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We don’t run it for long, offshore heading south we just ran the genset when we were cooking dinner maybe an hour With a couple of units going, just to take the chill off

 cruising around northern nz we may run it during the evening at anchor With the boat closed up, the biggest thing is the boat stays dry so feels warm. If we wake to frost on the decks we just run the coffee machine and heat pump for half an hour.

If your down around that crack that splits the country in half or south I’d go for a diesel heater

I delivered a big new Swan back from the islands and it had a diesel heater and two days out we lite it, I can see that they are good as this was ducted to all cabins. But personally for me we don’t get cold enough around the gulf and northland And definitely not in Fiji 

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Our boat came with two reverse cycle Cruisair air conditioners.  The one in the main bridgedeck saloon made itself redundant so we ripped out the unit and all the wire reinforced plastic hoses.  This made for a nice easy cavity/conduit to run the hoses for the Hydronics.  We have kept the unit in the starboard hull - good to have when in marina attached to Manapouri (or when genset running for charging etc).

Winter cruising around the Gulf we run the diesel heater in the morning for an hour or two - and most importantly that blissful hot shower the Hydronic unit provides year round.  We did have to upgrade the hot water cylinder to accommodate that.  Again in the evening for several hours, because we can - uses very little diesel compared to running genset for similar amount of time. Guess we’re not as hardy as Jon 😉

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Nothing hard about me

But if you already have heat pump and it’s working I’d leave it unless your based south

However if one of our units stopped working and I was head to fiordland for a season or two then I’d puta diesel heater in.

As for Fuel consumption our genset burns supposedly 1ltr per hour and that’s Charging batteries, heating water, making water, coffee, bread and warming the cabin

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