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  1. Chariot Not sure what your question actually is. With a 30 ft boat it is always a call to do the AKL to Noumea or the RNI or any offshore esp in involving the Cook Strait. A great and seaworthy boat with a good crew with the right safety requirements, experience and favourable conditions - no reason why not unless rules exclude. So anticipating that your question might be what’s involved from Cat 2 to Cat 1, the answer is not much. There are some additional crew safety requirements, some additional electronics but the major would be whether you and boat and crew are ready to take on the c
  2. Was more thinking Live Sail Die who SSANZ seem to have a relationship with. Logo on the website. They seem to do a good job. Needs a bit more than enthusiast though as a professional would have remembered to touch base with Boating NZ and get something drafted to them even before the race with results as they fell to meet the deadlines. Josh and Damon were smart and good on them.
  3. Have been thinking more about the media aspects and was initially reluctant to post because the volunteers are well meaning folks and could feel understandably unappreciated. As participants, we were asked to send info through. But it was a bit hard at times with sailing, eating, napping, logging scheds, downloading the weather which is not the easiest task by Sat phone, guessing whereabouts of other boats and some thinking about tactics. There's dealing with breakages, hitting stuff and avoiding other boats and hazards. There's also staying alive and for some of us, staying married... Th
  4. Here's a link to Blink's adventure. http://blinksail.blogspot.co.nz/2017/04/round-north-island-2-handed-rni2h-2017.html?m=1 Our favourite memory is the mast climb at Mangonui. The little incident exiting Wellington Harbour could have had a keel walk if Alex Thomson was about. We had a bit on...
  5. We are not Facebookers either. Some of the family and friends observers aren't either. Have made contact with Boating NZ but I think, sadly, we have... missed the boat .
  6. Did this course last year before Fiji race. Was fantastic. Question.. now that it is an accredited course, how long is it valid for?
  7. Southern boats in so far...huge effort just to get to the start line. Squealer Racing The Guarantee Satellite Spy Wedgetail Blink
  8. Race Entries: 2017 Two Handed Round North Island Race 25 February 2017 Yacht Name Yacht Design Activator Hauraki 45 Arbitare Farr 38 Blink Shaw 12 Celadon Elliott 1650 Cool Change Ross 850 Hupane Class 40 Ilex Wilson Jet Farr 1020 Krakatoa II Pogo 40 Laissez-faire. Beneteau Oceanis 60 Marshall Law Ross 40 Miss Scarlet RP52 Oracle Nelson 32 Pahi Stewart 34 Provincial Cowboy Ross 40 Ran Tan ll Elliott 50 Rigmarole Mull 9.5 Satellite Spy Ross 40 Spearhead El
  9. nes

    ANZ Sail Fiji

    Here's Blink's write up and videos. http://blinksail.blogspot.co.nz/2016/06/the-lead-up-fiji-race-was-epic.html
  10. Blink is seriously thinking about the Coastal Classic this year and then the AKL to Welly Race. Would be great to have some other Welly boats to play with - the mighty Revs, Wedgie, Young Nicholson, Montego Bay III - maybe Gucci will be back from her island travels by then? A warm up for Guarantee for the two handed? Some South Island boats too - Satellite, Non Stop, Oldsmobile, Clear Vision? Would be great to get a whole group going for the delivery there, Coastal and then the go hard and get home race.
  11. HI Smithy You are spot on. As one of the organisers (there were three of us planning for many months) and participants in this race (two of the three participated and one was RO), tracking was definitely considered as we recognised the added safety aspect and the involvement of our family of sailors on an online base - we all loved it from the RNI 2 handed in 2014 - epic! Maritime NZ took 12 hourly scheds for us. Tracking was definitely on the agenda. However, with over $400 per boat plus underwriting the units plus satellite air time on top of the modest entry fees of $550 pe
  12. Here's a live update.....Blink and Crusader neck and neck after a huge ride down from Napier. Real drifter in Welly harbour after hours and hours of Gennaker ride.
  13. And for anyone who missed the TV1 news spot earlier in the week: http://tvnz.co.nz/othersports-news/group-kiwi-sailors-headed-off-their-own-mini-ocean-race-video-6253844
  14. After a great Hawkes Bay stop over and prize giving tonight, the fleet are heading back out for a run to the finish with a 1pm start tomorrow. A big hand to VC Red for organising a great Napier Sailing Club welcome. Looks good for a run down to Welly. Prize giving now on Monday night at RPNYC with a home coming BBQ for the fleet.
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