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Bow sprit DIY help please!

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This was Pork Chops move...


Wow quite a move.


I want to stick with a J -keel if possible and stay around the 2.3m draught so will probably stick with the current keel for now but maybe a project for the future.


Have conatcted and engineer re. the Sprit setup.... It feels doable for now. My keel leading edge sits directly below the trailing edge of the mast which looks a bit different to your original setup too?

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so you could do a similar set up to the one that Kick and Sniper have gone for.

We've both built cedar core carbon prods with static tubes. 

I was pretty comfortable building the prod and beefing it all up enough to hold gennakers and code zero's. I'm not sure I'd want it holding the rig though although I can't see why it wouldn't if its beefed up enough. 

Snipers prod is based around an Elliott 7 prod, which has around a 4mm wall thickness, with 4 laminations of 4mm cedar on both sides. There is a layer of carbon in between each lamination. Its then wrapped in 5 layers of carbon uni's and finished off with a layer of carbon double bias. All vacuum bagged.


THe inside of the anchor locker is beefed up was well with carbon plate, carbon uni's and DB's.


Have look at the "beware sniper in action" face book page for a few more pics of the finished prod.



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That looks like a pretty good.


I’ve had a chat to an engineer and will try to use what I have.


Retracting would be good as 1.7m out the front makes the LOA closer to 12.5m which is a hassle for berths etc.


I have the tubes now so I guess beefing up the anchor locker and reinforcing the big tube to take the loads with some margin will be the go.

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