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Te Kooti was my dream boat for years - every time I took the old wharram out I'd have a drool over it as we motored past (it was moored nearby), but I always figured it would be out of my price range.Then I saw it on trade me for low 30s a few years ago, just as I crossed into the 30k zone building Mysterex.......I still think its a great design - heaps built in Aus and a production version too. 

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Very cool.  I'm interested in the routing of your jib sheets.  If you have a chance to take pic next time you're at the boat....   I rely heavily on my jib sheet travelers, so I cannot quite picture

And for the red 720 farrier that was my old boat. , very nice boat to sail , it been in my family for 30year I trust this boat to the moon and back little room tho cheer lance


This is the size/price I'm looking at really.


I'd love to get Hard Drive and race it, but in the real world, it would be a waste, as my family would rather cruise, and the guys I would want to crew with me all have their own small boats and race them. Te Kooti would be a similar story.

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