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  1. Seems very odd they can't attract / retain staff and I would have thought COVID would have made that a bit easier if anything. Mind you, he did mention some roles were being paid "the living wage". Perhaps things have changed since the old days when a port worker was extremely well paid and had access to numerous perks. Or did they reduce staff in advance of the automation coming on stream?
  2. Thought this was an interesting story here: https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/300138081/a-girl-and-her-wolf-attack-the-coastal-classic
  3. Most of the updates are here with the bonus of some photos added: https://www.waihekeworkingsail.org/category/circumnavigation-2020/
  4. No offence to anyone here but you may have a better response on this forum: https://www.fishing.net.nz/forum/the-outboard-clinic_forum73.html Quite a few very knowledgeable outboard folk there. This one is more yachting orientated...
  5. Can't make that venue but would certainly front up if my local yacht club was to organise a similar fund raiser. Very fond memories of following the Whitbread campaigns...
  6. Tend to do the same - keep well away and make intentions as clear as possible..
  7. Interesting, I heard the opposite from an ex ferry master - he found it frustrating that stand on vessels didn't hold their course and speed and gave way when they shouldn't. Made situations harder to anticipate and manage.
  8. Small point but one of the issues we face is a perception that we ARE a government entity - especially in certain sectors of the community. This can lead to a reluctance to engage for fear of consequences etc and it could explain why some are surprised that there is a cost for non-urgent, non member assistance.
  9. I'd have to see the context of that - as a volunteer I'm not aware of a current and significant drive to add vessels of that size into the fleet. We do have 2 x 15m "Heavies" based in Auckland. Are they useful? Extremely - greater operational capacity - overnight duties, deployment to other areas to provide cover due to operational issues when required, extreme weather, patient facilities, long heavy tows, mothership capability (toilets & galley etc) for longer duration incidents just to name a few. I can still smell the toast wafting downwind towards during a paused search which paged
  10. Sorry if I singled you out - perhaps it was my interpretation that sparked a reaction so all good. I don't want to get drawn into the politics and the he said and she saids but as a volunteer, bursting my family's bubble to help a kid who somehow finds themselves drifting off a beach on an inflatable unicorn is one thing. Having to do that to go and jump start Bill and Ben 'cause they wanted to catch a feed - that's something else.
  11. Gee, apparently I've been wasting my time as a Coastguard volunteer all these years. Funny though, most of the people we've helped home (typically 6500 - 7000 PA nationally and "helping" ranging from a jump start to finding and retrieving someone from the the water) seem pretty happy we were there - at least on the occasions I've attended anyway. Agreed quite a few were boaties who seriously under estimated what they didn't know and some who took questionable short cuts but there have been plenty who were extremely experienced with a very well maintained vessel. Guess there coul
  12. Dagwood

    Maritime NZ

    Same, strikes me the first person to have to deal with the issue of something being deficient is me. Why wait / risk it for 6 months? Some of the vehicles on the road are going to be a worry. I've always thought that if a dude (or dudess) can look at my car or trailer for 10 mins and find a fault I didn't know about - I should pass my man card in. No sexist connotations intended...
  13. Dagwood

    Old life raft

    Sea scouts are another group that enjoy them too...
  14. Yeap, been a few years now but I was involved in the distribution of these films. I'm assuming you're looking at lettering cut from coloured vinyl as opposed to something being printed on white or clear vinyl. High performance films were made from cast vinyl as opposed to calendered vinyl. Quite a different manufacturing technique and gave a film that was thinner, more flexible and more resistant to shrinkage. It's true that the life expectancy ratings are based on a vertical surface but even so you should be fine with a good quality high performance cast vinyl. Over 90% of the boat
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