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  1. RushMan

    Coastal 2023

    Trying to follow the race but the tracker is terrible
  2. Thanks for the explanation
  3. Refunds on the 20th November? I hope that should be October
  4. We held discussions on board OF about when the iron headsail was to be deployed so crew could make it to work in the morning (Monday morning). “We retire at 1am”... luckily the wind arrived at midnight, the kite went up and we sailed on, claimed monohull line honours and had rum for breakfast.
  5. Shaggybaxter from SA hit a whale, the keel popped, no damage other than a whale looking for Panadol. Reset the keel and continued their sailing. From his account the system works
  6. RushMan

    Boat Names

    When required on an entry form, my Hobie 18 goes by the name FIIGS Yes, I did pinch the name from SA
  7. RushMan

    Boat Names

    This story was told to me about 40 years ago about a Cherub at the Australian Nationals At the end of each days sailing, the results would be announced back at the club. ”First, Boat XYZ.... second, Boat ZYX.... Third, PORK HUNT” They had to change the name of the boat after day two.
  8. RushMan

    Coastal 2020

    There seem to be a lot of boats DNF in the results
  9. RushMan


    Bump... the new owner might enjoy reading this, it is a shame the images have been lost
  10. Let’s see if I have this right.... You want to sail to New Zealand You would like someone in New Zealand to buy a boat in Europe You plan on taking 14 months to deliver the boat You offer this service for free
  11. Main looks to be up when refloated
  12. Back in the day when I was lighter/smaller/with body parts that moved freely, the association in Australia had a mould that did the rounds of backyard builders. Great boats, except for #2079... too heavy, too slow, blown out sails
  13. Stuff article says 17 year sentence... Stuff needs to do some fact checking it seems
  14. Parole is for early release isn’t it?
  15. Quick question from the article... sentenced in 1999 for 17 years, why is he still in jail?
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