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Coastguard app

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So the metservice website has changed for the worse, it's not just me being a grumpy old man?

MattM, I have the new Coastguard app installed on my Moto G4.  Have you tried installing? It's better than nothing.  


But it is probably better to pay for PredictWind to activate their Observations.  In anticipation of the next America's Cup, they have just installed 10 of their own new wind stations, so you can get more readings than Nowcasting. Plus you can view history at each wind station, so you can see the trend over the last 12hr, 6hr, 15 mins.

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Coastguard are looking for sailors to contribute via a focus group.  Let me know if you are interested.


When the new app came out I made it quite clear why I felt it wasn't as good as the old app and they totally dismissed any criticism. It's rubbish.


I used to have all my important now casting stations in a list and now I have to select each one manually from a map. Not all my favourites are in the same area so this takes time. Even the weather and tides are harder to do and put together by someone more focused on graphics than providing text and tables.


I rarely file trip reports and I don't listen to coastguard stations for the very reason I'm sick of hearing boat after boat tell me they are leaving Westhaven for Izzy Bay (or the local equivalent) I'm a member of the local chapter because they do an amazing job but the rest of "member services" is better provided by any number of outlets. Incidentally Coastguard aren't alone. Metservice look to have the same team of kids running their IT department


Predictwind has really lifted their game

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All we want in an app that gives live wind and maybe current metservice/windy forecasts, why is that so hard? Nowcasting is crap, you have to listen to adverts for 5 minutes before data and  IMHO shouldnt happen. What I want to know is why a winddan type app isnt available. I understand how companies want to put a paywall between us and govt funded (i.e. you and me) data but F them.... 

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With the Predictwind Observations, these can be viewed in Map or Table form, giving you the best of both worlds. 

The Table just lists the stations shown on the current map, so you can make the Table list bigger or smaller by going to the Map first and zooming in or out to show the ones you want.

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I know there is the separate discussion about Winddan. It was fantastic.

Did anyone find out if Coastguard shut him down or did Dan simply move onto other ventures?

Coastguard should be inviting Dan in as a consultant to the focus group.

They should just buy winddan and call it the new coastguard app.

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The Coastguard app is one pretty amateur effort at best and I wonder weather they actually have heard the criticism.

The focus groups and consultation would have been straight out of Fawlty Towers that’s if they actually conducted any.

Somehow I doubt it.

The real shame is for a small effort they could have reached out to Dan or others for some very appt advice.

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