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Integrating Raymarine auto pilot/B&G wind gear

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Hi everyone,

Looking for practical ideas, if what l want to do can be done .

When I bought Duty free, Farr 1220, it had Raymarine gear on it ---I was given the opportunity to get some B&G gear (Zeus Touch 7/Triton display). 

The current Auto helm is an Raytheon ST6000plus , works really well and l am pleased with it,  but it was not and is not integrated with the wind gear .

I am sufficiently aware that they have different operating systems (if that's the correct word ) but my question is ----Can l integrate my B&G wind gear  with the Raymarine/Raytheon ST6000--if so , how so.  


The second question -----With putting in the new B&G gear(integrate depth/log ) transducer we chose not to take out the older ST60 Depth instruments/transducer --for the love of me ,I just cannot figure out the B&G fishfinder option and make it produce anything l can understand (no doubt operator error )----The question is whether the ST 60 transducer can be utilised as a fish finder , if l buy a new/second hand  display/head  unit which is compatible. Its currently used as a back up depth sounder which l don't need, so was hoping to get some use out of the transducer/wiring that's in place   --I have tried to get an answer from L&B on their customer enquiry line but have had no reply.  

Looking for any advice /ideas/suggestions from you very knowledgeable people .



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Hi Andrew, no problem. You can buy the Raymarine adapters to go from Seatalk 1 to Seatalk ng, then simply the ng to n2k bus for the B&G. This will give you all the instrument data on your Zeus.

The AP you have has an nmea0183 output, so it can go directly into the Zeus nmea0183 input port, and vice versa.

The dst 800 transducer you have is depth only. If you want a fish finder with the old Zeus touch, you need to add a sonar hub, and a suitable transducer. Personally I’d look seriously at a new Vulcan 7, which includes the sonar hub, and wifi etc, rather than put money into the Zeus touch.

Happy to talk if you want to give me a ring, 0221539176, but be warned, I’m working in a location with very poor reception for the next two weeks.



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I have a similar issue.  Our boat had full Raymarine E80 plotter, Radar and instruments and 6002 AP but E80 screen died and I have replaced this with Zues 3 9" and 4G radar.  Fantastic plotter and radar; very happy I made decision to go B&G over Raymarine.

Have been running the last year with both systems standalone and as the instrument upgrade to B&G is not in the budget currently I want to get the two systems working with each other to get full benefit of SailSteer etc and also get data into my X8000 so I can also pick it up on iPad apps over WiFi.

Does the Raymarine Seatalk 1 to Seatalk ng mentioned above plug straight into the N2K backbone? 

The Vesper is plugged into the N2K currently so I am guessing data will then be available over WiFi if above connection is made

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You have 2 options. The Zeus 3 can take NMEA0183 directly, or you can install sealtalk NG then the Micro C adapter cable. This cable plugs directly into the N2K bus and shares the data.

That will allow the AP and the wind instruments to go, but you'll only have basic AP control. For a fully integrated system you need a Navico (B&G) AP computer. They can take the NMEA 0183 from the instruments, and you'll then have a fully functional system,

All depends on budget, and what you want the achieve. 

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Thanks IT.  The AP is still working fine of the Raymarine wind instruments so this is fine.  Just wanted to get the wind and boatspeed inputs into the ZEUS 3 so that some of the B&G data starts to make more sense such as set and drift etc and the data available through Sailsteer screen even if this is not driving the AP

As the ZEUS 3 does not have a separate NMEA0183 input, can I just make a connection from the Raymarine daisy loop data cable to the NMEA2000 backbone which will then feed both the XB8000 and the ZEUS 3 with wind and speed data???

Still want to do the full B&G upgrade at a later stage but it would be nice to see if I can get the speed wind data through for now.

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OK, the Zeus 3 DOES have an NMEA port, Labeled Video (it does both, see page 19 of the manual),


"NMEA 0183 device connection The unit has a NMEA 0183 serial port, providing both an input and an output. The port uses the NMEA 0183 (serial balanced) standard, and can be configured in the software for different baud rates up to 38,400 baud. Ú Note: The connector for NMEA 0183 is labelled VIDEO on rear of unit, as the cable is dual purpose and carries both composite video and NMEA 0183 (on seperate wires)"


so if you have an NMEA  0183 output from the Raymarine system connection should be easy enough. Better though to make a NMEA 2K connection, as all data would be shared. Raymarine provide the required bits. What model is the Instrument system and AP?

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Thanks again IT.  Hadn't realised the Video connection also doubled as NMEA 0183.  Will look at the Raymarine adaptor to connect direct to NMEA 2000 backbone though so I can share data. Not on boat atm and not sure of model on instruments (Boat launched 2006) but know that AP is 6002.  Managed to get heading data out of Raymarine AP to Zeus so able to do radar overlay on cart view.

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