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  1. Really keen to hear your experiences with this....
  2. As a matter of interest, how did you know this job was due? Loss of steerage?
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the responses. it was definitely the colour that put me off thinking it was teak/mahogany etc. I think it does look like oak too - I might try and match that way or perhaps go with a mounting plate has other have said.
  4. Not too clued up on timber types but need to do some woodwork inside my 1983 Lotus 9.2. Any thoughts on what I'm dealing with? Looks like oak to me but not sure that's very commonly used.
  5. First few mins of this might be useful.
  6. Hi IT, I'd love a roll please. Will PM now.
  7. slanty

    Lotus 9.2

    Those vids inspired me to put a 9.2 high on my list! Fast forward a few months and I'm now the owner of Sojournie, a factory 9.2 from 1987. Had a great xmas cruise around Kawau and beyond. so...Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Thanks all for your thoughts. Extra tin purchased (on special at the mo in burnsco). Now on to the fun bit.....
  9. Does anyone have a specific roller sleeve they recommend? Mine have always failed halfway through the job.....
  10. Thanks guys. I talked to Altex and they recommend up to 150 micron dry which I'm going to try and get with 4 roller coats. Anyone got any thoughts about how 'multi year' #5 is when laid on thick?
  11. Hi all, About to antifoul my lotus 9.2 that lives in the Mahurangi. I've been recommended #5 and have got 4l (enough apparently for 2 coats plus a bit for rudder etc). I'm keen on some opinions as to whether its worth getting another can and getting some extra coats on. how much is too much? The boat spends a lot of time static and has long periods between cleans..... look forward to your thoughts...
  12. I was bought up in Chch on a diet of Scott's heroism. One of the best books I've read in recent time in The last Place on Earth by Roland Huntford. Dissects beautifully the differences between Scott's abortive attempts and Amundsen's clinical precision in getting to the pole. Shackleton was a crew member on one of Scotts earlier expeditions - once was enough for him I believe. Scott only got the nod over several others due to him having a rich and powerful benefactor. Shackleton a personal hero of mine. Check out the scotch!
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