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They have to take a huge load in caternary.  And proper building experience is hard to come by.  The average canvas maker has no idea.


My forward tramps are holding up fine.   They get less traffic and less stressful traffic.   The areas near my halyards, and near my motor box get hammered.  I am doubling up the number of attachment points to further distribute the load.


I pulled them off yesterday and added three rows of PTFE stitching all around.   And ordered up 100 Feet of new cordage.   The biggest hassle is the 30 bolts along one side of each tramp that must be removed every time!


There is a lot of labor associated with having a huge deck space that only weighs about 10 kilos......

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presumably modified many times over 40 something years


capricorn currently working well with this Sam/Josh/Andrew/Bill system


.mesh triple stitched with ptfe-teflon thread, around fibreglass rod which is individually tied / tensioned to the 20-something saddles along the float with a suitable size of standard cordage.....when it's time to remove the tramp, retention or change the cordage etc it gets cut-off and renewed



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sort of on topic


am looking for some safety? netting for either side of the Bucc 24 skinny bow




don't need to walk on it, just don't want to fall through if slipped


bunnings +  M10 now seem to only stock fine "bird netting" or rigid PVC netting


any ideas on where to buy a few meters of something like traditional black tennis netting?

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Here here!

The new boat has reduced tramp area. When I got it it had Ali support rods. The lashings round these did not seem to suffer chafe. When I (eventually) get her back in the water half will be Ali and half will be f-glass so will be interesting to compare.


KM what you you 'suggest' as the best low chafe lashing cordage?

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