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  1. Highly recommended. We just did a road trip to Cape Reinga for the first week of the school holidays and came across the app CamperMate "free download" Its NZ made and has over 6000 facilities like public toilets, backpacks, shops and services. Ad it to your bag of tricks if you want to find something on the coast.
  2. Yes it was a fun day out for the Muppets. Can't find who owns the Tiffany but they do seem to be on the cheap side for a 82" $1.1m. Good to see the Y88s out doing a good job herding
  3. Fusion

    Radar question.

    Im struggling with this new format as well tried to PM you but something about a full mail box. 021 447 639 send a text
  4. Fusion

    Radar question.

    Hi John B I have a brand new Radar in the garage I bought with my C70 years ago. Never been out of the box if you are interested. I also have the raymarine mast mount kit. Let me know
  5. My inflatable I found in the Pacific and was never claimed has plasticised on the surface what can I clean it with? Its sticky and yellowed. I am questioning the orange cleaner I used last year as the culprit? I have had a few plastic and rubber thing do the same? Any ideas?
  6. Who supplies larger CO2 extinguishers? For a land based diesel generator in a 7 cubic mtr room. Not looking for an alarm system but the exploding bulb type.
  7. Actually, none of the Wifi iPads have a GPS. You would need to add a 'BadElf' or 'DualXGPS' to have GPS with Wifi only Ipad. But, ALL the cellular iPads have GPS, but you do NOT need a Sim card to get the GPS signal. Correct you need the 3G/4G iPad to get GPS. You don't need a sim for the GPS but I added a prepay sim to the iPad on the other network so I could share with the iPhone when one carrier has no coverage. The iPhone version of Navionics will load on the iPad and can run in X1 mode for a big screen. The best water proofing is a box of ziplock bags iPhone size and iPad size.
  8. First there was paint job envy, then that changed to keel envy now it's bloody sea anchor envy. Envy the grey cover on the port side is a Honda 250 scooter we road around Port Villa effecting repairs after the big blow. The Sunfish Sailing dingy on the starboard side was wrapped around the mast and the scooter was almost hanging over the side
  9. It was on a 48 Privilege Cat, yes it was 2 bags and the warp would have been the heavier of the 2. Im sure it had chain in center of the warp and at the bottom of the chute. I it all stayed bagged. We read the instructions in the boat manual and made the call to keep going.
  10. Both options would be great. A 4th reef if you do not have enough time. Tri sail if you are battening everything down. We pulled a sea anchor out of the locker mid pacific. At 60+ KG dry weight and 2 handed we didn't think we would get it back on board until the weather and completely abated so lashed on deck and carried on
  11. Fusion


    Not sure if this one was part of the carnage. The owner said it was hit on the mooring
  12. Look on the bright side we can get 6 kiwis on the other boats
  13. Take the leap and up grade to the 3G iPad it has GPS built in and is the best option with Navionics. Then you get to read crew.org when you get to the destanation. You dont need to have a sim in for the GPS to work.
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