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    Excellent thanks. I have a pattern for a catcher that'll fit our boat on the foredeck, but like yours IT it will only be useful at anchor. The catcher I traced the pattern from seemed to be made of white PVC. Do you know if there are any types of PVC to avoid? Obviously I don't want to taint the water.
  2. clareb


    Anyone made one of these and have advice on what material to make it from?
  3. Certainly makes Cat 1 look like a sensible idea.
  4. There seem to be bugger all of these for sale on trademe - maybe you need to reclaim that space in the front yard!
  5. Forgive my ignorance Dan (I'm new to dinghies) - is that a delta?
  6. Thanks Elenya, great to hear and thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Sounds ideal. Let me know if you want to part with it before April/May.
  8. Good to know, thanks. Easy enough for a capable 10 yr old?
  9. Love the sound of them but last week we got the new shaft and prop put in (ie. the budget is now pretty small).
  10. They look stunning - and I can see yours in the photos, what a great boat, PM me what you're after for it, . We're still in Wellington so hoping to buy further south but we could always hire a skipper to bring it down for us
  11. We haven't set our external aerial up yet and aren't getting great reception with just the fold up aerial. Texts are fine, calls seem to have a delay and drop out.
  12. We’re looking for a sailing dinghy to take offshore cruising - hoping to combine our needs for a tender (to fit 2 adults and a child) with something our 10 yr old daughter can use to sail. She currently sails an optimist dinghy but I don't like our chances of using that as a tender. We can put it on davits so towing drag isn't an issue. We’re thinking of a seabird or townson. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations?
  13. nagy582 - there's a facebook group I've just found that discusses sewing for boats, they post photos of projects (sail covers, lee cloths etc) and seem keen to give advice - could be helpful for your webbing ears question? https://www.facebook.com/groups/sewingonboats
  14. Looks great, well done. Let us know how you go attaching the lazy jacks. I'm going to do some sheet bags etc before making ours to get a bit of practice in.
  15. That sounds like the right option! Would love to see some photos when you're done and hear how it went. Hope it all goes well
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