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  1. I appreciate hearing from the other side and credit to you for standing up - few others have. However that's got to be the best line I've read on here for years... Not going to happen and everyone knows it and that's why the demise of this facility has upset so many. You don't need much infrastructure to rig a fleet of Optis in a safe and environmentally manner but the same can't be said for the annual maintenance of a 30' keeler...
  2. Yeap, parts pricing for some marine engines are in another universe compared to industrial, transport and agricultural engines. Worth some research as sometimes there is an equivalent obtainable from those sectors at a much reduced cost.
  3. And around 6 watt transmission power as opposed to 25 watts....
  4. Worth checking it is set to "International" not USA or Can?
  5. Sad day indeed - these facilities will never be replaced. Just another nail in the coffin for the average Joe wanting to get afloat on anything that doesn't go on a trailer.. "Auckland City of Sails" - not for long.
  6. Going back a few decades I think the following questions would be asked: Was the mooring arrangement inline with accepted best practice for the location and intended use (vessel size etc)? Was a reputable contractor used for it's installation and/or inspections? If the answer to both of those questions was yes, then it was more often than not put down to a "stuff happens" incident. NZ now seems much more ready to crawl over things to look for opportunities to nail it on someone. As someone else eluded to - I can almost hear the conversations at Auckland Transport - "I'
  7. I doubt if many CG volunteers would want to be involved in enforcement - it's not what they signed up for so unless you want to turn the organisation on it's head and also write a huge cheque... it's a no go.
  8. Talking to someone who delivers diesel in our wee region last night and it was eye opening how many 1,000's of litres are being delivered on a weekly basis to generate electricity when the network either can't supply enough or there are pricing spikes due to demand / supply making diesel a cheaper option. I suspect the funds being spent on the ferries would be better spent on boosting renewable power generation and distribution but I guess that isn't as sexy. A genuinely independent report into the state and future options for our electricity infrastructure based on engineering woul
  9. Dagwood

    sign writers

    Ron is Auckland based but might be an option. http://www.customairbrushfx.co.nz/
  10. Always had aspirations to get into a D28 or similar. The move away from any DIY maintenance and compliance just makes the entire concept out of reach.. Looks like we'll stick to the tinny in the front yard.
  11. I think Island Time had some photo's of his engine bay which might be motivating - very sexy but maybe that says more about me....
  12. Really interesting video and some good lessons for anyone operating kero type stoves I would have thought...
  13. Hope my insurance company didn't have to pay out for that one...
  14. We had a 2.6 Seabird as a tender. Not the lightest, rowed ok, especially compared to a tinny or an inflatable and it was a pretty good sea boat. Hard to compare it to anything but my Starling at the time would have left it for dead sailing wise but for a bit of fun it was fine.
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