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  1. 300+ million dollars, 78 homes.... 4 million per home AND they get a shiny new marina office.... you can bet this is going ahead in one way or another. Here's a link to the latest article without the paywall and other clutter
  2. Weiti is looking pretty good just for the sake of proper parking, jetty, haulout and dingy lockers.... I had a chat with Westhaven and they're not taking new rentals to fill the largely empty poles as they'll be reconsolidating anyone left into the one row eventually, which I presume is after replacing the rotten/broken poles and tidying the place up a bit. However, this doesn't bode well for me if I have the boat transported out to my place for some refit and repair work next year and want to come back after 6 months.... trailer sailers are sounding like a pretty good idea these days!
  3. What on earth is council doing removing dingy racks? City of Sails no longer it would seem. Milford seems a bit limiting with the tides, and in any case I imagine it's not going to be as cheap as Weiti, but I hear the old floating piers from Westhaven are going to be sent up there to be reused so that might be part of a nice do-up of the place for those that are there. Hobsonville or Herald island might be an option as it only adds an hour by sea to get out to the inner gulf... of course that makes a 4 hour return trip to Motuihe into a 6 hour trip but at least it's on the water. Doe
  4. Seeing as I'm looking at both my antifouling and berthage options right now, I'm very interested! I'll try figure out the messaging system...
  5. The bow of my tracker as a very well set bollard(?) that got towed by the coastguard at about 12 kts and it didn't part ways so I reckon I'd be ok with that. Is there a lot of wave action with a north/north-easterly? What is the story with getting out to the boat? Is there a dinghy rack or anything like that? Ohhhh very interesting. I'd always written the idea off because of that. Thanks.
  6. It's a bit of a drive (for me) to get up there, but if I lived closer I would certainly be onto that one. Do you know how long the waitlist is? (I heard it was a bit tricky to get on that list, too) Definitely would be a nice way to get to Kawau though.
  7. Hi Crew - New member here but have been sailing a little Tracker 7.7 since 2013. I've been on the Westhaven poles ever since buying her, but haven't been out once since the whole covid thing happened, and now with life getting back on track I've finally had to bite the bullet and reassess the cost of this! Rental rates have almost doubled since starting there while the service/value has been reduced and all maintenance long since halted (and there are abundantly clear signs that we're going to be kicked out before too much longer, however, that's a rant on it's own for another time....) S
  8. How often does CC need blasting and/or sanding, at least how often are you guys doing so? I imagine a neglected boat is still going to get some barnacles (or worse) growing that could take a chip of the paint off with them? I just seem to see some mixed reviews, and I wonder if it's as much about the prep work vs the tolerance for a missed season or what defines "low maintenance".
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