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Overwintering in the Northland

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Welcome to NZ. I spent a month on a trawler in the PNW last year and like your picture. Just before Whangaroa, Mahinepua is very pretty and doable with your draft. Whangaroa isn't that big s

Further north there are lots of little places you will be able to get into. Taipa river  where I bought my proa from is easy at high tide and has a few local shops. 

Is that a PT11? The Thatcher book is good. We spent last winter in the BoI. Had intended going further north but never got around to it.  Did you know there is a tango group in Opua? 

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We left a week late after the inevitable waiting for parts and then some drilling and epoxy work installing  new pad eyes to tweak the new/larger  screecher from. Then a bit of dyneema re-rigging and we were off on last Thursday.   Thanks for all the great replies, We are  now up in Whangaroa, spent a few days at Lane Cove and moved over near the water buoy on the east side for the little bit of wind we just had.  Some great hikes and some dingy sailing and fishing, … re-wrapped  my old dad’s 1940’s cane  rod and been out spin fishing a bit, lots of fun….    Thanks to all!


IMG_4514 small.JPG

Dukes Nose Small.JPG


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More Questions and further exploration.....

So after 45 days in the Northern shores up around Whangaroa and such..... (and more time idling in the Bay of Islands)

We are headed for Great Barrier Island and the Coromandel Peninsula - And at the risk of being repetitive - Does anyone have advice for a good cruising book for this region?

The Thatcher book  that FISH and Panther recommended was excellent (you do pay for what you get!). And I still am so very thankful for all the great suggestions that everyone else made.... occasionally recalling the  seed sewn charts from John B . IMG_2967.JPG





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On 30/06/2020 at 8:48 AM, John B said:

We always stop at the Cavalli islands, several anchorage spots depending on wind direction, you can always hop into mahinepua if it's too west or windy.

Flax seeds marking our usual spots. The Eastern side is nice if there's been a SW for a few days and the swell is down.

Whangaroa harbour is a jewel and a destination suitable for all weather, you just anchor where it's pretty in one of four arms. The must not miss is the walk from Lane cove up to the dukes nose. About 30 minutes and involves a climb up a well set up rock face with handrail. Quite luxurious now, it used to be a chain.



Yep Cavalli's a favourite spot for Bad Kitty, just love it there, 

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On 29/06/2020 at 5:40 PM, marinheiro said:

Fish, still drifting, there are a range of nesting dinghies here https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/new-store/plans-and-kits/dinghies-and-tenders/

Bit late, but the green pram is a modified Bolger Nymph. Built a bit wider they are much better. You can make one 50” wide still from 2 sheets if you butt the lenghtwise off-center. Bolger has a 4’6” beam called Rubens Nymph which takes 3 sheets and is much boxier looking. Good dink, especially for single handler 

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