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Durapox, who makes it? where do I buy it?

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Hi all, I have read up about a paint called Durapox on these forums and am keen to try this for repainting the inside of my boat.

Google says Resene make it. So I called resene, they say they can get it but its an Altex product and quoted me a reasonable price for a 4 litre pack.

I rang Wairau Paint Centre, they said it was a Resene product and quoted me about $100 more but for a 5 litre pack?


Burnsco dont have it, Sailors corner dont have it, Orams Marine store dont have it.


I would go with the Resene pack but the differance in pack sizes leads me to believe they are refering to different products.


Anyone know where I can get this stuff for a reasonable price, I need about 4 litres to start with. Also, presumably it is used in a thinned state (roller application) so will need thinners as well.



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I used white to paint inside of RnB,   its ok but there isnt much pigment so you need several layers to cover any darker marks under it.    sets hard.    you WILL NEED full face resp as fumes are intense.


I liked it but would try something with more pigmentation next time.....   if there is a high pigment white durable interior marine paint?

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It's a very old system that has had a modern revamp. That is not to say it is bad. It is still a good coating technology, but there are other really good coatings available as well. I used 2K Primer waaay back in the mid/late 80's before applying Laquer Based paints on Cars/Trucks etc. It was a very good Primer surfacer and I think it likely still is.
But WARNING! it is Isocyanate based and you need good safety gear to protect you. Do not allow the spray mist to touch your skin and it is best to use an Air fed breathing respirator. The type that has the canisters are not suggested as ideal, but then again, for one off, they will likely do the job safely.
The thing is, there are much easier to apply and play with Coatings available today. The 2K is still a very relevant Primer/surfacer and it is great on bare metals. But for GRP and Carbon, most all 2 pot Primer surfacers will do the same and there re several that are easy to apply by Roller/Brush of you want to do it yourself.

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I was pretty happy with some stuff I got from Wairau Paint Center which they called a 'single pot lacquer'. I got a white with a tiny hint of black stainers added (it helps it cover better) and a hint of 'knock off the gloss' whatever it is to make it more semi-gloss than shiney, which I despise. 


That went over well sanded unknown paint and assorted bits inside my boat. Put on 2 coats and it covered well, flowed out well and has proven surprisingly tuff to scuffing bashing and crashing. Done with small roller and brush, not warehouse shitters, good ones.

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