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With the marina extension at Half Moon Bay limiting opportunities for haulout and time on the hardstand for a few months, I'm interested in alternative options in the Auckland area.

Anyone have good recommendations for Auckland based multihull haulout options that are available to the general public?  ( I don't have a cradle )

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I'm not sure it's a good recommendation but I have used Gulf Harbour Marina for my 7.8m wide tri.  Bit pricey I believe and hardstanding fees are factored at 1.5x for multihulls.  On the plus side there's plenty of services available and the folk there were really pleasant to deal with.

I have also used Fusion Marine out the back of Silverdale, they're good guys and were pretty reasonable (also 1.5x for cats) and should be able to haul your boat, there was a big cat on the hard whilst I was there.  It's just a hardstand attached to a boat builders yard though if you're looking for some work to be done.  Does have power, water and a bathroom!  

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At Panmure we have cradles and can easily haul a GBE.  I haul the T out there.  Great club, great vibe - happy to help out when the time comes.   The tricky bit is getting between the entry piles but if I can do it at 6.5m wide then you can do it at 5.5m wide!   When I first bought and hauled her I was on my own and after two attempts, unlashed the bow tramp and gunned it onto the cradle then jumped through the tramp to centre her on - f**kin scary when I think about it!  I've decided that it's a three person on-board job rather than two just to get safely through the piles without.  Getting off is much, much  easier and just a one person job really as you don't go back through the piles.

When I first had a GBE I actually got it out on the travel lift at HMB but you need to be sure you set the slings at the main and int beam ring frames!

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