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  1. You guys , I am taking this like an adult , there is a few letter boxes up the road need fixing tho
  2. He'll island time that was quick , well done I break the law every I go out on my own , I need piece and quite from humans , space wich there is heaps and to love the adventure ahead , good reading thanks
  3. Island time why get involved with them , it just starts a ball rolling we don't want , this site is for boaties to talk , compare idears talk boats most of the cg don't own boats it's two much for them
  4. Smithy09 well done couldn't put it better , you do what you want on your boat , set it up for your safe trips with safety in mind great
  5. Hi Chrisc nice of you to enquire about why they impounded the boys yacht , but i still want to head off single handed without a bunch of rules piled on top of the trip , most of us have some contact with others while we are away , and the buttons to press if something hits the fan thoes who don't have a tough time they made , common sence is what lacks , and it's the only business that has not been started up , that should be ,, the school of common sence ,,, but one need the freedom to decide when and where we sail to at our one time
  6. This is why your boat is worth nothing ,it's these lowlife scheming bunch of thieves that have turned people off buying a boat , council don't want moorings so try to get one of them and your insurance company will empty you if you do ,,,, I need another walk
  7. I think they were made by sandiford productions in porona rd back in the late 70s
  8. Hi partisan I have found that add and left the gentleman an email thankyou
  9. Well I sit with feet up on a Friday looking forward to weekend , a ding sound from the iPad , e mail from gulf harbour , Marina fees increase for water and compliance issues to all Marina uses $21.00 an day $76.00 a month what next , I am sick of this bu,,Sh,,t , I would hardly use water. , , so that makes the avarage person renting a 10.6 to $630 an month or $7665 pa unbelievable I need to go for a walk
  10. Pack of mongrels who do they think they are , this Is police state tactics , they have nothing else to do ,except pick on a sailor learning the ropes his way , they way most of us did , unbelievable , I don't think I will renew my cg fees this time if that's what they do with it ,
  11. I read the young guy with the yacht made it to Auckland is that right and the blue coats holding him there , they have no right to do that unless they can prove boat and owner are are a safety risk to each other or others , , what's the up date
  12. Check mt law no person can board a vessel without the captains consent they have to explain there intent and get his consent , if they say have you under size fish on board and you say no I have not , and they board with out your consent and find no undersized fish then you can take it further
  13. Well interesting reading well done , I learnt a few things , to , I imagine the young fellow is well on his way enjoying his boat , catching the odd fish for tea , loving the life style , meeting people where he stops , gaining experence the best way for sailing an learning about his boat what more does a guy want, but I bet he gives Auckland a miss and heads north well done
  14. Agree with Island time and others , it's up to the skipper , the blue coats respond till the skipper makes contact , if they don't a drama could be happening , my old dad used to say help another boatie in distress as you would want in the same , it's gone in place of user payes systerm or charge up , . To be helped by coastguard the first words out of the mouths are you a paid member , usually say it when you are struggling with a mast over the side trying to teather it to the boat to save your self in 30 kts it , but you the skipper have the responsibility to set his boat up to handle easi
  15. Try k hilt Torbay , be in the book
  16. The guy had the brains to anchor while weather looked suspect , as for vhf radios , mobile phone . If it's not turned on while cruising then tough his call , I turn my own mob off some times under way , eperb well we don't know if he has one , but that's his choice , unless he presses the button , there's no problem , skeds would had been a good idear each day even a tex , to a friend in his case , as for SAR , that does cost time and money , there call to search , there time , there cost , as a they say good training , but they had to say , wet wont be charging anyone , it's a great world
  17. Myjane

    R Class History

    Sure they are great fun. I was 15 when we were given a wreck back in the 60s , fixed it up , off we went good fun
  18. Myjane

    R Class History

    Thank god they are history , I had one as a young bloke , it used to tip over when you pushed into the water befor boarding it , my mate had to sit at the mast till I got in then the fun started , out on the tripeeze wires we would go ,a wagstaf I think was the designer. Deep in the entry to boyant up front , but the new models are flyers fun for the young
  19. Yes it is a variant , ,,Luna ,,strong boats , , so what did that guy do wrong , , he set off , weather ahead looked suspect , so anchored , , has mobile phone , ,
  20. How good are the iPad Nav systerms , I here navionics have a down load for I pads that , gps for boats , are the accurate say in bay depths , showing all dangers etc , I here they are used off shore
  21. Myjane

    Navman gps

    Thanks I will just suffer it
  22. Myjane

    Navman gps

    Hi Navman equipment , who , or that are they now Is there a sales or , repares , depo here , or have we been dumped less the cash again , good gear , but my gps is showing a water looking mark around one of the edges , still works ,
  23. What about memory map is that better
  24. Myjane

    Deck non skid

    Yes that's what I mean to just get it tinted and go for it , thanks
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