmm... probably not this year, I mean not even the next one but who knows? I still have the mold and doesn't need much to fit ( I already checked).
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