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This is deliberately in Marine Talk, so everyone can see it.

If you wish to block a user (or two), so you see nothing from them, its pretty simple. That's what the "Ignore user" settings are for - click on your username in the top right corner, and add any username to the "ignore user" section. You will then see nothing from them. Done.

So, if someone here really annoys you, feel free to ignore away! :-)  Have a nice day!

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About the only other option is to filter out the Small talk topic from your "unread" results, the following technique is used on Sailing Anarchy forums to great effect.

click the following link...


It will take you to a "Stream" I created and shared. You can then make it your Default instead of the "Unread Content", and/or you can add it to your own profile to save and customize it further. This wont stop you seeing spammage of other topics, but it will stop you seeing anything posted in Small talk

See attached picture.


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7 hours ago, Island Time said:

Or you can just ask and I can change your account to the marine topics only group. All except small talk.... There are quite a few members in this group already.

I think I'm one of those members... lol


edit: just checked and apparently now I still see small talk. For a while though, I was sure small talk had been removed altogether...

Happy to still see small talk, though.

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