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Coastguard app

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So the metservice website has changed for the worse, it's not just me being a grumpy old man?

The coastguard app isn't too bad- but you are quite right it doesn't do everything.

However, you have to remember that CG aren't trying to make a profit, and in fact

they are moving towards making the app free.

The main point of the app is for us to make our own trip reports and have them

checked if we are overdue. On a busy day, apparently the operations centre in

Mechanics Bay gets around 2000 calls, and the more of them done on the app, the

more CG can concentrate on those of us who need assistance.

Also, people may  not know it, but that ops centre is now responsible for everything from Taranaki to

North CApe

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Well maybe if they made the app do stuff boaties want, like windan, they might file a trip report too. You got to try sell your product a little bit - or at least make them want to use it.

Coastguard cant be looking to hard if they cant figure out what people want and why they don't like the current app, its written in black and white easy to read in several on line places. Lets hope they hear the message and surprise us all.



Merry Christmas Everyone

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The Coastguard app is the number 2 top selling app on the Apple charts for 2019.

Hopefully it has raised heaps of money for Coastguard.


Coastguard NZ's trip-logging Coastguard App ($3.49), developed in part by grants from Maritime NZ and BayTrust, who chipped in $100,000 and helped raise another $146,000 toward its development, came in at number two.
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