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  1. Watch: Lucky escape at the Tweed Bar Stu Nettle Reels Thursday, 27 May 2021 Tuesday 25th, May: Kyle Webb, American skipper of the Begonia, a 12m catamaran, times his exit of the Tweed River to coincide with the morning high tide. Though he chose the right tide, Captain Kyle underestimated the size of the easterly swell hitting the bar. Despite the oversight, the Begonia almost made it to clear water. Unfortunately, a wave capped and hit the cat's starboard side dragging it back into the impact zone, the following nine minutes a mix of terror for the people ab
  2. The name still visible was Rite O” - Wright??
  3. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/heartbroken-couple-rescued-from-sinking-yacht-near-aucklands-motutapu-island/CQEI6NYT7OOTXMJNV3HIZ3LT74/
  4. Abandoned yacht off Waikalabubu yesterday.
  5. Stray Cat


    Our boat came with two reverse cycle Cruisair air conditioners. The one in the main bridgedeck saloon made itself redundant so we ripped out the unit and all the wire reinforced plastic hoses. This made for a nice easy cavity/conduit to run the hoses for the Hydronics. We have kept the unit in the starboard hull - good to have when in marina attached to Manapouri (or when genset running for charging etc). Winter cruising around the Gulf we run the diesel heater in the morning for an hour or two - and most importantly that blissful hot shower the Hydronic unit provides year round. We d
  6. Stray Cat


    Hi, pretty much ditto what BK said. We did the donkey work ourselves - ran hoses - installed unit and exhaust and fans etc - marine electrician for the wiring and the boys from Aquaplumb to do the diesel connection, valves and initial setup/priming etc. All good and luvin’ it!!
  7. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12343666
  8. These work really well - if you can find one https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/3m-paint-odour-respirator/p/275450
  9. Many thanks for the replies. Be gentle Tom, it’s served us well for a lot of years and probably doesn’t deserve us It’s a Marinco Aquastar 100 Plus Italian jobby installed in Dubai many moons ago. Cheers
  10. Can anyone suggest/recommend someone that services/repairs water makers in Auckland. We are based out of Gulf Harbour. Thanks
  11. There were 25 Ravens in the raft up. One short of 26 26’s.
  12. Hi Tom, we’ve just done the business on the Stray Cat. Have sent you a PM with Clyde’s phone number.
  13. It was a great sight to see this impressive looking fleet as we cruised past Navy Buoy.
  14. Just arrived here this week
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