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Just purchased - been parked up for 10 years

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Kia ora everyone 

Just new to the forum. Been a keen on fishing for years and had a few boats here and there. Now that the kids a littler older I thought I'd get back into it. 

Picked up a plylite fisherman on Facebook Market place recently. It had been sitting for years with no use so it was a risky purchase but a great price. Anyway, after working out they had the hand pump on back to front I was able to get her started however quickly noticed she wasn't pumping out any water. Switched her off, removed the leg and went to check the impeller and noticed that the grommet to the impeller casing had been pinched. Purchased a new grommet only to find it was still not pumping water. Checked impeller and it seemed not far off new but rubber seal on casing was flat and had a fair few groves in plate. Maybe I should replace? 

Checked telltale tube and its clear, checked theomostat and its free. Make sure muffs are tight on there and they seem tight. What on earth could it be? 

Any advice would be much appreciated! 👍 


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Most people here have outboards but mainly for tenders so mainly at the small end up e.g. 2.5 - 15hp.

Not many people here are used to dealing with bigger units like yours hence the shortage of answers I suspect!

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