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  1. Talking to someone who delivers diesel in our wee region last night and it was eye opening how many 1,000's of litres are being delivered on a weekly basis to generate electricity when the network either can't supply enough or there are pricing spikes due to demand / supply making diesel a cheaper option. I suspect the funds being spent on the ferries would be better spent on boosting renewable power generation and distribution but I guess that isn't as sexy. A genuinely independent report into the state and future options for our electricity infrastructure based on engineering woul
  2. Dagwood

    sign writers

    Ron is Auckland based but might be an option. http://www.customairbrushfx.co.nz/
  3. Always had aspirations to get into a D28 or similar. The move away from any DIY maintenance and compliance just makes the entire concept out of reach.. Looks like we'll stick to the tinny in the front yard.
  4. I think Island Time had some photo's of his engine bay which might be motivating - very sexy but maybe that says more about me....
  5. Really interesting video and some good lessons for anyone operating kero type stoves I would have thought...
  6. Hope my insurance company didn't have to pay out for that one...
  7. We had a 2.6 Seabird as a tender. Not the lightest, rowed ok, especially compared to a tinny or an inflatable and it was a pretty good sea boat. Hard to compare it to anything but my Starling at the time would have left it for dead sailing wise but for a bit of fun it was fine.
  8. Maybe a cray noose would be worth having a play with?
  9. Can also join your library and download E books and magazines to your tablet (I'm on an ipad) at no cost...
  10. Jeepers - it's certainly a buyers market! Some nice & capable vessels there that were very desirable in their day.
  11. Have enjoyed watching Sailing Parlay Revival's channel while they've been dealing with a bulkhead issue in his cat. Thought he carried himself through a challenging situation from both technical & political perspectives rather well - and he's a Kiwi!
  12. Our eldest is nearing the end of his apprenticeship (Electrical) and this is how he's spent most of his time and it shows - I was quietly impressed when he habitually pulled out a small bubble stick to verify a light switch he had just reinstalled was plumb after checking something minor at home. I think the issue might be challenged by the attitude and work ethic he's described of some of his peers. That and the fact that the older hand has limited means to correct said attitude and behaviour. I couldn't handle 8 hours with a feckless handbrake 5 days a week...
  13. Dagwood


    Without wanting cause any offence from where I'm sitting, money spent getting her back to original could be viewed as an investment as it'd add to the current value. Money spent on improving the rather unique solution that's there - perhaps not so much.
  14. 10% reduction in the likelihood of a successful outcome for every minute it takes to get a defib on the casualty is one stat I've heard...
  15. The official info in NZ is maintained on the New Zealand Resuscitation Council's site. https://www.nzrc.org.nz/ CPR here which still talks of a ratio of 30:2 for compressions to breaths but many organisations suspended the breaths due to COVID and I've heard the same as Wheels - the compressions move an adequate amount of air so if in doubt or on your own - focus on those.
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