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  1. Ok - I've dropped the hammer on one of those, Will report back on how good they are
  2. Cool - am doubting many will be open when I'm up there so if anyone has a unit to borrow I think that would be preferable.
  3. Sorry - Should have said. Am running cables for a windlass. 35mm sq cable.
  4. Does anyone at gulf harbour have a cable crimping tool they'd be willing to lend me for a day? Catch is that I'm in Welly and won't be at gulf harbour till around boxing day to a few days after NY or so. Any leads gratefully accepted.
  5. Sailbrokers used to have a shed full of them when I went there a year or two ago.
  6. Really keen to hear your experiences with this....
  7. As a matter of interest, how did you know this job was due? Loss of steerage?
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the responses. it was definitely the colour that put me off thinking it was teak/mahogany etc. I think it does look like oak too - I might try and match that way or perhaps go with a mounting plate has other have said.
  9. Not too clued up on timber types but need to do some woodwork inside my 1983 Lotus 9.2. Any thoughts on what I'm dealing with? Looks like oak to me but not sure that's very commonly used.
  10. First few mins of this might be useful.
  11. Hi IT, I'd love a roll please. Will PM now.
  12. slanty

    Lotus 9.2

    Those vids inspired me to put a 9.2 high on my list! Fast forward a few months and I'm now the owner of Sojournie, a factory 9.2 from 1987. Had a great xmas cruise around Kawau and beyond. so...Thanks!
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