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    Dirty Rib

    Wow just seems odd "painting" an inflatable but it does sound the way to go after a quick read, will have to read over a bit more and find the most important factor the price! Thanks again
  2. Bobbybro.

    Dirty Rib

    Thanks Will look into it but really paint on a inflatable you not pulling my leg are you!
  3. Bobbybro.

    Dirty Rib

    Hay sorry for slow reply but cheers I'll try buy one of them white sponges tomorrow
  4. Bobbybro.

    Dirty Rib

    Hi guys I'm sure this has been asked time and time again bit I can't find it lol, I've not long brought a 4.1m rib to chase the kids Opti's as well as other things, Its in good condition but it has a bit of black scuffing/other marks and stuff from the last owner leaving it outside for a bit.i have given it a wash with Inflatable boat cleaner from burnsco and that has cleaned it up quite well but not as good as I'd like (hasn't worked at all on rubbing strip) at all. What has people used to clean this up. Thanks in advance for any info
  5. Beau marine furlers are very nice to use and doesn't hurt that they look good to ????
  6. If your handy and keen on bit of work the Dahl 780 on trade me (bounty hunter) in rotavagas is a very stable good sailing boat with good amount of room my mates dad use to tow it with a 3ltr commy or a 2ltr blue bird as 13 year olds me and my mates were let loose for a summer in it very forgiving boat tested its limits and never once was worried about it not sure about weight but there's lead to take out of the floor!!!!
  7. big is good ???? Thank for the link Cheers
  8. Ok guys how much room is not much room below, I understand it's a day sailer but could I get 2 kids in there camp style while I sleep on the tramp (boom tent) how small is small can we compare it to something (E5.9 E650??) Cheers
  9. Does anyone know what happened with this did it splash or is it still high and dry?
  10. Hasn't prawn broker got a lift keel like extreme or you could buy extreme
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