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  1. Highly recommended. We just did a road trip to Cape Reinga for the first week of the school holidays and came across the app CamperMate "free download" Its NZ made and has over 6000 facilities like public toilets, backpacks, shops and services. Ad it to your bag of tricks if you want to find something on the coast.
  2. Fusion

    Radar question.

    Im struggling with this new format as well tried to PM you but something about a full mail box. 021 447 639 send a text
  3. Fusion

    Radar question.

    Hi John B I have a brand new Radar in the garage I bought with my C70 years ago. Never been out of the box if you are interested. I also have the raymarine mast mount kit. Let me know
  4. Fusion

    Gas bottles

    Its technically P48 so it generates about 48psi of pressure when it evaporates. The bleed valve is letting the gas out. That's the dangerous bit the gas. If you leave the bottle to be filled on its side it will only half fill will liquid and you are done.
  5. Fusion

    Gas bottles

    Don't tell anyone but the old process of transferring gas from one bottle to the other is still alive in the cruising world. Different valves, different bottle sizes can result in the difficulty of getting bottles filled. Up ending one bottle to fill the other with no regulator in the plumbing is the way its done.
  6. No disrespect KM but if you rotate the photo they look like twin toilet seats
  7. Its a life style thing. Once you are in your life style moulds. It could be a simple as replacing your car every 6 years not 3. I raced sports cars for years and was away almost every 2nd weekend. When I stopped I thought the boat was cheap. Marina fees have close to doubled in 9 years.
  8. Hi IB. Haul out and blast out for a week at Pier 21 was about a $1000.00. You can stay on board and the facilities are good with showers.
  9. Fusion

    Diesel Filters

    Its a while ago my guess is $125.00 with Primer and $90 without?
  10. Fusion

    Diesel Filters

    Arriving at this post a little late. For a little extra money get the RACOR with the primer pump attached. Its excellent you can manual pump fuel thorough the system and also achieve good pressure to bleed the system. I have a day tank plumed into the system so in the event of a lift pump failure the day tank will gravity feed the injector pump and the Day tank can be filled using the Racor filter pump
  11. Fusion

    Yacht Daemon

    Update from Jill and Bruce Having a Coron-ary..... which is a short break in Coron while I get my last assignments for my Semester One papers completed. Coron is a lovely wee town on the island of Busuanga in the Calamian Group, north of Palawan. (N 11"59.7" E120'11.8") It is predominantly a dive place, but there aren't many tourists here, and none of the retired alcoholic sex tourists so prevalent in Puerto Galera and Sabang: much nicer altogether! The town is quite amazing - whole neighbourhoods of it are built on stilts over the water, which solves the wastewater plumbing, but means we
  12. With OzziTalk missing I spotted an update on Martin by idlerboat » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:48 pm Hi all you wonderfull people and my mates from Alaska and Canada. Sorry for the time that has past........ The very short version. We put the boat inthe water..24 hrs later put the rig on (self built of course). Spent a few months getting sorted and then 6 weeks waiting for a window to do "sea trials". 1200 NM later we are now at the half way point and heading back south. We have had constant battles with wild weather and as I type tommorrow will be no differant. 40 knotts and 5 M seas.
  13. I have anchored in Fitzroy in all weather and almost everywhere but the ferry channel. Good holding, deep in parts, shelter from most weather. If you ask the gas station guy he may let you tie up to the wharf overnight if it is quiet. Shop has a garden bar, Yacht club is good but check open times. Have fun it a nice stop over.
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