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  1. Problem with Whangateau is the lack of good anchoring space. You can follow the channel by following the line of moorings, but there's not much room left for anchoring except a small area right up at the tip of the spit on the west side - which isn't very sheltered. Tides aren;t an issue for most of the boats that moor there. The water's really clear and you can see the entrance channel pretty well from deck level.
  2. The parking time limits at Westhaven are due to the recent developments around beaumont st - they became close, attractive all day carparks for free. And now with the nice walkway/cycleway as well. I'd say they have seen evidence that people are leasing out or selling their parking permits.
  3. Bogan

    Gas bottles

    The different consumption depending on conditions could be due to changes in the bottle temperature. The LPG (in NZ) is a mix of propane and butane. Propane is more volatile than butane. Butane has a higher calorific value per volume of gas (by 30%), but about the same per weight. So if your regulator/stove is using a set volume of gas per hour, you will get less heat output with propane, but use less weight as well. The mix of gas that comes out of the tap at any given time depends on what is left in the bottle, and the bottle conditions - particularly temperature. As you get close t
  4. For most of us on this board, racing gives you long periods of time with boats that close around you, and often in some pretty difficult situations. In that situation, no problem. We just assume that other sailors have some racing experience and will be comfortable with a controlled overtake of this type. This thread shows that might not be true.
  5. Maybe once people have had the odd bump while racing they figure a light tap in the night isn't going to be a big deal?
  6. In good condition. Replaced with an Excel, and an alloy danforth pattern. Pick up in Pt Chev. Logan
  7. Floating around on the rope: has anyone tried one of these: http://www.anchorbuddy.co.nz/
  8. Pretty much what I learned through watching my father. But in this case your anchor can easily end up under one or other of the boats depending how they are laying at the time you anchor. And more commonly the issue arises as more boats come in and start filling the gaps. But I've never personally seen or experienced two boats coming together at anchor - except when one of them is dragging. I jumped aboard a dragging launch to hold it off on one occasion, and had a launch drag back and collide with my anchor rode on another.
  9. An anchor marker might seem a good idea, but you're just going to piss people off. Boats can anchor much closer than full scope circles would suggest without hitting. We've frequently had to wait for boats to swing out of the way when raising anchor, but never had any feeling that the boats would swing into contact. In the commodore's lounge at the squadron there's a photo of mansion house bay in the early 1900's, taken from the shore, with boats very close together. In discussing it with some more weathered folk their impression is that the wind tends to channel between boats at ancho
  10. Put your snorkel and mask on and go have a look at his anchor?
  11. But reg 3 states that nothing in the rules applies to ships, except to pleasure vessels which have a connectable installation. Connectable installation is defined in s7 as one which is designed or intended for or capable of connection to an external power supply that operates at a nominal voltage between 90V and 250V AC. How does this apply to a boat that only has a 12v system? The argument that seems to be behind the present push enforced is that the electrical cord, and 12v charger is a part of the connectable installation. But with this interpretation, every boat is "capable
  12. Bogan

    using durapox

    I have rolled it on (white on my transom board), and brushed it on (clear gloss on a floor board). It's hard to get a completely smooth finish but the foam roller did a pretty good job. You get pretty thin coats and use up a roller head with every coat.
  13. Bogan


    Barefoot, or when its cold or I prefer not to stub toes on fittings, any running shoes that drain freely (mesh uppers) are my choice.
  14. I'm interested in the idea of "stay 20m away" that they recommend. That could rip your nightie if she's basking on your pier, between the ramp and the boat. "Can't go racing tonight lads, let's retire early to the bar". "Sorry about the weekend cruise that I invited you on, looks like we're sleeping in the car."
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