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  1. Is that a Hypalon Achilles? I’d reckon it’s certainly repairable but might need to be done professionally to remove the old patch and put on a new. Any idea how big the original damage is? If it happens to be about an 8.5’ air floor model I might be interested in buying.
  2. Less than 12 days you spend BALANCE of 14 in hotel not a full 14. No other “yacht” has spent 14 days but on us. Of course the officials “don’t have that information in front of them” hard to see with their heads that far stuffed up their bums no doubt. Anyway, here’s hoping for no summer lockdowns!
  3. Certainly need the anti siphon loop and need to make sure the duckbill is not clogged up. This should really be checked every oil change. Overall the engineering quality on leopards seems or have taken quite a nose dive in the newer models. other issue isn’t likely cruising load as I’m sure at boatshow loading the exhaust elbow I well above the waterline and often a vented loop is not fitted when the assumption is it will always be above the WL. Some of the older Yanmar owners manuals have some very good exhaust schematics
  4. So yes, the border order states a quarantine can be reset by a stop. In our case we stopped due to weather and a broken autopilot mount. Have pictures of the repairs, customs never asked to see them. Tonga has been allowing these stops all year no issue from the Tongans that I’m aware of. upon arrival we were given 14 days quarantine despite all proof to the countary that we didn’t have any contact at or after Minerva. That’s the issue here for us. A lack of accountability, complete waste of 2 hotel rooms for 2 weeks and of course the approx cost of $7,000 plus the fl
  5. We have visas, we have the yacht exemption, we followed the rules. The rules were changed on us after arrival. You guys honestly don’t have any issue with that? Our situation has nothing to too with “entitled yachties” or “those Germans” Minerva was empty, the stop in Pago Pago (in a Covid free country) was under quarantine. So yea, 5 weeks in isolation.
  6. When we left Panama for French Polynesia in July we were relatively certain we be able to enter NZ. In July there were 0 active cases in French Polynesia. They were requiring a 28 day sea quarantine and we had no idea they were opening the air border with minimal testing requirements. So far from “winning the lottery” we been subject to ever evolving amounts of bullshit and now just in time for Christmas we’re being treated to an extra week of involuntary confinement. The greater good? You must be joking! I’m actually quite shocked how many on here are willing to enable this government o
  7. We were 7 days from Minerva. There were no boats there but impossible to prove. Should then be a 7 day quarantine not 14. my point here is that Customs are not following their rules and apparently have Carte Blanche to alter people’s life’s as they deem fit.
  8. Many may not be aware the current maritime border order allows arriving yachts to count sea time against the 14 day quarantine requirement. This is actually more lax than the Fiji and Aussie border orders. In our case, we applied 8 Sept for a foreign yacht exemption and were told it would be 15-20 days to hear back. Fast forward to 27th October we received permission! We are former residents and out young daughter is a NZ citizen. During the time while our application was in a satellite “big brother” tracking requirement was added. As we didn’t have this satellite equipment, we asked Cust
  9. Bit late, but the green pram is a modified Bolger Nymph. Built a bit wider they are much better. You can make one 50” wide still from 2 sheets if you butt the lenghtwise off-center. Bolger has a 4’6” beam called Rubens Nymph which takes 3 sheets and is much boxier looking. Good dink, especially for single handler
  10. Interested in buying your Navik. Please send me an email. Mojomarine34@gmail.com

  11. I will buy the navik located in Auckland/Opua
  12. Glad I asked! Appears the rates to haul at Marsden are actually quite reasonable especially since we are just under 6m beam, but haven’t endeavored to read all the rules and fine print yet.
  13. What are the rules about painting on a grid? Is this covered by local regulations or just national environmental policy?
  14. to follow this up which Hempel is better? I think only the cheaper one available in multipule colors? also there is new Altex 60, but it is just about the most expensive option at around 400ish for 4L have also used PPG ABC in the past and i believe thats available at Norsand in Whangarei. on my cat 12 months and 8,000 miles ago i used Petit Hydrocoat on the port hull and Seahawk Monterey on starboard. Both have basically been a disappointment, but the Hydrocoat is very thin in many areas and probably needs atleast a serious touchup ASAP. what are the rules these days f
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