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Acccording to the book thermostat starts opening at 90deg and not fully open until 102deg,  i have been told that 100 deg is not unusual and wont trigger the alarm,  will check that part number next time i am down, i am also going to take an IR thermometer and check what temp the heat exchanger gets to

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My D2 40 F runs at 89.7 deg virtually all the time, with short duration minor fluctuations of less than 2 deg. This is what the NMEA 2000 interface reports. 

The heat exchanger should be hot to touch at the hot in end, and only warm at the cool out end. If its too hot to hold your hand on for a few secs at the hot end, I'd suspect  it needs cleaning, or there is insufficient flow for some reason.

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If you look at the attached image you can see the coolant tank and heat exchanger and associated hoses are essentially at the same height but opposite sides of the motor. It takes stuff all heel for the Coolant tank to no longer be the highest point in the system... at which stage the issues start. Remote locating can completely resolve this problem.

Generally I motor or sail... but the way the motor comes ex factory the buzzer could sound within 2 minutes of hoisting the main on port tack even with minimal heel... I certainly what to be less restricted than that. 1245hr later and no real mechanical issues (other than a slight oil leak from a o-ring) would suggest oil pressure has never been a problem.



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Well, I dont agree with that, but your call. Here are the MIDI box part numbers;

Volvo Part Number Year released
3843668 2006
21120710 2008
21558929 2014
22458451-P 2017
23195776 2018
23231607 2019


Lots of them!!!

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